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HMB High Surf Team Practices Halted on Wednesdays

HMB High Surf Team Practices Halted on Wednesdays:

Spring has sprung and it has become increasingly difficult to pigeon hole practices on blustery Wednesday afternoons for competition surfers. The high school has just one more regular season comp on March 10 at the Lane and we will attempt to have Sunday morning practices until then, conditions permitting, after which Sunday practices will be halted as well.

We will run a couple tune-up practices ahead of State Championships on April 20-22. But in the meantime, please give your teammates a call or text to find windows to get in the water. I highly recommend that high schoolers make at least one attempt to surf the Lane before the next comp and junior high surfers do the same at the Hook. Solid familiarity with those breaks will have the greatest potential impact on your results.

I will also make time for any high school surfers seeking personal coaching or video analysis to brush up on technique and heat strategy ahead of States. Just let me know.

See ya in the water,

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Results from "The Point"

HMB High Surf Team Results from "The Point"

The high school surf team put on a valiant effort at the Point today in Santa Cruz, but were outclassed by rival Santa Cruz High at their home break. HMB came up short for the first time this season 51 to 75.

Shifty high tide conditions in the morning and intermittent lulls and sets made gauging the line-up very challenging, though conditions overall were spectacular for most of the day.

Several surfers advanced from the team heats (Hunter, Thomas, Konrad, Hannah, Kaira and Griffin) and others took full advantage of alternate draws to make the finals. Special mention goes to the "Deja Vu Murison Final" in bodyboard, in which Hunter and Carson met for the first time.



Bodyboard: 2nd) Hunter Murison 6th) Carson Murison

Women's Shortboard: 5th) Kyla Kemp 6th) Hannah Tonnessen

Women's Longboard: 3rd) Kaira Wallace

Congratulations to HMB and all team members on a fine day of surfing!

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Comp Update

HMB High School Surf Team:

1) As a reminder, Sunday's SCSSL Comp will be at Pleasure Point (Feb-24)- be there at 7:30 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. start against Santa Cruz High. Conditions look good for a mixed 5-6' swell and hard North (offshore) winds. Tide will peak in the morning and drop throughout the day. The roster was posted earlier in the week.

2) Please remember to bring your SSS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP forms for individuals (there are 3 - see previous email) for a coach signature. NOTE, we've had an update from the SSS League that "A teams" (HMB) will compete on Saturday April 20; "B teams" Sunday April 21 (day off for HMB) and "Individuals" on Monday April 22. It is entirely up to you what you choose to compete in on Monday. It is not a requirement, nor is it dependent on your team results from Saturday. You will have to send in a $40 check/per desired division (short-, long-, body-board) and the (signed) forms directly to secure your slots for the Individual comp.

Good luck to the middle school today at the Hook!

See ya Sunday,

Coach Mike

HMB High School State SSS Championships Forms Due

HMB High School State SSS Championships Forms Due:

All high school competitors will need to fill out 3 documents for individual entries to the "Scholastic Surf Series" and send them ASAP with fees of $40 per surfer/per event: (Individual entry form, membership/release form, waiver form). Team competition dues will be covered by the Club.

The States' Roster is as follows:

Men's Shortboard: Hunter, Konrad, Peter, Thomas, Malcolm, Luke, Griffin, Omid, August (Alt. Carson, Miles)

Men's Longboard: Konrad, Peter, Luke (Alt. August, Miles)

Women's Shortboard: Kaira, Hannah, Katrina (Alt. Kyla)

Women's Longboard: Kaira, Helen, Kyla (Alt. Hannah)

Coed Bodyboard: Hunter, Malcolm (Alt. Miles, Carson)

Forms will require a coach signature, which I would like to have completed by next weekend's competition on Feb-24. Please let me know immediately if there are any omissions, or if you are unable to participate, in order to move up alternates.

This should be a really fun event and the highlight of your already successful season!

Coach Mike

Fire sale on Ultra-grom shortboards

Fire sale on Ultra-grom shortboards:

Mike Panessi, father of Pacifica shredders Kadin and Brogie has a garage full of high-end Ultra-grom and grom comp shortboards that they've outgrown. These boards would work for kids under 120 lbs.

