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HMB High Surf Team Video

HMB High Surf Team Video:


Coach Loeswick put together a quick video of the high school squad at Montara today for you guys to review for style points and self-critique. Great job by all in challenging conditions, especially with the extra mandate of doubling your score on rights. See link:

As a reminder, Chris has arranged a x-training seminar for all on Tuesday at 3:30 pm. at Snap Fitness. As an added inducement to get some great fitness advice for surfing I will be offering extra roster points to high schoolers who attend (it is open to the junior high team too). Permission waivers will be available at the front desk on Tuesday.

See ya there,
Coach Mike

Maverick's Housing Request

Maverick's Housing Request:

Surf Club/Team Families -

Maverick's Invitational has issued a "yellow alert" to inform the Coast Guard of the possibility of holding the contest on Friday. The event volunteer coordinator would like to find out if any Surf Club/Team families would be interested in housing any support/production staff on Thursday and Friday nights, should Maverick's be given the "green light" later this week.


Many Thanks!

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team results from Pleasure Point

HMB High Surf Team results from Pleasure Point:

The Cougar surf squad scored hard on an epic Saturday at Pleasure Point in bluebird conditions, a solid 7-foot swell in the water and a light breeze over the course of the entire contest. The swell was very consistent and clean rolling into high tide around midday, offering plenty of opportunities to catch waves and advance, before draining later in the day and making for trickier judgment calls into the individual rounds and finals.

Team Round: HMB 74-points vs Live Oak/Carmel 49-points

We advanced surfers from every division from the team round. In men’s shortboard Malcolm Feix, Hunter Murison and Coel Miller all advanced. Women’s shortboard saw Kaira Wallace and Kyla Kemp move forward. Body board was dominated by Kelby Kramer and Grayson Capers, who put on a show with some big flips and 360s. In men’s longboard HMB swept with Konrad Wallace, Malcolm Feix and Thomas Lundgard placing 1-2-3 respectively, while in women’s longboard Kaira Wallace and Kalea Johnson both moved on. When all tallied, that strong team performance brought HMB its 3rd consecutive win for the season against a very game new combined team of Live Oak/Carmel.

Individual Round:

Coel Miller made it to the quarter finals in shortboard and semis in bodyboard. Kalea Johnson, Kyla Kemp and Mia O’Brien advanced as far as the semis in Women’s shortboard. Omid Nouripour bowed out in Men’s longboard semis, as did Thomas Lundgard. Kyla Kemp also advanced as far as the semis in Women’s longboard. After fighting valiantly all contest long with local shredders in Men’s shortboard, both Thomas Lundgard and Hunter Murison came up just shy (4th) in the semis after impressive wins their quarter final heats.


Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer 5th, Grayson Capers 6th
Women’s Longboard: Kaira Wallace 2nd, Kalea Johnson 6th
Men’s Longboard: Konrad Wallace 3rd, Malcolm Feix 5th
Women’s Shortboard: Kaira Wallace 5th

Standout surfers were Malcolm Feix who really flared up in shortboard and advanced to his first final in longboard. Kelby Kramer in bodyboard pulled off a huge “El Rollo” flip into the white wash and emerged as cheers erupted from the beach (while his coach was fiddling with the trailer). Kalea Johnson executed very clean multiple nose rides (even on the same wave). An exhausted Kaira Wallace made two finals and charged even after going down hard on some set waves. The depth of our team really showed and great effort by all is what set HMB apart on the day.

Special thanks go to Amanda at Cal Hi Sports, who came down to film and interview the team for a special TV feature in February, covering the sport of high school surfing for the first time in the Bay Area. We will provide links for the show.

Great job!

Coaches Mike, Kerri and Chris

and the photos...

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

There will be no formal practices for the high school squad this long weekend; so enjoy the swell and east winds. Buddy up with your teammates. If you wish to join in and help out with the club surfers at Dunes on Sunday at 9 a.m. that would also be swell.

