All-Points-Bulletin from “Dredge the Harbor” Campaign – Pillar Point Harbor:

Local community activist and surfer Brian Overfelt has invited the Half Moon Bay community to attend a critical meeting of key decision-makers over the campaign to dredge the Pillar Point Harbor and re-nourish the beaches south of the harbor, including Surfer’s Beach and Miramar. Local supporters are requested to arrive for a meet-and-greet with the decision makers from 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in the lobby of the Oceana Hotel in Princeton, ahead of what is now an open-door meeting with the public that will include Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo. Representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers, CalTrans, Farallones and Monterey Marine Sanctuaries, the San Mateo Harbor District, Audubon Society and Save The Waves, among others, will be attending this historic meeting. A strong showing of community support to rally behind this cause would dramatically help to save our local beaches from ongoing erosion that threatens to destroy property, the highway and our way of life. Most importantly, this will hopefully make the area a safer place for our kids to surf, with more beach, more consistent sand bars and waves. For more information, see: and

The October 2009 Mavericks Opening Ceremony by "Z"

My Mom and I were going to the Mavericks Ceremony. We parked in the tiny parking lot near the yacht club. We didn’t park in the main parking lot because the only people that were supposed to paddle out were the people in the Mavericks contest and we didn’t want to take up any parking spaces. When we got out of the car we saw that we had parked right next to these surfers, and they had a gun in the back of their pickup truck. I knew that only one of them was going to paddle out because there was only one gun. I didn’t know who it was, but my Mom did!

We were just about to start walking down to the beach when one of them saw me and asked,” Hey, are you going to paddle out?”

I said,” No,” and explained to him that Rocky (our coach) told us not to because of the parking. Then he said, “Well, if I say you can go out, then you can go out!” 

Then, my Mom whispered into my ear that the person I was talking to was Anthony Tashnick, aka Tazzy. I got super excited because I had seen pictures of him surfing and I knew that he was super good. I just didn’t know what he looked like because in most surfing pictures you can’t actually see their face.

Then, I said I didn’t have a wetsuit or a board.

Then, he took one of his other boards that he won in a contest out of his truck and said, “USE THIS!” I couldn’t believe my ears.

Then, I reminded him that I didn’t have a wetsuit and he said,” Go out in your board shorts.”

I was a little worried about going out in just my board shorts because it would be freezing. My Mom could tell that I was worried so on the way down she called Mike Newling and asked him if he had brought down Marlon’s (his son) wetsuit. He said, “No, but you can go to my house and get it from the clothes line.” So, my Mom told me to go up to Mavericks by myself while she drove back to get Marlon’s wetsuit.

When I got to the beach all my friends were already there and we were super stoked about the board that Tazzy let me borrow. After about twenty minutes my Mom came back and I put the wetsuit on. We had to wait another fifteen minutes until we actually paddled out because of the land ceremony. Then, Tim West and his Dad took me out and that’s who I sat next to in the circle. I’m super glad that Tim took me out because otherwise it would have been really awkward in the circle.                               

Then everybody said something and after each person said something everybody would say,”WHOOOOO!” Then it would go onto the next person. I was one of the last people to say something and I said, “I couldn’t believe I was out there and I can’t wait until I can surf Mavericks!” When everybody was finished we all started splashing each other.

When I got back to the beach all my friends asked how it went and I said it was super cool. I took my wetsuit off and got all toasty and dry.

After that there was a big party at Oceano. There was this one guy in a big white shirt that got super drunk and kept saying, “Life sucks, wear your helmets!” to us even though we weren’t even skating. It was hilarious. I also got a poster and got tons of surfers to sign it.

We went on the grass and played this one game where two of the older kids would pull a younger kid across the wet grass while he was squatting on his shoes so he slid across. We also played a game where somebody took Thomas by the arms and spun him around in a circle so he was flying horizontal to the ground and everybody else had to jump over him!

There was also this guy named Neftali Espino aka Neffi who owns a surf shop in Davenport called Homegrown Surf Shop and he gave us a bunch of stickers and is giving me a bunch discounts on boards. He also shapes Tazzy and Nat Young’s boards. He was really nice and he is trying to build a skate park in Davenport and my Mom is trying to build one here, so they kind of gave each other some advice.

That was one of the best days of my life, and Rocky said that next year the whole surf team can go out! It is going to be really fun.


