Club Practice "B" Surfers for Saturday 10.21.16 Roosevelt Beach - Tentative.

10/21/2016 9:00 am
10/21/2016 11:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club "B" Surfers and A's welcome too! (not safe for "C" Surfers) We suggest only experienced B and A surfers only. Know your limits!

Location: Roosevelt (Tentative) at 9:00am Saturday 10.21.16

According to Surfline there is a larger swell filling in tomorrow. Depending on when that swell arrives and how big it really gets will determine if we can pull it off in time. W

Check for an update tomorrow morning before heading to the beach. We'll send out a cancellation before 8:30 if it doesn't look good.

****Each surfer must have fully completed all forms and clearances with fees paid to participate in practices. If you don't have the forms please download from the website and bring them to practice in the am.***

Coach Marty

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