Again, fantastic job at Manresa last weekend. But make sure you take advantage of the break to get caught up on any missing assignments with school and make one last push to finish the quarter strong. We will be discussing the importance of academics with a few surfers after the break to avoid this becoming a factor for the roster ahead of our rescheduled contest on Jan-18 at Pleasure Point:

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Your Coaches,

Mike, Kerri and Chris

HMB High Surf Team Manresa Results

HMB High Surf Team Manresa Results:

The high school surf squad really stepped it up on Sunday Nov-24 in tiny, tricky, contestable conditions after the contest was relocated from Pleasure Point to this beach break south of Santa Cruz, which pulled in what little swell there was on a crystal clear weekend. Our team handily took the team competition over Aptos by 82 to 40, advancing at least 2 out of 3 surfers in every division to the individual rounds, everyone contributing. More importantly HMB conquered our arch-nemesis -- small, gutless, surf -- by surfing aggressively and bringing our own energy to the weak waves. Great attitude and hard training for the conditions paid off.

Team round: in men's shortboard our surfers cleverly came up with a strategy of practicing their reverses in warm-ups and some even removed center fins to maximize points on short rides. In one heat alone 3 of our surfers pulled reverses and comboed up with other moves. Very impressive! In Heat 1 Hunter Murison (1) and Konrad Wallace (2) advanced, while in Heat 2 Thomas Lundgard (1), Coel Miller (2) and Malcolm Feix (3) swept. Women's shortboard Heat 1 saw Kaira Wallace (1) and Katrina Sponsler (3) advance. In bodyboard Kelby Kramer (1) and Grayson Capers (2) made it through. In Men's longboard, Konrad Wallace (1) and Thomas Lundgard (3) both advanced. In Women's longboard Kaira Wallace (1) and Kalea Johnson (2) advanced.

Individual round:

Coel Miller, Konrad Wallace, Malcolm Feix and Omid Nouripour all advanced to the quarter finals in men's shortboard. In bodyboard Coel Miller and Grayson Capers made the quarters. Kalea Johnson and Katrina Sponsler also made the quarter final round in women's shortboard. Thomas Lundgard advanced to the semis in men's longboard and Katrina and Kaira Wallace made it to the women's longboard semis. Adam Bloomer advanced to semi-finals in men's shortboard as well.


Coed bodyboard: Kelby Kramer 5th
Women's longboard: Kalea Johnson 6th
Men's longboard: Konrad Wallace 1st
Women's shortboard: Kaira Wallace 5th
Men's shortboard: Hunter Murison 4th, Thomas Lundgard 5th

Webcast available on-demand at:

Again, a big shout out to the Merkes clan for trekking all the down from HMB to produce another fine webcast. Special thanks to Rusty, Rocky and all the other commentators for taking part too. Many thanks to Coach Kerri for her support and tabulator Mara for keeping score.

Next up will be our January contest, which will revert back the Pleasure Point at a date to be confirmed by the league.

Great job, congratulations!

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Kelly Results:

HMB High Surf Team Kelly Results:

In chilly and contestable conditions at Kelly Ave. the HMB High Surf Squad on Sunday followed-up a great junior high event with a tight and hard-fought victory of their own over Soquel/Cypress by 66 to 58. A decaying south swell was overtaken by a new NW pulse by midday, which made conditions challenging for our resilient surfers. Fire pits stoked by Kerri and Marty kept frostbite at bay, while Mara and Barb kept our insides fueled.

In small and clean morning surf for the team heats, HMB Cougars clawed their through with surfers advancing in every heat: Men's shortboard Heat 1 saw Hunter Murison (1) and Konrad Wallace (3) advance, while in Heat 2 Thomas Lundgard (1) and Coel Miller (2) also moved on. In women's shortboard Kaira Wallace (1) and Katrina Sponsler (3) advanced, while in co-ed bodyboard Kelby Kramer (2) moved through. Men's longboard saw Konrad Wallace (1) through and in women's longboard Kaira (1) and Kalea Johnson (2) made their heat.

Moving into the individual rounds, Coel Miller and Adam Bloomer advanced to the quarters in men's shortboard, along with Omid Nouripour. Kyla Kemp, Katrina Sponsler and Mia O'Brien made quarters in women's shortboard. Grayson Capers and Coel Miller advanced to bodyboard semis. Kyla Kemp, Kaira Wallace and Katrina Sponsler made it to women's longboard semis. Konrad Wallace and Thomas Lundgard ran out of luck in men's shortboard semis, as did a battling Hunter Murison.

