Important Capitola Contest Details - High School Team

Hi Folks -

Here are some last-minute instructions for the Capitola contest from the SCSSL for the High School squad Sunday. Please be there by 9:30 at the latest and earlier is advised if you want to park anywhere near the venue. We will have a team meeting at 10 a.m., a half hour before our team round starts. Looks like most are setting up on the beach near the jetty. Sounded like surf was good down there today and should be even more consistent Sunday as the swell peaks overnight and the period drops back down a bit. Surfers will have to hustle for waves (crowd surf), but do so with a smile on your face and good attitude. The sportsmanship clause below applies to all surfers, coaches and parents. Please observe it.

Here’s more information / reminders for this weekend’s contests:

Allow time for parking in Capitola - there is a large, inexpensive parking lot a short walk inland.

Contest base camps
Team base camps can be set up on the grassy area near the bathrooms and grandstand. The staging area east of the grandstand is blocked off due to a landslide last winter.

Coaches are responsible for making sure their surfers are riding the appropriate equipment at contests. Shortboards must be 7’6” or less. Middle school longboards must be is a minimum of 9’ OR 3’ over the surfers head. High school longboards must be a minimum of 9’.

Jerseys are to be worn back to the beach where it was received and returned in a sportsmanlike manner by all competitors. Any competitor who removes their jersey while still in the water may be subject to a penalty.

Please make sure that surfers and parents are clear on the expectations for sportsmanship conduct.

Code of Ethics: The SC SSL abides by good sportsmanship and expects the same from coaches, student members and parents. In all SC SSL activities, be safe, courteous, fair, controlled, and show respect to fellow surfers, officials, coaches, spectators, local residents and their property and the environment. The use of foul language, violence, or illegal substances is prohibited.

Competition rules
Questions are welcome anytime!

See you this weekend,

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