Surf Contest Nutrition Update

Surf Contest Nutrition:

I have been asked to resend this note from last year ahead of our first contest this weekend (thanks Andre!), which is an essential part of each surfer's recipe for success. Those planning on surfing more than one heat on contest day should be prepared to bring healthy snacks in their contest packs. Noshing in small portions between heats and staying hydrated is key -- keeping your energy levels elevated over the course of a potentially long day, even if you'd rather free surf, is crucial.

"Healthy snacks" include the likes of power bars (Kashi- or granola-type), trail mix, grapes, bananas, cuties (tangerines), veggie sticks, multi-grain chips or crackers, Gatorade, or juice mixed with water in your water bottles, etc. Or pick your favorite, so long as you can peck away at your snacks over the course of the contest, metabolize them easily and stay fueled. Donuts (again, sorry Marty!!), pizzas, hamburgers, burritos or other big entre's can wait until after the comp and will not leave you light on your feet or belly. Coaching studies have found that on contest day healthy complex carbs and glucose will give you the greatest shot in the arm. And you want to be able to sustain that over the day.

Formula 1 drivers wouldn't put sugar cubes in their tanks (maybe their competitors'); so as athletes, put the "high octane" fuel in yours. Don't stand there shivering wondering when the folks are going to leave their front-row parking space to go get you a big meal. Be prepared in advance and take responsibility for your own success. A couple power bars, fruit, Gatorade at a minimum will do. This is especially true at the Hook, Lane, Manresa and Waddell, which have minimal concessions nearby.

Let's start the season strong in our first regular season comp, with some energy and passion for your sport and teams! Especially after a long and successful water polo season (Good Luck Saturday Cougars!), it's time to refuel. We will have plenty-o-swell this weekend, so don't be caught napping in your heat and let's make the next rounds. May both teams have a fantastic contest at the Hook/Capitola this weekend. Good luck!

Also, note the recent NSSA comps at the Hook had a lot of non-competitors poaching in the contest area and conflict, and we are likely to face that as well. The SCSSL wishes to remind us that they have a permit for the staging area, but not the water. Please be polite and respectful if you drop in and burn non-competitors this weekend. Remember, no heat is worth a collision and injury though. Represent your team and league with style and maturity.


Coach Mike

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