HMB had surfers in every finals but men's shortboard:


Co-ed Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer (3)
Women's longboard: Kalea Johnson (6)
Men's longboard: Konrad Wallace (2), Thomas Lundgard (4)
Women's shortboard: Kaira Wallace (5)

For the first time in ever, the competition was webcast live and can be reviewed on-demand at:

Big thanks for the production go to Blake, Greg and Martha and to our commentators Rusty, Mark and Chris!!

Great start to the season and congratulations to all our competitors on a fine event. Next stop will be Nov-24 at Pleasure Point.

Coach Mike

Warm-up Video for Weekend Comps:

Warm-up Video for Weekend Comps:

Hey groms:

Ahead of the competition at Kelly Avenue this weekend it's time to put on your game faces, your war zink and get amped for some aquatic antics. Along those lines, Coach Chris thought you might draw some inspiration from this Redbull ASP comp dramatization:

You'll want to get your small wave equipment tuned up and be ready to pounce on any bumps in your heats before the next guy or gal and repeat the process throughout your heats. Also smile for the camera, as high school broadcasters will tentatively be filming heats for a live or on-demand webcast from Sunday afternoon. We may sneak a GoPro into the line-up as well -- so you could well be in our own surf comp video:

Here's the official forecast from our resident forecast guru at Stormsurf for both days, with our team rounds starting at 7 a.m. sharp:

Saturday - Swell 2.3 ft @ 10 secs (2.0-2.5 ft faces) early and fading, down to 2 ft faces later. Wind calm early turning northwest 7 kts late. Tide 4.0 ft at 7 am falling to 3 ft at noon then back to 4.3 ft at 4 pm.

Sunday - Swell 1.6 ft @ 11 secs (maybe 2 ft faces) early with new northwest swell building to 2.6 ft @ 14 secs (3.5 ft) by 1 pm with luck. Wind calm early turning northwest 8 kts later. Tide 4.3 ft at 7 am falling to 2.7 ft at 12:30 back up to 3.9 ft at 4 pm.

Also, note that there will be no practice for the high school squad on Friday given the Maverick's opening ceremonies from 2:30 pm.

Good luck!! See ya this weekend...

Your Coaches

Hurley Pro Live - how to surf small, gutless waves well

HMB Surf Team Homework -

For those team riders who want to improve their technique and results in small, gutless waves, you may want to check out heats-on-demand at the Hurley Pro at Trestles this week:

In our practice heats we have been emphasizing bringing YOUR energy to weak surf. Staying low, wide stance, compressing and extending, and leveraging your arms will make a huge difference. Watch how the Pros do it and listen closely to the commentary and analysis.

Staying tight to the steep breaking section, with a sharp and solid bottom turn will set up a more vertical attack on the lip. Reducing transition bumps and wiggles and keeping the board on-rail and high-lining will make a difference. Then look for that end-section for a solid finish. Remember, you are being judged on "speed, power, flow" and critical maneuvers, which go hand-in-hand. Rinse, repeat.

Good practice at Montara on Sunday. Let's keep it up!

Coach Mike

High school squad Friday practice moved to Jetty @ 4 pm

Hi Folks -

Friday practice for the High School Squad has been moved to the Jetty at 4 p.m. due to strong onshores and swell. Since this will be the only spot around today, I will likely not hold any heats, but will be available for individual instruction and advice on technique. Please be respectful of others trying to grab a few waves.

See ya there,
Coach Mike


HMB High Surf Team Sunday Practice Footage & Practice Friday at 4 pm

HMB High Surf Team Sunday Practice Footage:


The link below has raw practice footage from Sunday put together by Coach Chris and also filmed by Kelby. Once you are past the first 10 seconds it starts.

Chris observed: "What I really liked were the long waves guys like Hunter, Thomas, Coel and Malcolm were getting. From a judging standpoint, the longer you're up on waves the easier it is to give you a score. I liked Tommy's linking turns all the way to beach. Hunter did a good job of throwing out variety on the little inside section."

"The waves were poor quality last weekend. But most contests aren't very good conditions anyway - so good training. You all did a good job of making them look fun. Every practice I hope to film and post something for you to evaluate. Who knows maybe we'll get some good waves to film one day?" ;)

Next time around, Chris plans to bring a GoPro and get into the water for some close-ups of your finishing moves. So if you like reviewing footage of your surfing, please don't head to the beach before your heat is done.