Boards range in size mostly from 4-8 to 5-6 and will be priced to move from $125-300, depending on the board's condition. The boards were built by a range of shapers who have grom boards dialed, including Channel Islands, Roberts, Sharp Eye, Bill Johnson and Kalu Coletta.

If you are an aspiring ripper interested in high caliber used equipment, send a text to Mike at 415-203-6390 and he'll do his best to hook you up with a great stick at a fair price.

Good luck!
Coach Mike

Surf Team Schedule Update

Surf Team Schedule Update:

Our Club calendar has been updated to reflect recent changes in the team contest schedule for both the middle and high schools. This has also just been changed on the SC SSL website as well:

In short, there are no comps next weekend. These have been moved to the weekend of Feb 23-24, while the comps on Mar 9-10 have been swapped. The middle school will compete at the Hook for their remaining contests, while the high school will compete at the Point in Feb and the Lane in Mar.

*In addition, thanks to all who attended and donated to the Maverick's Photo Exhibit and raffle - we raised an additional $640 for the Club!

**Thanks go to Oliver for updating the website banner to reflect our new logo, colors and cool attitude! Hope you like it.

Your Coaches

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Harbor!

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Harbor!

HMB prevailed by 83 to 26 over Harbor High

HMB's deeper bench of surfers really stepped it up at Manresa, despite missing a couple veteran team members against Harbor's leaner, rebuilding program. Once again we had at least 1 individual finalist in every category and 2 finalists in 3 events. HMB is now 3 for 3 wins so far this season with 2 events left to go at Pleasure Point and The Lane.

Conditions were sublimely groomed in the morning, with light offshores and shoulder-to-head-high peeling mostly left-breaking waves at high tide, favoring our heavily goofy-foot biased team. Tide plunged over the course of day and the left turned into a mosh-pit of sectioning close-outs, forcing many of our finalists to switch to their backhand on the right-breaking sandbar. HMB made the adjustment with style to spare.



Special mention goes out for several "firsts" and highlights. Freshman Thomas Lundgard made his first final in shortboard with some very consistent and smart rail-to-rail heat surfing. Junior Konrad Wallace notched his first victory in longboard finals with combination of stylish cross-stepping, fades and cutbacks. Sophomore Luke Eveslage made a strong statement with his first longboard final. Freshman Kaira Wallace was the only double-finalist in women's shortboard and longboard in a test of will and stamina. Freshmen Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix both made body board finals, keeping our streak alive.

Body Board: Malcolm Feix 3rd, Hunter Murison 4th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace 2nd
Men's Longboard: Konrad Wallace 1st, Luke Eveslage 5th
Women's Shortboard: Kaira Wallace 2nd, Hannah Tonnessen 6th
Men's Shortboard: Thomas Lundgard 6th

***Finalists have all received their SC SSL T-Shirts. I will have them available for the rest of the team at the next couple practices or you can contact me directly.

Fantastic job HMB!
Coach Mike

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Aptos

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on your dual meet win over Aptos Saturday by 70 to 55!

Another great team performance turned in by HMB in small and tricky conditions at The Hook in Santa Cruz. Everyone contributed to the win, our second straight for the season. With a team stacked with goofy footers, the small right breaking reef definitely put HMB on the back foot and at big a disadvantage, but no matter...

In the team competition Hunter Murison (2nd), Konrad Wallace (1st) and Peter Lundgard (3rd) advanced out of the mens shortboard rounds; Hannah Tonnessen (3rd) and Kaira Wallace (1st) advanced out of womens shortboard; Konrad (2nd) and Kaira (1st) advanced from their respective longboard heats; and our Ace squad of Zander Dragony (1st), Hunter Murison (2nd, subbing for brother Carson) and Malcolm Feix (3rd) swept again in bodyboard. Fantastic!

In the individual finals HMB surfers placed in every category with the following results:

Womens longboard: Kaira 3rd
Mens longboard: Konrad 2nd
Womens shortboard: Kaira 5th
Mens shortboard: Peter 4th
Co-ed Bodyboard: Hunter 3rd, Zander 5th

Really great job, fine team spirit and super fun day. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out. Next up we have a contest on January 12th against Harbor at Manresa, another beach break which should suit us just fine. Look out!

Congrats again,
Coach Mike

WEEKEND SURF ADVISORY - All surf team contests scheduled for Hook cancelled


Please be advised: all SCSSL surf contests scheduled for Hook in Santa Cruz this weekend (Dec 1-2) for both junior high and high school squads have been cancelled due to storm surf conditions.

