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HMB High Surf Team Results from the Hook

HMB High Surf Team Results from the Hook:

It was a chilly and clean start for early-round team heats on Saturday in contestable offshore conditions at the Hook. Unfortunately a groggy HMB fell to an in-form Soquel High, which dominated the men's heats. We ably returned the favor in the women's rounds, in part as we outnumbered Soquel, which was only able to field one female surfer.

Team Round:

HMB (43) narrowly succumbed to Soquel (50) after all the dust settled on the team score sheets. Ryan Bair (3) was the sole advancer in men's shortboard, along with Dayton Lindsey in (3) men's longboard. In women's shortboard Emma Stone (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (3) moved on, swapping roles with Ella (1) and Emma (2) in women's longboard. Emma went back to her crispy bottom-top turn combos, blasting away at the lip, while Ella was on fire in her longboard heat.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Max Ladabaum made the most of the alternate round in men's shortboard to advance to the quarter finals before bowing out. Ren Terwey also surfed a very tactical men's longboard heat to make strong showing in alternates before exiting stage left. Ryan got caught out by a lully heat in men's shortboard quarters, while Dayton made it as far as semi-finals in longboard.

Both Emma and Ella took their fine spirited teamwork all the way to women's shortboard finals, where they put in a solid performance, while Emma doubled-up with a strong finish in women's longboard finals as well. Not even a colony of sea birds rousting in the trees over our canopy and equipment could discourage our women's finalists, despite repeated guano carpet bombing of their boards all day.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (2) women's shortboard
Ella Catalano-Dockens (3) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (4) women's longboard

Aloha 'til the next comp on February 24/25 at the Lane,

Coach Mike

Contest Schedule Update from SCSSL Director Susan Coffey

Contest Update -

Looks like an early start for both the High School (Saturday) and Middle School (Sunday) - both contests will be at the Hook starting at 7:30 am:

From: Susan Coffey

The contests this weekend will be at the Hook. Start time both days is 7:30. High schools will surf on Saturday and middle schools on Sunday. There is a chance of rain so be prepared!

The forecast is for large surf thru the end of the week, dropping as we move into the weekend:

High School will be Saturday, Jan 20 at the Hook. Start time is 7:30.

7:30 Soquel v Half Moon Bay
8:45 Santa Cruz v Aptos
10:00 SC Mountain v Marin

Middle School will be Sunday Jan 21 at the Hook. Start time is 7:30.

7:30 Aptos v Half Moon Bay
8:45 Mission Hill v SC Mountain
10:00 New Brighton v Shoreline

See you at the beach!

HMB High Surf Team Results from Waddell

HMB High Surf Team Results from Waddell:

Despite a frosty start to the second contest of the season at Waddell, HMB heated up the brisk offshore waste-to-head high peelers with some switched-on contest surfing in the early rounds into high tide. The Cougar shredders sent a number of team round competitors and alternates through, taking 5 medals in the finals once the tide completely drained out and revealed the menacing reef rocks underneath.

Team Round:

HMB (59) took down Santa Cruz Mountain (45) despite a depleted women's squad, since we are still missing one competitor (please let us know if you hear of any young ladies who would like to join the surf team). That aside, Emma Stone advanced from women's shortboard (1) and both Emma (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) went through in longboard. HMB swept men's shortboard in the first heat with Ryan Bair (1), Clay Johnson (2) and Mitchell King (3), and Nate Feix (1) and Luca Padua (3) advanced from the second heat. Clay (1) and Dayton Lindsey (2) also cross-stepped out of men's longboard into the individual rounds.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Nick Wiley (3) charged out of the alternate round before being halted in the quarters in men's shortboard along with Mitchell, Ryan and Clay. Though Nate (3) qualified for semis, he had to catch a flight to Spain for the holidays otherwise he could have been a contender in the finals as well. Bon voyage! We also welcomed Ren Terwey to his first surf contest in longboard, congratulations! Ella reached women's longboard semis before bowing out.

HMB had a great showing in the finals with Clay and Dayton taking their buddy act all the way through from the team, semi and final rounds with some intelligent wave splitting, nose riding and x-stepping. Stoked to have Dayton make his first finals as a freshman. Emma doubled up again in both short- and long-board finals, while Luca paired high speed runs on fast left peelers with drop-wallet gouges to finish his waves consistently and powerfully.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (1) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (3) women's longboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Dayton Lindsey (6) men's longboard
Luca Padua (4) men's longboard.

