HMB High Surf Team Results from Capitola

HMB High Surf Team Capitola Results:

It was an action-packed Super Sunday for HMB with one of the strongest WNW winter swell pulses so far washing the season opener from Waddell to the relative protection of Capitola in Santa Cruz. Clean head-high lefts and rights swung through the line-up with contestable regularity, though there were indeed some lully heats. Crowds were on hand too, which meant certainly more than 5 other competitors in the line-up (ahem, no HMB coaches were seen near the main peak, though
"Team Geriatric" surf-toured all the way from the Hook to the Capitola Pier).

It was a nervous start for the team as a whole, with some very strong individual performances, but that belied the depth and talent of HMB, which is sure to emerge later in the season.

Team Round:

HMB (38) fell to an in-form and deep Santa Cruz high (66), but advanced a handful of surfers to the individual round. Men's shortboard saw Coel Miller (3) and Nate Feix (3) advance, along with Emma Stone (1) from women's shortboard and in men's longboard Clay Johnson (2) rallied through as well.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Several team alternates made wise use of their opportunity here. In men's shortboard as Andy Vana (2), Nic Bouchard (3) and Tanner Islander (3) made it through to the quarters before bowing out. Andy also advanced in men's longboard (2) before being halted in the semis (4). This was Nic's first comp and he displayed contest skills well beyond his limited comp experience.

Coel (3) and Nate (2) extended their run out of the quarters in men's shortboard, but ran out of waves in the semi-finals, finishing 6 and 5 there respectively after an abundance of strong power hacks and mature finishing maneuvers over the course of the day. Freshmen Clay Johnson and Emma Stone should be applauded for grinding it out all the way to the finals in men's longboard and women's shortboard, respectively. Clay was on point all day after trading the left with world-class longboarder CJ Nelson in the morning. He waited for quality waves to display his cross-stepping and critical nose rides, followed by 360 spins for finishing maneuvers. Emma won all her heats until the finals, when the fluky sets conspired against her. Very solid bottom and top turn combos will serve her well this season.

Final Results:

Emma Stone: (4) women's shortboard
Clay Johnson: (3) men's longboard - full results and ranking can be found here over the course of the season.

The next contest will be upon us fast, scheduled for November 19-20 at either Pleasure Point/Hook or even Waddell depending on the forecast.


Coach Mike

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