Titans of Maverick's Opening Ceremony Paddle Out

10/21/2016 12:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Hi Folks -

The Titans of Maverick's Opening Ceremony Paddle Out is scheduled for Friday, October 21, from 12-2 pm and they would like to welcome any Surf Club members who would like to attend and/or paddle out to come on down to the beach at Maverick's. The contest window is from Nov-1, 2016 through Mar-31, 2017. http://titansofmavericks.com/

School comes first and the earlier time this year will make it difficult for most surfers to attend, but it is a special privilege for Club/Team families. The weather should be good and the surf will have settled down somewhat by then. All Club participants will need to be respectful and, unless you surf Maverick's, this is just an out-and-back to the ceremony circle - no paddling further out of the lagoon to Mushroom Rock or beyond. Mingling on the beach with the Titans is part of the fun.

One word of advice, if you join the circle you should be prepared to say something positive about the event or what Maverick's means to the community/club in the circle, which also honors fallen Titans. Details about the Opening Ceremony party to follow at 7 pm on Friday are on the website.


Coach Mike

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