Well done all and great effort for our second comp. Next up is January 20-21 at the Hook/Pleasure Point, but you never know just what nature has in store for us. Thanks again to Amber for organizing sustenance and the parents for providing. Gas fire pits from Matt King and Coach Kerri Kemp helped keep the frostbite at bay.


Coach Mike

Surf Teams - Weekend Comps moved to Waddell - HS Saturday, JH Sunday

Surf Teams - Weekend Comps moved to Waddell - HS Saturday, JH Sunday

See below from the SCSSL:

Hi all,

The contests this weekend have been moved to Waddell, at the main parking lot. High schools will surf on Saturday and middle schools on Sunday. The surf is forecast to be small but contestable with light winds. There is a chance of rain on Sunday so middle schools be prepared!

There are bathrooms at Waddell but no other services. The closest food, etc is in Davenport.

High School will be Saturday, Nov 18 at Waddell. Start time is 7:00.

7:00 Aptos v Soquel
8:15 Half Moon Bay v SC Mountain
9:30 Santa Cruz v Marin

Middle School will be Sunday, Nov 19 at Waddell. Start time is 7:00.

7:00 Shoreline v SC Mountain
8:15 New Brighton v Half Moon Bay
9:30 Mission Hill v Aptos

See you at the beach!

High School Surf Team Results from Season Opener at Capitola

High School Surf Team Results from Season Opener at Capitola:

HMB Cougars knocked off the rust and dusted off the cobwebs from the summer break and embraced the surf year with fresh enthusiasm and new faces. Capitola was a little bit temperamental with some long lulls and then pulsing sets, but conditions were clean, chilly and contestable all day.

Team Round:

HMB (49) fell to a revitalized Aptos (59), leaving just a few too many readily available points on the table to take the win. Advancing from men's shortboard were Ryan Bair (2), Nate Feix (2) and Team Captain Nic Bouchard (3), while women's shortboard saw Emma Stone (1) move on. In men's longboard Clay Johnson (1) advanced and in women's longboard Emma Stone (2) and Ella Catalano-Dockens ganged up to make it through.

Alternate/Individual Round:

With the team stacked with talent this year we were fortunate to have an extra alternate heat for men's shortboard, which showcased Nohea Sharp, Sigurd Johnson and Max Ladabaum, while Andy Vana and Nico Simrock made a run in men's longboard as well. We welcomed to the team Dayton Lindsey and Ricky Johnson, and also welcomed back Luca Padua and Mitchell King.

Ryan and Nic bowed out in the men's shortboard quarter-finals after a some smart heat surfing and tack-sharp turns, with wave their selection coming up just short. Nate managed to squeak through to the men's shortboard semi-finals with some great finishing moves before being caught out of sync with just one wave. Emma surfed like a semi-pro all day and lit up an electrifying left backside with a three-turn top-to-bottom combo for the first perfect "10" of the season in the women's shortboard final; she also cherry picked some great set waves for 5th in longboard. Clay dug into his deep back of tricks with tail first 360 takeoffs, cross-stepping and critical nose-rides to take down men's longboard.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (1) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (5) women's longboard
Clay Johnson (1) men's longboard

Special shout out to Oliver Keeton for shooting the event all day (photos soon on team Flicker account), Team Amber/Wendy for organizing an amazing lunch, families for their contributions and Coach Kerri for riding herd on our wahines. All in all a fantastic start to the season, with a number of lessons learned and soon to be applied in the next contest, which is scheduled for November 18/19 at Pleasure Point/The Hook. Can't Wait!


Coach Mike

Important Capitola Contest Details - High School Team

Hi Folks -

Here are some last-minute instructions for the Capitola contest from the SCSSL for the High School squad Sunday. Please be there by 9:30 at the latest and earlier is advised if you want to park anywhere near the venue. We will have a team meeting at 10 a.m., a half hour before our team round starts. Looks like most are setting up on the beach near the jetty. Sounded like surf was good down there today and should be even more consistent Sunday as the swell peaks overnight and the period drops back down a bit. Surfers will have to hustle for waves (crowd surf), but do so with a smile on your face and good attitude. The sportsmanship clause below applies to all surfers, coaches and parents. Please observe it.

