HMB High Surf Team Results from the Lane

HMB High Surf Team Results from the Lane:

Great call by the SCSSL to pull the trigger this weekend at the Lane. It was a beautiful and chilly day at this world class venue and the Cougars took full advantage of the conditions with a moderate swell running with a high tide and clean conditions early followed by a deep tide drop and light wind picking up over the course of the day.

Team Round:

HMB (66) took down a depleted Aptos (22) with men's shortboard advancing in 5 out of 6 slots and women's shortboard advancing all three surfers Emma Stone (1), Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) and Nikki Sorfleet (3), a feat that they repeated in women's longboard. Mitchell King also advanced in men's longboard with Kacie Sorfleet.

Alternate/Individual Round:

HMB advanced several surfers out of the alternate around. Mitchell King (2) and Nic Bouchard (3) moved through in men's shortboard, while Coel Miller (1), Grayson Capers (2) and Ethan Levitt (3) all went through in men's longboard. Ella Catalano-Dockens won her longboard heat and Holly Ebert (3) advanced in women's shortboard. Holly was the team hero for the event after nearly getting swept into the cliff twice after a close-out set, keeping her calm, and willing to go out for the next round.

Ryan Bair, Nate Feix and Luca Padua kept HMB in the mix in men's shortboard with some critical surfing and mature wave selection. Nate bowed out in the semis, but Luca and Ryan kept their streak running all the way to the finals. Luca in particular stuck to his plan on Middle Peak and cracked some backside top-turns that compelled the judges to take notice. Coel Miller also took advantage of the alternate round and used some stylish carving and nose-riding to advance to the finals in men's longboard. Emma Stone was on point all day in both short- and long-board divisions.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (4) women's longboard
Emma Stone (3) women's shortboard
Coel Miller (3) men's longboard
Luca Padua (4) men's shortboard
Ryan Bair (6) men's shortboard

Congratulations to the team and individual performers for a great result at the Lane. This was a sublimely fun event and it was great to have the Cougars grasp the nettle again and show that they can step up when it counts. Next up is the March 18 contest at Manresa, a beach break which has been right up our alley.


Coach Mike

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