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Video footage of Weds High School Practice Heats

Below is a link to video footage of last night's high school heats at the Jetty for those who may wish to check their style and execution. Conditions were fickle, but contestable:

Take away points:
1) Wave SELECTION key
2) Make MOST of conditions
3) PROWL the line-up, don't just sit
4) Surfers must bring ENERGY to weak waves
4) Set up and FINISH your waves

Special thanks goes to Koz Nouripour for filming last night and posting the raw footage. Please see the coaches if you want more insight into improving your technique after reviewing video.

Coach Mike

Comp/Team Surf Practice Meet @ Jetty Weds 4 p.m.

HMB Surf Team/Comp practice will meet @ Jetty Weds 4 p.m. (Sep-26).

There is a very high likelihood that we will move more experienced team members to another break as the NW swell backs off more and a SW swell fills in. Please look for an email and Twitter update tomorrow afternoon prior to practice. We plan to run heats.

Coach Mike

HMB Surf Club Practice @ Jetty Sunday - Team/Comp Practice @ Kelly

HMB Surf Club surfers will meet at the Jetty at 9 a.m. Sunday (Sep-16) for practice. Please check in with Rocky and Oliver, as Amber is out of town.

Competitive/team surfers will start at Kelly at 9 a.m. Conditions are expected to be marginal, with a minor pick-up in windswell. Bring a floaty board as a back-up if you have one. We may try to run a couple heats depending on the conditions. We also have an option of heading 10-15 minutes south of town, if the surf better, pending an eye-witness update then. If you have missed some practices this may be a good opportunity to make up some roster points anyway.

Please check your emails and SMS texts in the morning for a further update in case of venue change.

See ya then,
Your Coaches

Surf Practice for Team-Comp Surfers will be at Kelly (Last minut Change)Weds 4 p.m.

HMB Surf Team/Competitive surfers:

Practice for Wednesday (Sep-12) will start at Kelly from 4 p.m. sharp. Arrive early and ready to go if you want to warm up in the surf. A steep-angle combo NW and windswell should still be in the water, while the wind may back off in the afternoon. Fingers-crossed, but we may move if conditions prove marginal.

See you then,
Your Coaches

Deadline for League and Membership Dues/Forms is Friday

Deadline for SCSSL League and Boys&Girls Club dues/membership is Friday Sep-14:

Thank you to all who showed up Sunday morning for a great team meeting and paperwork-fest, followed by a really good team practice in challenging conditions.

Those of you who did not attend or submit paperwork need to turn in the following by Friday if you want to take part in the competition this season. Club surfers need to fill out both forms as well to take part in practices. (Links and details are in the previous blog entry

1) Boys&Girls Club online application submitted directly.

2) SCSSL competition and liability form can be filed out and emailed to Coach Oliver at okeeton(at) or printed out and returned to him.

3) A check made out to Boys& Girls Club of the Coastside for $150/surfer.

***Please note we will be taking part in a Beach Clean-up Day at Dunes Beach on Saturday Sep-15 at 9 a.m., which will count toward your academic volunteer hours.

***Wednesday's Sep-12 practice for competition surfers will be at 4 p.m. sharp. Venue is TBA and it will be quick practice for HMB high surfers due to open house at 6 p.m. (Note: regular attendance will be one key factor in determining our rosters for upcoming competitions).

Looking forward to a great "El Nino" surf season ahead, Your Coaches

Martin's Beach Gathering

Open Martins Beach

If you prefer your coastal access "open," rather than "closed for repairs", stop by Martin's Beach on July 21 @ noon.

Surfrider Pro-Am Contest July 15

For those HMB surf team and club members looking for a local contest for a tune-up ahead of the 2012-13 season, look no further than the Surfrider Pro-Am on July 15 at Linda Mar Beach. This is a fun comp with multiple rounds and prizes.

Check it out and register online:

Happy Surfin,
Coach Mike

Practice Schedule Break

Formal surf club and team practices will be temporarily suspended with the end of the regular contest season this weekend.

The junior high team finished strong at final contest at the Hook and the high school will wrap things up this Sunday at the Lane with the final comp of a very long season. Please free-surf with your buddies in the meantime and feel free to contact coaches about the conditions, but there will be no supervised practices for now.

Coaches will notify those going on to regionals and states in April and we may hold some heats in late March for those taking part.

