HMB High Surf Team Results from Pleasure Point

HMB High Surf Team Results from Pleasure Point:

It was HMB taking down HMB in "bye" at the Point, which HMB swept in every category of Men's shortboard, Women's shortboard, Men's longboard and Women's longboard. This was due to lack of a sixth high school team in the SCSSL, but it also allowed the Cougars to stack the quarters and semis in the individual rounds. Fun, clean, ripable conditions prevailed through the early low tide, before getting more challenging as the tide filed back in. Always a great venue, the temps, wind and weather were ideal.

Alternate/Individual round:

Showcasing the depth of our team, all of our alternates advanced in either 2nd or 3rd place to the quarter finals, before a few stumbles in men's shortboard in particular, which saw Clay Johnson, Nick Wiley, Andy Vana, Nate Feix and Nico Simrock bow out. Mitchell King rode his alternate (3) run through in shortboard to the semi-finals with some aggressive toe-to-toe surfing with the Santa Cruz rippers. Likewise, with the exception of Emma Stone, the women's shortboard team of Ella Catalano-Dockens, Nikki Sorfleet, Kacie Sorfleet and Holly Ebert ended their run in the shortboard semis. After fielding four surfers in the men's longboard semis, Ethan Levitt and Andy Vana bowed out, while Clay and Mitchell moved on.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (4) women's shortboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Mitchell King (6) men's longboard

Emma was swarmed by the Santa Cruz women in the final, but landed an under-the-lip take-off on a bomb and lined up a long, contestable runner with several mean cutbacks. Clay finished first in every longboard heat bar the finals and had that heat combo'ed in the first 6 minutes of the final before the others fought back. Mitchell finished the regular season with his best combined result and first finals appearance, with marked technical improvement and a feisty competitive drive.

State Championships are up next weekend and it will be great to get the full team back together after missing our seniors for the past two comps. Forecasts are looking good for waves and weather. It should be an epic long weekend and I will send out more details shortly on some logistics.

Mahalo and Happy Easter!

Coach Mike

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