Here’s more information / reminders for this weekend’s contests:

Allow time for parking in Capitola - there is a large, inexpensive parking lot a short walk inland.

Contest base camps
Team base camps can be set up on the grassy area near the bathrooms and grandstand. The staging area east of the grandstand is blocked off due to a landslide last winter.

Coaches are responsible for making sure their surfers are riding the appropriate equipment at contests. Shortboards must be 7’6” or less. Middle school longboards must be is a minimum of 9’ OR 3’ over the surfers head. High school longboards must be a minimum of 9’.

Jerseys are to be worn back to the beach where it was received and returned in a sportsmanlike manner by all competitors. Any competitor who removes their jersey while still in the water may be subject to a penalty.

Please make sure that surfers and parents are clear on the expectations for sportsmanship conduct.

Code of Ethics: The SC SSL abides by good sportsmanship and expects the same from coaches, student members and parents. In all SC SSL activities, be safe, courteous, fair, controlled, and show respect to fellow surfers, officials, coaches, spectators, local residents and their property and the environment. The use of foul language, violence, or illegal substances is prohibited.

Competition rules
Questions are welcome anytime!

See you this weekend,

This Weekend's SCSSL Contest Schedule Confirmed

From the SCSSL -

The contest schedule this weekend is:

Middle School will be Saturday at Capitola. Start time is 8:00. (Cunha vs Mission Hill start at 8:00 a.m.)

High School will be Sunday at Capitola. Start time is 8:00. (HMB vs Aptos team heats start at 10:30 a.m.)

We will have Waddell as a back up if the predicted swell does not materialize. Be sure to check your email the night before in case of a change.

See you at the beach!

Revised SCSSL contest schedule out

Surf Teams: please note the revised SCSSL contest schedule below - the January and March comps for junior high and high school teams have been shifted slightly and remain subject to change:

2017 / 2018 Season

Middle School / High School
Middle and High School dates will be finalized the Wednesday before the contest.

October 28 and 29, 2017 Waddell

November 18 and 19, 2017 Pleasure Point / The Hook

January 20 and 21, 2018 The Hook / Pleasure Point

February 24 and 25, 2018 The Lane

March 24 and 25, 2018 Manresa

State Championships
High School: April 21 - 23, 2018 Oceanside Harbor
Middle School: May 5 - 6, 2018 Oceanside Harbor

**all dates and venues are subject to change


Coach Mike

HMB High Surf TEAM Update/Comp/Practice Schedule

HMB High Surf TEAM Update/Comp/Practice Schedule:

1) SCSSL Competition Schedule below, subject to change, will be finalized Weds before each comp in terms of MS vs HS day and location.

Waddell -- Oct 28-29
Pleasure Pt./Hook -- Nov 18-19
Hook/Pleasure Pt. -- Jan 13-14
The Lane -- Feb 24-25
Manresa -- Mar 17-18

States: High School Apr 21-23, Middle School May 5-6

2) Please still sign up for alerts from as previously instructed for practice updates. Please select "email" update, as texts have been blocked by ATT for now. I will use this for practice updates going forward.

3) Surfers: please study your competition rule book before our next practice. The SCSSL will be very strict with enforcement this year after a couple controversial episodes last year. We will be the best informed team and there will be a test Sunday!!

4) Sunday practice will be at Montara at 9 am, though we may relocate to the Jetty in the likely event that wind and swell blow us to that more protected spot. Before we surf we will go over the league rule book above.


Coach Mike

High School Surf Team Practice Schedule/Update

High School Surf Team -

If you have already signed up for team alerts, you will know our first official high school team practice is Sunday morning at 9 am slated for Montara Beach (south lot). If not, please use the following link to receive text and/or email alerts. We will use this going forward for any practice times and venue changes. Chose alerts from Coed Surf Club. You must have completed all HMB high, SCSSL and BGCC/Surf Club waivers and clearances to participate:

Also the Big Chill Out Surf Contest September 30th is a great way to get in a competition tune-up for the season. There are both age-based longboard and open shortboard divisions, with slots filling up fast:

See ya Sunday,

Coach Mike

HMB High School Surf Team Update

High School Surf Team Only:

I have few items to mention before our first meeting of the season on Sunday:

1) HMB high will be requiring athletic clearances from ALL surfers taking part this year, even if from other schools. Instructions, links and physical forms can be found here:

2) Going forward, communications on practices and other short updates will be done by text alerts: Go to the Alert bar on the website and follow the instructions for "Coed Surf Club" alerts:

3) Practices will typically be Friday at 4 pm and Sunday 9 am during the season, but due to overlap with the water polo team, we will start with just Sundays unless conditions are spectacular for a Friday practice.