Mahalo and many thanks for a really great and fun season,

The Coaches

No Tuesday Morning Practice Due to High Surf Advisory

HMB Surf Team:

The Northern Pacific appears to be heating up on Tuesdays so far in 2012, evidently not getting the message that those days are reserved for the team to practice at Kelly. So, we will not be holding practice tomorrow morning (Jan-12) due to a large and in-charge 9-foot, 19-second, swell.

The balmy, offshore and clear afternoons, however, have been quite a treat and for those of you who are out of school early tomorrow, you may want to consider a road trip or early sesh at the Jetty.

Happy Surfin,
Your Coaches

All-New HMB Surf Club Hoodies and T's

Attn: Last-minute holiday shoppers!

All-new HMB Surf Club Hoodies and T's are finally here, just in the St. Nick of time...

They will be on sale at my house for a limited time only before Xmas, then will be sent over to Rocky's for safe storage and further sales after Dec-26. T's are $20 and Hoodies $50, with all proceeds going to your club.


Contact Mike at (650)704-2077
1012 Pearl Ave., Moss Beach, CA 94038

Special thanks go to Lisa Gilmour for her invaluable design and technical support, and Cassandra Clark at the Maverick's Surf Shop for her advice and help with the order.

Thank you for your patience,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team Waterman Jackets Price and Payment

Thank you all who ordered the HMB team fleece Waterman Jackets, which has been now completed with our supplier. We should receive them back in a little over a week.

The price per jacket came to $107 including tax and shipping.

Please write checks to "Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside" and return to either Mike or Rocky by the end of the week.

Thank you,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team Waterman Jacket Order Now Due

Surf Team Waterman Jacket Orders are now due.

If you wish to receive the team discount, you need to let me know ASAP if you plan to order one for a club member, family or friends. Once I have a final tally I will let you know the discounted price and collect checks made payable to the "Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside" at this weekend's contests.

To review the details, see this earlier post:

So far I have orders from:

-Eggers, 1 grom large
-Fisher, 1 small
-Dragony, 1 medium, 1 small
-Wallace, 1 large, 1 small

The more we order, the lower the price, however, Cassandra at Maverick's Shop may consider stocking some in the future for those who miss the boat this time around.

Many thanks, see you this weekend,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team Waterman's Jackets

Dear Surf Team/Club:

We have found an ideal full-length heavy fleece waterman's jacket that is "waterproof, windproof and breathable" for the surf club from: It has been used by lifeguards, fishermen, divers and surfers.

The jacket is ideal for winter contests and practices and can be worn over wetsuits for changing and travel to-and-from the beach. The cost to club members will be at a team discount price of approximately $100 each, depending on how many we order. Any family member is welcome to purchase one, but we will order patches with the new team logo for our surfers.

Sizes run a little large and the sleeves long to be worn over other garments and leave some room for changing. I have a small and a large at my house for anyone to try on:

I will need orders from families (name, number, sizes) by November 30. Based on the number ordered I will email a final price and will collect checks payable to "Boys & Girls of the Coastside" by contest weekend of December 3-4. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL, WHICH WILL GO BACK TO EVERYONE. Instead, please email your orders directly to mpw_mike(at)

Note, we have also just ordered freshly designed club hoodies, Tees, shirts and beenies in limited initial supply, which will make great gifts.

Happy Holidays!

Coach Mike

Practice still on for the Jetty, Sunday at 9 a.m.

HMB Surf Club/Team will practice at the Jetty Sunday 9 a.m.

We will bring the trailer to the main lot, so that any of you who loaned equipment to the Club for the Larkin Street Youth Day yesterday may retrieve it at this time if you wish. Otherwise, it will remain in the trailer for future pick-up or you may donate old suits to the team for other club members to use as well.

I would also like to especially thank Mara, who organized the Youth Day and felt strongly that this was a really important project for both the Club and Larkin kids. The amount of support from team families with equipment and time was truly amazing and a tribute to the strength of our special community. Those kids were embraced by all, slotted right into our program are welcome to come back for a visit any Sunday.

Thanks again to all who took part, also to Oliver and Michelle who documented the event.

Coach Mike

Jetty Practice Update

Practice will still be held at the Jetty at 4:30 today, but it is recommended that only competitive surfers take part given the conditions, which are still a bit raw. Because of the crowds and sollid swell it is really important that surfers be respectful and spread out in the water.

We will run heats. Please check in with coaches upon arrival and make sure you have a jersey before jumping in. Please stay in your assigned areas and do NOT bunch up underneath other surfers. Failure to follow our instructions will result in the surfer being beached.

See you there,
The Coaches

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