High School Surf Team State Championships - Individual Entries

High School Surf Team State Championships - Individual Entries

States is just around the corner and the Team application and $600 fee will be taken care of by the Surf Club, but any surfers who wish to participate in the Individual Competition on Monday, April 24th, will need to submit an entry form and pay for the divisions in which you plan compete at $60/division. You will submit these forms DIRECTLY to the SSS -- do not hand off to your coach.


Please follow the instructions in the link above VERY CAREFULLY. All surfers (Team and Individual) will need submit a Student Membership form for Non-SSS Members and the Individual entry form will require a coach signature. All slots are on a first come, first serve, basis. So, please be sure to take care this ASAP if you plan to take part. If you are making the effort to go to Oceanside, I would highly encourage those seeking more competition experience to do Individuals. The deadline is April 1, 2017, but I wouldn't wait that long.


Coach Mike

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