See ya Sunday,

Coach Mike

Surf Team - High School State Championships Results

Surf Team - High School State Championships Results:

At the start of the long season waaay back in 2016 I told this team that they were collectively the deepest and most talented group I had worked with yet in HMB. After a shaky start to the season, I'm proud to report they saved the best for last and proved to themselves last weekend that they can compete with the best surfers in the state. Conditions were super clean and ripable to start on Saturday for the team round, but turned a bit onshore, ugly and very challenging by Monday's individuals. A great set of photos from Club President Oliver Keeton can be found here:
Oceanside SSS April 2017

Team Round Saturday:

For the first time in school history the Cougars advanced teams in 3 out of 5 categories -- men's shortboard, women's shortboard and with the women's longboard team making it all the way to the semi-finals. After a fiery opening round against Torrey Pines, men's shortboard was halted by state's favorite San Clemente. Women's shortboard defeated La Costa Canyon, but fell to Carlsbad in the quarters. But women's longboard took down Laguna Beach in the opening round before succumbing to Carlsbad in the semis. The final overall team round results will ultimately be posted on: Congratulations to all, but especially to the women's longboard team of Kacie and Nikki Sorfleet and Ella Catalano-Dockens who slugged it out nearly to the end.

Individuals Monday:

In men's shortboard Grayson Capers (2), Ryan Bair (1) and Nate Feix (2) all advanced out of the first round, with Ryan (4) ending his run in round two just out of the money. Nate (3) advanced out of round two before being halted in the quarters (4).

Men's longboard saw Ethan Levitt (3), Clay Johnson (1) and Coel Miller (3) all advance out of round one, while freshman Clay marched all the way to a fourth overall in the state finals.

Women's shortboard was led by Emma Stone (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (3) in the opening round. Freshmen Emma and Ella extended their streak all the way to the semi-finals with a 5th and 6th respectively in very rough and challenging conditions.

Women's longboard was dominated by Ella Catalano-Dockens, who made mature wave selection a hallmark of her run all the way through 3 rounds to a fifth overall in the state finals.

In co-ed Bodyboard Grayson Capers whirled, spun and barrel-rolled all the way through to a sixth place in the semi-finals.

What a remarkable feat for HMB to advance so many surfers in this round as well -- by far the most for us of any state championships performance. We also honored our seniors Grayson Capers, Tanner Islander and Team Captain Coel Miller, who will be sorely missed -- may the swell rise to meet them on their next adventures. Kudos to all on a fantastic weekend of competition, but a special shout out go to Clay and Ella for displaying maturity and tenacity beyond their years and making state finals as freshmen. The future looks to be in good hands. Thanks to women's team coach Kerri Kemp, and to Marty Phelps for arranging camping on-base at Pendleton within striking distance of Trestles and San-O. Fun times, go Cougars!


Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Results from Pleasure Point

HMB High Surf Team Results from Pleasure Point:

It was HMB taking down HMB in "bye" at the Point, which HMB swept in every category of Men's shortboard, Women's shortboard, Men's longboard and Women's longboard. This was due to lack of a sixth high school team in the SCSSL, but it also allowed the Cougars to stack the quarters and semis in the individual rounds. Fun, clean, ripable conditions prevailed through the early low tide, before getting more challenging as the tide filed back in. Always a great venue, the temps, wind and weather were ideal.

