HMB High Surf Team Hook Results

HMB High Surf Team Hook Results:

The Cougar Surf Team finally got around to its second contest of the season amid spectacular weather at the Hook and some clean, shifty, contestable right peelers on the famous reef. It was a relief to get the season back under way after a long stretch of cancelled comps, wild weather and swell.

Team Round:

HMB (49) came up just shy of Soquel (54), unfortunately narrowly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The 5-point difference was a matter of just one or two surfers placing higher, but illness and lack of practice due to the unruly weather took their toll. Notable advancers to individual round were in men's shortboard Clay Johnson (1), Coel Miller (3), Ryan Bair (2) and Nate Feix (3) in a solid pair of heats. Women's shortboard saw Emma Stone (1) through, who also placed (3) in longboard. Hot dog logger Andy Vana (3) also went through for men's longboard.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Several surfers stepped up in the alternate round. Andy Vana (3), Nick Wiley (2) and Mitchell King (3) advanced in shortboard before surrendering in the quarters along with Ryan Bair. Grayson Capers advanced in longboard, as did Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) before exiting in the quarters. Kacie Sorfleet rode her shortboard alternate berth all the way to the women's finals.

Grayson and Andy made some stylish runs through the inside, but their busy longboard heat strategy ended in the semi-finals after a fun day. Coel bowed out in men's shortboard semis after some tactical power surfing, as did Nate. Both Clay and Emma made multiple critical turns that turned the judges heads in their semi-final shortboard victories. Emma was the standout of the day in a dominant display, placing first in every heat right through the finals in a very seasoned performance for the freshman. Clay was let down by a lully heat and lack of commitment to holding a strong position in the line-up.

Final Results:

Clay Johnson: (5) men's shortboard
Emma Stone: (1) women's shortboard
Kacie Sorfleet (6) women's shortboard

We'll have some work to do before the next contest, which is scheduled for February 25-26 at the Lane.


Coach Mike

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