TUESDAY 9.12.17 4 PM Club Surfers "C AND B" Practice **Dunes Beach** or **Roosevelt**

09/12/2017 4:00 pm
09/12/2017 5:30 pm
America/Los Angeles

"C AND B" Surfers, (A's Welcome)

Forecast is calling for medium sized 3-5 feet tomorrow. It's a little bigger than I would like for our first practice however conditions should be slowed down by the 6 foot high tide. If it's too big for the C surfers, we'll have them focus mainly on "Pop-ups" on the beach and paddling techniques. Conditions should be okay for the B's

C Surfers parents or a responsible parent appointed adult must be present to observe and make the call if it okay for there surfer to go out.

We are targeting to do the practice at Dunes or Roosevelt depending on which one looks better when we get there. Please look for the Surf Club Trailer... If it's not at Dunes, then continue down to Roosevelt.

Please be suited up and ready to go by 4pm. We'll do a brief meeting at the trailer before we start.

Please check your email before heading to the beach to make sure the location hasn't changed or that practice hasn't been cancelled.

See you tomorrow!

Coach Marty

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