Alternate/Individual round:

Showcasing the depth of our team, all of our alternates advanced in either 2nd or 3rd place to the quarter finals, before a few stumbles in men's shortboard in particular, which saw Clay Johnson, Nick Wiley, Andy Vana, Nate Feix and Nico Simrock bow out. Mitchell King rode his alternate (3) run through in shortboard to the semi-finals with some aggressive toe-to-toe surfing with the Santa Cruz rippers. Likewise, with the exception of Emma Stone, the women's shortboard team of Ella Catalano-Dockens, Nikki Sorfleet, Kacie Sorfleet and Holly Ebert ended their run in the shortboard semis. After fielding four surfers in the men's longboard semis, Ethan Levitt and Andy Vana bowed out, while Clay and Mitchell moved on.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (4) women's shortboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Mitchell King (6) men's longboard

Emma was swarmed by the Santa Cruz women in the final, but landed an under-the-lip take-off on a bomb and lined up a long, contestable runner with several mean cutbacks. Clay finished first in every longboard heat bar the finals and had that heat combo'ed in the first 6 minutes of the final before the others fought back. Mitchell finished the regular season with his best combined result and first finals appearance, with marked technical improvement and a feisty competitive drive.

State Championships are up next weekend and it will be great to get the full team back together after missing our seniors for the past two comps. Forecasts are looking good for waves and weather. It should be an epic long weekend and I will send out more details shortly on some logistics.

Mahalo and Happy Easter!

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Results from Manresa

HMB High Surf Team Results from Manresa:

Well, folks, we pulled off another classic contest at Manresa on Sunday, in the deep south of Santa Cruz. And the beach break was "right up our alley" as predicted in our last missive. Glassy shoulder high peelers with an inner and outer bar greeted us mid-morning, pretty enough to send a couple coaches scurrying for their wetsuits before the team round. Shorts and T's gave way to hoodies, windbreakers and Uggs, however, by the time the onshores arrived, but it was contestable all day and HMB came to play.

Team Round:

HMB (61) took out Santa Cruz Mountain (44) despite the absence of three of our seniors for Lifeguard training, which leveled the team round. But the next generation and alternates really stepped up with some aggressive heat surfing. Mitchell King (2), Clay Johnson (1) and Nate Feix (3) swept the first men's shortboard head and Ryan Bair (2) and Luca Padua (1) advanced out of the second. Emma Stone (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) took charge of women's shortboard. Clay (1) and Andy Vana (2) dominated men's longboard, while Kacie Sorfleet (3) advanced from women's longboard.

Alternate/Individual Round:

The Surfin Cougars took advantage of the clean conditions to send several surfers from alternates into quarters/semis. Among them, Nick Wiley (3) advanced in shortboard, before bowing out in quarters, along with Ryan. Mitchell King carved his high performance longboard (2) out of quarters and as far a semis. Emma (2) and Ella (3) displayed fine team spirit with another dual advance in women's longboard alternates. Kacie extended her run to both women's short- and longboard semis, as did Ella in her best performance to date.

The HMB mega-heat in men's shortboard semis saw Clay, Mitchell, Nate and Luca challenge each other as well as two others, but it would be Clay (2) and Luca (3) who squeaked through to the finals. Emma marched through to her second consecutive double-final, a feat that Clay matched for the first time at Manresa. Clay had his best finish of the season in men's longboard and appears to be just getting warmed up.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (5) women's longboard
Emma Stone (5) women's shortboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Clay Johnson (6) men's shortboard
Luca Padua (5) men's shortboard

Super proud of this team to overcome a depleted roster and adverse conditions, but I believe that all of our talented surfers have a lot left in the tank before even approaching their potential. We will have a make-up contest at Pleasure Point on April 15th as a final tune-up for State Championships in late-April. Let's crank it up to 11!


Coach Mike

Manresa contest schedule - MS Saturday, HS Sunday

Manresa contest schedule from Susan at SCSSL:

"Hi Coaches,

Our contests this weekend are at Manresa State Beach. Start time for both days is 8:00. Conditions look good - light wind, medium tides, and the sand bars have been setting up nicely. Parking is $10 (I think) or bring your State Park pass if you have one. Here is the schedule for the weekend.

Saturday, March 18: Middle Schools at Manresa

8:00 New Brighton v Aptos
9:15 SC Mountain v Half Moon Bay
10:30 Mission Hill v Shoreline

Sunday, March 19: High Schools at Manresa

8:00 Aptos v
9:15 Soquel v Santa Cruz
10:30 Half Moon Bay v SC Mountain

(Aptos gets all 6 spots in each heat of the team round. We have 5 HS teams this year instead of 6. Each team will have one contest where the team will automatically advance out of the team round. However, surfers will need to surf their heat to advance. Teams can fill the empty spots with additional surfers from their own team.)

Contests rosters are attached.

Let me know if you have any questions.
831 458 9332"

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