See ya Friday,
Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team-Club Docs and Fees

HMB High Surf Team-Club Docs and Fees:

Any high school club or team surfers will need to fill out the following forms and return copies ASAP to Coach Mike to participate this season. They will be the basis for the high school roster as well.

1) Please make out a check for $130/surfer to "HMB Surf Club"

2) Go on to the club website and the 6th item down on the upper left of "Club Info" is "Surf Club Docs":

Once you are on the HMBsurfclub Docs page, click on the "Boys and Girls Membership Application" form (Fill this part out electronically). At the very bottom of the form check the 2013-2014 membership box and the surf club box. (This is important for Caitlen at the Boys & Girls Club).

3) You will also need to fill out the contestant & liability forms for the SC SSL, which are also linked on our Docs page. Please return these two forms with checks to Coach Mike at the next practice.

We will have information for you about upcoming wetsuit deals soon.

Go HMB! Thanks,

Coach Mike

No High School Team Practices This Week

No High School Surf Team Practices This School Week

Fun start to the season last Sunday at Montara for the high school squad. The hint of fall in the air over Labor Day was most welcome.

But there will be no formal practice for the high school team today (Weds) due to the coaches' meeting Santa Cruz, nor on Friday since both the men and women's water polo teams have a tournament then. Good luck HMB!

Next practice for the high school will be on Sunday at 9 a.m. We will make a call closer to that time on the location.

Coach Mike

HMB High Mandatory Fall Sports Info Meeting tonight at 7 pm

Reminder: There will be a mandatory High School Fall Team Sports Informational Meeting for all high school athletes/surfers and their parents tonight (Tuesday, Aug-27) from 7 pm in the MU at HMB High. Coaches will meet in advance from 6:45 pm.

See you there,
Coach Mike

End of Season Surfboard Sale in Moss Beach

End of Season Surfboard Sale in Moss Beach:

I have several used shortboards for sale priced to go from $85-190 that team Wallace has grown out of and I want to give HMB surf team kids a crack at them before placing on Craig's List.

Boards range from 5-3 to 6-1 and some enterprising groms have scooped a couple up already. There is also a snowboard, though the skim board in the photo has already been sold.


Give me a shout at 650-704-2077 if you're interested or shoot me an email at mpw_mike(at) if you have any questions.

Coach Mike

HMB High School State Championships Results

HMB High School State Championships Results:

It was a long weekend for the surf team from way up north, which traveled the furthest to get to Oceanside for the State Championships. For the first time in a couple of years surf team participation was sanctioned by the HMB High School administration. The event was attended by Athletic Director Justin Ferdinand, who was a very welcome addition.

HMB did not advance in their team heats on Saturday despite strong performances by Hunter Murison, Luke Eveslage and Griffin Tietz in shortboard. Konrad Wallace won his heat in longboard and Kaira Wallace finished 3rd and 2nd in her shortboard and longboard heats respectively. HMB finished equal-9th in all divisions, but took a 5th in co-ed bodyboard, thanks to Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix.

Full results can be found on:

We fared better on Monday during the individual round, with some outstanding efforts:

- Freshman Hunter Murison was the standout performer for HMB in men's shortboard, slicing and dicing his way to the quarter finals with stylish, smart and aggressive tactical heat surfing on the lefts at the south jetty, just missing the semis by a place. He placed 2nd in his first heat and won his second.

- Luke Eveslage also advanced a round with the tide dropping, making for tough wave selection. He made up for this with strong finishing maneuvers that sent him through.

- In women's shortboard Hannah Tonnessen advanced to the second round by staying busy and capitalizing on her opportunities.

- Konrad Wallace won his opening heat in men's longboard with long nose-rides and strong finishing moves, but ran out of luck in the quarters and did not advance further.

- Kyla Kemp and Kaira Wallace advanced in women's longboard before getting knocked out in the quarters.

- Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix competed with flare in their bodyboard heats, but did not advance.

In between the team and individual events the team scored some exceptional south swell conditions at Oceanside, Trestles and San Onofre beaches. It was as great weekend for surfing, fun and memories. A full box of wax was scored from Sex Wax and Pedro's Tacos in San Clemente was assaulted with extreme prejudice by hungry surfers. Special thanks to Cindy and Marty Phelps for being great camp hosts.

Looking forward to next year,
Coach Mike

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