Hey, you, goofy-footer!

Hey, you, goofy-footer!

There are some great video resources out there if you really want to improve you surfing technique. It can be challenging competing in Santa Cruz, the land of the right hand point break. But Surfline has posted a really helpful tutorial on how to crack the whip backside with Ace Buchan, narrated by former World Champ Barton Lynch (another right foot forward legend):


How to do Backside Carves With Ace Buchan

'It all comes back to the bottom turn,' says Ace
Hurley also has been running a serious of videos from the likes of team riders Michel Bourez and Kolohe Andino, which are archived here. So, even if you can't get in the water every day, you can do some mind surfing before this weekend's comp (so long as you get your other homework done first).

How-To Videos

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