Zander Dragony

November 2009

Maverick's Opening Day Ceremony Pictures ... the Mavericks Opening Day ceremonies, someone noticed that one of the contestants had "recruited" a board caddy to help him out to the Mavericks Opening Day paddle out...

or was it a last minute local seed? That would be Zander, off center left background of the Circle, on Opening Day. Having been inivited out to the circle by Anthony Tashnick.

Later that day, the boys all gathered around with Tim West to show some local support.


A Big Thanks to Mavericks Surf Ventures for inviting the HMB Surf Club.


for more pictures of the Day go here (facebook link - requires an account)

Thomas siting down the line...

...on his Yellow Sidewalk.

Shopping for a Used Board...from Go, Do,Be.



10/23/2009  — 


I put some notes together for a friend who is starting to look at surfboards on Craigslist. He's a beginner looking for something to ride while learning.

Maybe these tips will help you too? Here's what I like to do when I look at a used surfboard.


  • It's hard to tell how big a board is in a picture. Make sure you get dimensions and those dimensions fit your body & style of surfing.
  • Look at the fins, leash plug, and rails. Look for cracks that might be open.
  • If you find a crack or a repaired ding, squeeze it a bit to see if there are soft spots nearby (to tell if it's waterlogged).
  • If the board is a single-fin or a 2+1, look at the part of the big fin that would touch the ground. If the ground-facing tip is chewed up, one of the last owners may have been a little careless with where they put the board down.
  • If the board is a 2+1, make sure those little sidebite fins are solid. If they're removable (usually with a hex wrench), see if the bolts are rusty. If they're glassed-on, just do the crack check.
  • Make sure that the water-side of the board is smooth. This is the side you'll be sliding on. Dings, dents, bumps won't help you too much.
  • Pick it up to see if it's reasonably balanced (some patches can be really heavy and throw off the board balance).
  • Look from the tail toward the nose (and vice-versa). Sometimes you'll see a twist in a board. If you see something, ask about it.
  • See if there's a serial number on the board (handy for tracking history).
  • Of course, ask where the seller got it. Get the whole story of the board. This will come in handy at some point.
  • Ask the seller where he/she surfed it. What worked, what didn't? Why are they unloading it? What will they be surfing next?
  • Look for known shapers and brands. Bonus points are always awarded for investing in local shapers. These will all help with resale.

Sometimes a board will have some problems and it's just worth picking it up anyway. Sometimes the board looks great, but it's just a dud once it gets into the water. If you get stuck with a dud, you'll learn something.

What do you like to do when shopping for new gear?




HMB Team Member Gets Some Style Points from Machado

$200 for round trip ticket to Del Mar Sacred Craft Expo. "Free" stickers, wax and board demos. Hairstyle tips from your idol... priceless. Way to go, Konrad!

DRW_5572 by Half Moon Bay Surf Club.

P-Town Classic - Oct 24 2009

There is a contest in Pacifica for those interested in competing, here is the link to the event.

The following was released by the organizers:


P-Town Classic 2009 Information

This year the 3rd Annual P-Town Classic is set for October 24 (Surf Contest) and 25 (Golf Tournament). To make it more flexible for participants we are running each event individually with awards for all divisions. Participants can enter either event separately or do both and compete for an overall award. We will give overall awards for each division. The divisions will be : Juniors (19 & under), Men's (20-39), Masters (40 & over), Women's (all ages). The Surf Contest will be at Linda Mar Beach. The thing that makes this surf contest different is you must compete on a short board (under 7'6") and on a long board (over 9'). Its all for fun so we are very flexible on surfboard size if its close its OK. In years past people have been very generous sharing their surfboards. The heats are non-elimination, all contestants surf four 15 minute heats, its a real workout.

The Golf Tournament will be at Sharp Park Golf Course. There is no handicapping for the golf event. Contestants compete in age divisions. There will be special awards for "closest to the pin" (par 3s) and "longest drive". An awards party will follow golf to present golf and overall awards.

We have a blog site set up to give current information on the event at . Thanks for participating in the past, I hope you can make it this year. See you on the fairways and in the surf,



Big Tahitian waves in the Billabong 2009 XXL contest

Cool bike tricks ...

This guy can do things on a bike that make the rest of look like we'd just learned to crawl...

RC with the huge Bottom Turn

DSC_4661, originally uploaded by Half Moon Bay Surf Club.

RC was out on this epic triple overhead day. None of the other robots could keep up with him.

Zander with the sweet Bottom Turn

DSC_4585, originally uploaded by Half Moon Bay Surf Club.

YouTube Surf Post

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