HMB High Surf Team Results from Manresa

HMB High Surf Team Results from Manresa:

Well, folks, we pulled off another classic contest at Manresa on Sunday, in the deep south of Santa Cruz. And the beach break was "right up our alley" as predicted in our last missive. Glassy shoulder high peelers with an inner and outer bar greeted us mid-morning, pretty enough to send a couple coaches scurrying for their wetsuits before the team round. Shorts and T's gave way to hoodies, windbreakers and Uggs, however, by the time the onshores arrived, but it was contestable all day and HMB came to play.

Team Round:

HMB (61) took out Santa Cruz Mountain (44) despite the absence of three of our seniors for Lifeguard training, which leveled the team round. But the next generation and alternates really stepped up with some aggressive heat surfing. Mitchell King (2), Clay Johnson (1) and Nate Feix (3) swept the first men's shortboard head and Ryan Bair (2) and Luca Padua (1) advanced out of the second. Emma Stone (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) took charge of women's shortboard. Clay (1) and Andy Vana (2) dominated men's longboard, while Kacie Sorfleet (3) advanced from women's longboard.

Alternate/Individual Round:

The Surfin Cougars took advantage of the clean conditions to send several surfers from alternates into quarters/semis. Among them, Nick Wiley (3) advanced in shortboard, before bowing out in quarters, along with Ryan. Mitchell King carved his high performance longboard (2) out of quarters and as far a semis. Emma (2) and Ella (3) displayed fine team spirit with another dual advance in women's longboard alternates. Kacie extended her run to both women's short- and longboard semis, as did Ella in her best performance to date.

The HMB mega-heat in men's shortboard semis saw Clay, Mitchell, Nate and Luca challenge each other as well as two others, but it would be Clay (2) and Luca (3) who squeaked through to the finals. Emma marched through to her second consecutive double-final, a feat that Clay matched for the first time at Manresa. Clay had his best finish of the season in men's longboard and appears to be just getting warmed up.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (5) women's longboard
Emma Stone (5) women's shortboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Clay Johnson (6) men's shortboard
Luca Padua (5) men's shortboard

Super proud of this team to overcome a depleted roster and adverse conditions, but I believe that all of our talented surfers have a lot left in the tank before even approaching their potential. We will have a make-up contest at Pleasure Point on April 15th as a final tune-up for State Championships in late-April. Let's crank it up to 11!


Coach Mike

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