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Indo-Mar Surf Jam Free for Groms

Indo-Mar Surf Jam: Friday, September 30, 2011 4pm-Dark

This is a FREE surf contest for Groms 18 & Under, boy and girl surfers. The Contest size is limited to 24 participants based upon date and time of submission of application. All participants will surf 2 x 30 minute heats. Participants will be grouped into 3 groups: Boys 15 & under, Boys 16-18, girls division. Judging will be done based upon the quantity and quality of waves/tricks/style of each participant. Awards will be presented at the completion of the contest.

To register online:

Good tune up after season opener in Santa Cruz.

The Coaches

Kapuna contest Saturday and Surfrider Pro-Am this Sunday at Linda Mar

Kahuna Kapuna Saturday and Surfrider Pro-Am Sunday at Linda Mar..

* Any old farts over the age of 40 may want to join in the fun at the Kahuna Kapuna contest on Saturday, August 6, at Linda Mar. There are still spaces in the 40-49 "Junior Kapuna" division we are reliably informed. This is for long- and short-board.

* Surfrider will be sponsoring a Pro-Am contest at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica from 7-5 on Sunday, August 7th. You can still sign up online. Short-board only.

Awards for the Rise Above The Plastics series will also be given out -get the word out to Men's Open winner Michael Joshua and Junior Victorian Cole Walter...


FOR SURFRIDER:​mc/?p=4566


PRO/AM - $50.00
* Heat Format - 1st Round: Non-elimination 3-man heat; 2nd Round to Final: Man-on-man heats.
* Prize Money - TBD (based on number of entries)
* Amateurs - Also get FREE entry into Mens or Womens division (depending on space).

MENS & WOMENS - $30.00
* Heat Format - 1st Round: Non-elimination 4 or 6-man heat; 2nd Round to Final: 4 or 6-man heats.
* Free Entry - Amateurs entering the Pro/Am Division get FREE entry (depending on space).

TEAM CHALLENGE - $20.00 (per team)
* Team Members - 4 per team; Any age, gender, or all skill levels welcome.
* Heat Format - One 60 minute heat; One competitor from each team in the water at any one time.

MAKE SURE TO LIKE THE CONTEST PAGE:​ges/Surfrider-ProAm-Team-C​hallenge/203695103014952

Coach Mike

THE WESTSIDERS- Screening in Santa Cruz

To All Club Members: Darryl "Flea" Virostko has invited the HMB Surf Team to the RIO Theater, 1205 Soquel Ave, in Santa Cruz to view the film "THE WESTSIDERS" with him this Saturday at 7:00 PM. He will be giving a surf board away after the viewing. He has asked that we RSVP, so he has some idea how many of you will be attending. Please e-mail me if you will be attending so I can give him a heads up. (Please disregard if you have already received this email). Thanks Rocky Raynor

Donovan coming to OPL Sunday - surf team invited

The OPL (New Princeton Landing) will be hosting a mini-concert by Donovan Frankenreiter from 6 p.m. on Sunday and HMB Surf Team families have especially been encouraged to attend by owner-surfer Brian Overfelt.

If you're not away on vacation already, come on by and get your groove on...

2010-2011 CSSL Season Results

CSSL Results for this Season:

Following are the results of our 2010-2011 CSSL season. For anyone who wasn't at the ceremony in Santa Cruz to collect their trophies, we will be handing these out at our own awards ceremony at Sweetwoods on Wednesday. Congratulations on a fantastic season to all who participated. Get ready to step it up for next year!

-Middle School team ranked 2nd overall

Boys shortboard team took 2nd
Girls shortboard team took 1st
Boys longboard team took 2nd
Girls longboard team took 1st
Bodyboard team took 4th

-Middle School individual rankings:

Boys shortboard: 3rd Thomas Lundgard
Girls shortboard: 2nd Kaira Wallace, 5th Mia Cordes
Boys longboard: 3rd Thomas Lundgard, 5th Hunter Murrison
Girls longboard: 2nd Kaira Wallace, 4th Kalea Johnson, 6th Helen Fisher

-High School team ranked 4th overall

Mens shortboard team took 2nd
Ladies shortboard team took 3rd
Mens longboard team took 2nd
Ladies longboard team took 3rd
Bodyboard team took 6th

-High school individual rankings:

Mens shortboard: 6th Chester Newling
Ladies shortboard: 5th Kaila Kemp
Mens longboard: 2nd Michael Joshua
Ladies longboard: 4th Kaila Kemp

See you Wednesday,
Your Coaches

CSSL Awards Ceremony Reminder

Our surf league CSSL(CORE)Awards Ceremony will be on Thursday, May 26th from 6-9 p.m. at the Shoreline Middle School Gym at 855 17th Avenue in Santa Cruz. Aloha Island Grille will be providing the dinner.

Note, the CORE website has not been updated with results, so if you think you may have ranked this season and would like to be recognized or support your teamates, be sure to arrange for a ride or carpool down on Thursday.

