Weekend SCSSL Contest Update - Location and Timing

11/02/2016 7:11 am
America/Los Angeles

Here's a contest update from the SCSSL - note time change AND earlier start time for high school squad on Sunday (be prepared with nutritious snacks and hydration for all-day event). Location may change on Sunday at last minute, be there early (6:30 am):

Hi all,

Well, conditions are not cooperating for a contest this weekend at Waddell - it’s going to be too big. We are moving the contests to back up locations in town where conditions look to be quite good. We will try again at Waddell for our next contest.

Middle School will be Saturday at Capitola. Start time is 8:00.

8:00 Half Moon Bay v Mission Hill
9:15 New Brighton v SC Mountain
10:30 Shoreline v Aptos

HIgh School will be Sunday at either the Hook or Capitola. We’ll make the final call when it gets a little closer. I’ll keep you posted.

Due to the time change mid weekend, we will start at 7:00 on Sunday. Don’t forget to change your clocks - and make sure your surfers remember too! Again, start time for High School teams is 7:00 !!

7:00 Half Moon Bay v Santa Cruz
8:15 SC Mountain v Aptos
9:30 v Soquel

Contest rosters are due Wednesday evening. You can find them on the website at www.scsurfleague.org. and attached.

Santa Cruz Scholastic Surf League
The Santa Cruz Scholastic Surf League (SC SSL) 2016 / 2017 surf season is about to begin, with surf contests for middle and high school teams from Santa Cruz to Half ...

If you have any changes after you submit the roster, you can make them at the beach - just check in with the beach marshal and request the change.

Coach Mike

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