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Isurus HMB Team Wetsuit Deal

After meeting with the team, Isurus of Montara has decided to offer two versions of their highest quality suits to members that will provide the greatest durability, warmth and flexibility. The deadline for placing orders for the team will be May-31 for a September delivery. Pictures of the suits are available, and for more information please visit their website at

1) The ELITE 434 with interchangeable 2mm hood included. This is a versatile design specifically for durability and warmth, with the option of a removable hood. Recommended for ease of entry and variety of cold water surf conditions, this is a very lightweight, versatile performance suit for the value. A superior choice in warmth, durability and performance in comparison with current 5/4 or 4/3 technology. Note: This new 2011 edition will feature a non-smoothskin version of the ½ Aerodome Chest panel similar to that on the new EVADE below.

2) The EVADE 434 2mm Hooded suit. This is the suit of choice for the high performance surfer. Ultra lightweight, superior buoyancy and thermal insulation. This is the advanced design version of the suit that was in high demand out at Maverick's this past winter. Arguably the best built wetsuit for coldwater surfing, this suit is designed for those who are very serious about their surfing.. *(Depending upon proper care and maintenance of the user, this suit may be slightly less durable than the ELITE).

Please contact Rocky or Mike for details of the offer and place orders directly with Isurus: or (650)380-4460. Note the team is also working out the details of a recycling program for these durable suits when the kids grow out of them, which would involve a partial refund and resale to new team members or those needing an upgrade.

Many thanks, Mike, Oliver and Rocky

CSSL Award Ceremony Meeting Time

The CSSL Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 22, in Capitola at the Capitola Rec Center on 4400 Jade Street from 4:30-9:00 p.m. Many of you will already be in the area for the PacWave Spring Fling contest, but we would like to aim to meet at the Rec Center as a team at 4:00 p.m. As a reminder, please wear your Core League Tees or HMB hoodies to represent your team spirit.

Coaches Marty, Rocky, Oliver and Mike

Surf Team Deals on Isurus Wetsuits and Chemistry Boards

Isurus Wetsuits of Montara and Chemistry Surfboards of SoCal are offering their wares directly to HMB Surf Team members, coaches and their families for those not already obligated by any pending individual sponsorship deals. These are very high quality vendors! Pending final work on a new team logo, Isurus has offered to print this graphic on the back of their wetsuits and can do custom orders in special wetsuit sizes as well. Isurus has a new crop of refined 2011 models available and will also be auctioning a suit at the Luau, so you never know, you could get the lucky ticket! For more info, see the following links: and

For further details contact the coaches.

Stay warm and keep rippin',

Coach Mike


Tsunami Alert for Coast After 8.8 Magnitude Chile Quake


A strong earthquake has struck the coast of Chile and a Tsunami Advisory is now in effect for San Mateo County.

A Tsunami Advisory means a tsunami capable of producing strong currents or waves dangerous to people in, or very near, the water is possible. It is estimated that these waves may arrive by 1 p.m. and could last for several hours. No general evacuation is required at this time.

Monitor NOAA Weather Radio or your local radio stations (KCBS 740 AM or KQED 88.5 FM) for additional information on this Tsunami Alert.

Sent by Stephen Mahaley to Miramar, Princeton, San Gregorio, Moss Beach, Coastal Communities, El Granada, Pacifica, Pescadaro, Half Moon Bay, Montara (E-mail accounts, Wireless devices) through SMC Alert.

Exercise caution around the surf today, thanks,

Coaches Rocky, Oliver, Mike and Dave


Calling All Groms to the Maverick's Competitors' Area...

HMB team:

You should all know by now that the Maverick's contest will begin at 8 a.m. sharp on Saturday. It is very hard to see anything from the beach or cliffs and the scene will be pretty mobbed as usual. The best viewing will actually be on the net at:

They will also have an interactive Facebook page covering the event as well. That said, Tim West has invited you all to visit him in the competitors' area after his heats and I'm sure would appreciate your support (He is in Heat 3 from about 9:30-10:15 a.m.). You'll probably be able to hang with him and the competitors as well after the event, which is set to wrap up about 3 p.m.

The contest is set to be a very challenging one, with a large bumpy West swell, high tide and south winds conspiring against the first heats. But it should peak at about noon and clean up for some epic semis and finals. See Bruce Jenkins preview in SFGate:

This should get you all fired up for our longboard trials in Capitola on Sunday and next week's contest!





Maverick's contest MAY be called for Saturday

Calling All Groms!

Our favorite local invitee to the Maverick's contest and HMB Surf Team supporter, Tim West, sends you the following message:

"Looks like a possible go for the contest. Hope so! Tell the groms to be there if they can make it so I can get 'em the VIP status behind the fenced area. Final word is Saturday morning. Cheers, Tim."

We will be in touch with contest officials this week and keep you guys in the loop. Let's get out there and support Tim, should be fun!