Please RSVP to a coach soon, so we can let them know how many HMB team members will be attending (family and friends are welcome). Looks like there could be a new NW swell and North winds for Thursday for any who would like to meet for a quick surf before the event.

The Coaches

(3 Wallaces will be attending)

HMB Team invited to BBQ for Sion on Sunday

The Half Moon Bay Surf Team has been invited to attend a BBQ at the Old Princeton Landing (460 Capistrano Road, Princeton) to honor fallen Hawaiian big wave warrior and dad Sion Milosky.

All family members and groms are welcome from approximately 2 p.m. Sunday, in a very casual, family style event. Families who plan to attend are encouraged to bring a side-dish and those who wish to coordinate this may contact Katherine Clark at (650) 766-3636.

See you there,

The Coaches

NSSA Official Heat Times Posted

The NSSA has posted official heat times for this weekend, though individual surfers will have to check in with the coaches Friday-Saturday to find their specific heat starts. College is Friday (stay well north or south of event when practicing), high school on Saturday, middle school on Sunday and all finals (fingers crossed) Sunday afternoon.

Weather and swell is looking fine for this weekend with sunshine, swell and relatively light onshore breezes. Should be about head high on Saturday with a little decrease in period on Sunday:

Also note for any girl surfers not heading down, on Sunday afternoon the Clarks will be hosting an special event with Bethany Hamilton at their shop. Bethany is touring with her new film "Soul Surfer" and is quite an inspiration.

The Coaches

4:30 Practice on Wednesday at Venice Beach (south end)

Junior High Surf Team practice will be held at the south end of Venice Beach on Wednesday from 4:30 p.m. Turn left after the guard booth, then head through the gate past the park service building.

High school surfers are welcome to attend since there was no practice on Tuesday morning due to the poor conditions, and this will be the last formal practice before the NSSAs at Huntington.

We will be running heats and working on competition strategy, so be sure to come if you're heading to the event this weekend. Emphasis for the girls will be turns and rail-to-rail surfing, while the boys will be judged on combining different moves.

See you there,
The Coaches

Trick tip for holding your breath longer at Mav's

To our budding Mav's stars:

Mark Visser who was recently documented surfing Jaws at night has a really simple trick for holding your breath longer on a hold-down. Basically you exhail fully before sucking in a fresh lungfull of clean air before the next set wave aims at your head.

See his video tip:

See his Jaws night surf:

Have fun and be safe out there,

Coach Mike

High School "A's and Bodyboard" Practice at Kelly Tuesday 6:30 a.m.

High school surf team practice will be held at Kelly Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. From Coach Marty: "I would like to run practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30 Sharp. Dave the Bodyboard coach will be there tomorrow morning, so it would nice if both Stevens can make it! Also Joao and Jeff are both planning on surfing with the kids too!"

See ya there,
The Coaches

High School Team Meeting at Kelly Sunday 6:30 a.m.

High school surfers will meet at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday for a pre-competition meeting with the coaches. If you are in a first-round team heat (such as boys shortboard) and wish to grab a couple waves before your heat, please suit up and do so before 6:30 a.m.

Congratulations to all participants in the Junior High event for performing extremely well at Dunes Beach in very challenging conditions Saturday. Special kudos to all our finalists, who put in a very strong effort and represented HMB with pride.

The Coaches

High School "A-team" Practice at Dunes Tuesday 6:30 a.m.

The HMB High School "A-team" Practice will be held at Dunes Tuesday 6:30 a.m. We will meet at the south end of the parking lot at Dunes to take advantage of a sandbar or two in the area, which could offer a potential venue for the competition this weekend. Please give Marty a call if you have any question about the conditions and location.

See you there,
The Coaches

HMB Surf Team Meetings Weds- 7pm

In lieu of practices being cancelled this week the surf team will be holding two meetings:

1) Junior High surfers will meet at Coach Rocky's offices in Princeton at 169 Stanford Avenue at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday to go over the selection for participants in the first contest, heat strategy and safety issues.

2) High School surfers will be meet at lunch in Shawna McCartney's room on Thursday, also to go over the roster for the first contest and heat strategy as outlined by the CORE surf pros this week in Santa Cruz.

See you there,
The Coaches

Surf Team Practices Cancelled This Week Due To XXL Swell

All high school and junior high surf team practices have been cancelled this week for both Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon due to an XXL swell set to arrive and hold for both of those days.

Please exercise all due caution even at relatively protected spots like the Jetty if you decide to enter the ocean on your own recognizance. This swell is forecast to be triple-overhead at exposed spots, or potentially holding up to 50-foot faces and extremely dangerous, expert-only conditions.

The weather is forecast to be sunny, offshore and clear, however, which would make viewing of Maverick's in all her glory ideal for any who may wish to spectate at a safe distance.

Please be careful this week,
The Coaches

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