Here's what 38th St looks like if you're curious:

The contest director informs us that they will tentatively attempt to reschedule these events the following weekend of Dec 8-9, and will keep us in the loop next week as the situation is clarified.


Thanks for your patience, stay dry, and perhaps go see "Chasing Mavericks" or go bowling instead...

Your Coaches

Sunday Practice Captured on video by Chris Loeswick

Sunday's practice was captured on video by Chris Loeswick:

Anyone who made Sunday's practice should check out Chris's video. Nice straight air by Mr. Hunter Murison.

Conditions we're kinda wonky and back-washy, so all you guys did really well to get some contestable waves and turns.

Remember, for comp surfers we need to continue to work on "speed, power and flow" as well as opening up the front shoulder to set up turns with the hands. Variety is also very important. If you did a roundhouse, follow-up with an off-the-lip and floater (or air!).

Chris promises to get even more kids next time around.

Thanks Chris!

Coach Mike

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Soquel/Cypress

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Soquel/Cypress:

HMB 72 vs Soquel/Cypress 63

Great team performance for first narrow victory of the season Saturday at our home break Kelly Avenue in contestable conditions that gradually deteriorated over the event. Great sweep by bodyboard team (Carson, Malcolm, Zander), who made the win possible.

A number of surfers also persevered through multiple heats and made it to the individual finals:

Bodyboard: Zander Dragony 5th
Women longboard: Katrina Sponsler 6th, Kyla Kemp 2nd
Men's longboard: Konrad Wallace 2nd
Women's shortboard: Kyla Kemp 4th, Kaira Wallace 2nd
Men's shortboard: Hunter Murrison 5th.

Nice Job! Good luck to the middle school team Sunday!
Coach Mike

Kelly Practice Photos Uploaded by Loeswick

Surf Team Rippers:

Wednesday's Surf Team practice at Kelly was photographed by Chris Loeswick, who generously thought you guys might light to check out some of your waves for technique and positioning ahead of this weekend's competition.

There are over 300 shots, so check 'em out:

Thanks Chris!

Coach Mike

Medina Clinic on Finishing

Yesterday the competitive squad was working on man-on-man heat strategy to practice offense vs defense in the line-up. We also held a couple heats to focus on finishing out your waves to maximize scores. Really good job by all in marginal and weak conditions at the Jetty.

ASP phenom Gabriel Medina in a free surf in Peniche, Portugal, put on a clinic on how to finish a wave with variety and flair, boosting a 6-foot air off a 1-foot wave into the sand.

Here's a link for any who missed it:

Keep rippin,
Coach Mike

Big Chill Out Longboard contest - Linda Mar Oct-6

The "Big Chill Out" longboard contest will be held next weekend at Linda Mar on Saturday Oct-6. Sponsored by the Pedro Point Surf Club, this is a perfect tune-up event for aspiring competitive high school team longboarders.

We have negotiated a discounted $50 entry fee for HMB team surfers (includes T-shirt and dinner/awards) and I would highly recommend that any high school surfers who want to compete in longboarding take part in this event. In order to reserve slots, I need to know immediately the surfers who plan to participate. I have extra copies of entry forms that I can email to you as well.

Entries can also be sent to or you can try to sign-up on contest day:

Pedro Point Surf Club
183 San Jose Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044

** Please note the HMB Surf Team discount and your age, name, shirt size, address, phone, email, etc. and whether you are in "Junior Men" (19 and under) or "Junior Women" (25 and under) categories**

Please do not "reply" to this email, but contact me directly via the details below.

Happy logging,

Coach Mike
mpw_mike(at) or 650-704-2077

HMB Surf Club/Team Practice @ Jetty Sunday

HMB Surf Team and Club practice will be at the Jetty @ 9 a.m. Sunday (Sep-30).

A new south swell and a hurricane pulse will be filling in, along with the NW swell holding firm. Conditions could be a little challenging for new club surfers, so parents please use your discretion. We will be running heats for the high school team and any junior high competitive surfers who wish to join in.

Congratulations to the Middle School Team for a fine opening performance at the Lane today in solid conditions!! Go HMB!!

See you Sunday,

Your Coaches

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