Coach Mike 

Water quality questionable this week with heavy sewage outflows

To all Surf Club members:

Water quality has been posted in SF as having a combined sewage outflow (CSO) on city beaches the week of Jan 18-24, as the treatment plants can't handle the high storm-related sewage flows, which get washed directly into the line-up. The same will be true in Linda Mar, Jetty and elsewhere this week and just be aware that the risk/reward ratio for surfing in sewage may be a little high -- so use your discretion before entering the water. Buoys are at 23' @ 17", which means that the punishment factor is pretty high as well. For more, see:


Coach Mike

Coach's board takes flight!

On Sunday late afternoon (12/20) coach Mike set his beloved Randy Cone 6-1 on his roof at the north end of Montara and it likely blew off on the highway near there (Doh!!!). When he came looking for it 10 minutes later somebody had obviously picked it up, so presumably it's not too smashed. It’s a quad with futures fins and swirly red resin tint on the back third of the deck, with a DaKine traction pad missing the center oval. It was custom made epoxy and he'd really like to get it back. Cash reward for the first grom or mom to spot it in the line-up or in the used board racks locally. Many thanks!

Kelly Ave. Contest Results in HMB Review

For any Club and Team members who may have missed the results of the competition last weekend at Kelly Ave, the HMB Review posted the following write-up of our strong showing in difficult conditions. Congratulations to all participants in the successful contest:


High Surf Advisory

To all Team and Club Members:

Please use extra caution this week starting on Tuesday when considering entering the water. Most of you are already well aware of a huge swell with a very wide fetch across the Pacific coming our way that is expected to be 4-5 times overhead in Hawaii and 3-4+ times overhead here. Even the Jetty may have heavy water with long period sets with an unusually high number of waves per set. Also the air and water temps are cold and dropping with this front. All in all a very hostile environment for surfing. Swells of this size and scope were last witnessed in 1990 and 1969, according Sean Collins, chief forecaster of Surfline, 19- and 40-years ago. It's safe to say that most of you between ages 11-13 haven't seen the likes of it in you or your parent's lifetimes, so please use extra caution this week and check with coaches if you have any questions about whether to surf or not. Check out Mav's this week; it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, which would a good time for field trip. Here's a link that asks: "How Big is Big?"

Be safe,

Your coaches


Surfpulse Article on Renourishing Surfer's Beach

Hey all Surf Club-Team members,

Congratulations and well done on rising to the occasion for the really challenging contest at Kelly Ave today! You guys are truly an extraordinary bunch, facing up to the raw, cold and difficult conditions with such courage and poise. All your hard work and pride is a shining tribute to the support of your families and community.

Also I am attaching a link below to a story on Surfpulse about pumping sand from the harbor over to Surfer's Beach to stop the erosion and revive your home break. A lot of people are working really hard behind the scenes to improve your beach, check it out:

We'll have a write-up on the contest results soon. Again, well done.

Assistent Coach Mike


HMB Surf Team Rises to Occasion at First Contest in Capitola:

Our surf team really stepped it up last weekend in pristine conditions for their first competition in Santa Cruz. Many of competitors, who had begun to surf only as recently as 6-months ago, excelled in the sunny, clean, shoulder-high conditions.
HMB won their dual meet against Shoreline by just 2 points with a team score of 61 points that put them in third place overall out of 6 teams. Several kids made it all the way through the qualifying rounds into the finals in a marathon effort their first time out.
The top finisher for HMB girls was Kyla Kemp, who took 3rd in women's longboard, while for the boys Jason Cagle placed 4th in men's longboard. Others who placed were Zander Dragony who finished 6th in men's shortboard, while in women's shortboard Sasha Takata, Helen Fisher and Juliet Shelton respectively placed 4th, 5th and 6th.
Well done to the team, which showed hidden reserves of talent and great depth, especially in the women's division. The next contest is on Sunday, December 6, likely to be held at Francis State Beach, conditions permitting.

Coaches Rocky Raynor, Oliver Keeton, Mike Wallace and Dave Westendorf

All-Points-Bulletin from “Dredge the Harbor” Campaign – Pillar Point Harbor:

Local community activist and surfer Brian Overfelt has invited the Half Moon Bay community to attend a critical meeting of key decision-makers over the campaign to dredge the Pillar Point Harbor and re-nourish the beaches south of the harbor, including Surfer’s Beach and Miramar. Local supporters are requested to arrive for a meet-and-greet with the decision makers from 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the lobby of the Oceana Hotel in Princeton, ahead of what is now an open-door meeting with the public that will include Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. Representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers, CalTrans, Farallones and Monterey Marine Sanctuaries, the San Mateo Harbor District, Audubon Society and Save The Waves, among others, will be attending this historic meeting. A strong showing of community support to rally behind this cause would dramatically help to save our local beaches from ongoing erosion that threatens to destroy property, the highway and our way of life. Most importantly, this will hopefully make the area a safer place for our kids to surf, with more beach, more consistent sand bars and waves. For more information, see: and

HMB Team Member Gets Some Style Points from Machado

$200 for round trip ticket to Del Mar Sacred Craft Expo. "Free" stickers, wax and board demos. Hairstyle tips from your idol... priceless. Way to go, Konrad!

DRW_5572 by Half Moon Bay Surf Club.

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