High School Surf Team Results from Season Opener at Capitola

High School Surf Team Results from Season Opener at Capitola:

HMB Cougars knocked off the rust and dusted off the cobwebs from the summer break and embraced the surf year with fresh enthusiasm and new faces. Capitola was a little bit temperamental with some long lulls and then pulsing sets, but conditions were clean, chilly and contestable all day.

Team Round:

HMB (49) fell to a revitalized Aptos (59), leaving just a few too many readily available points on the table to take the win. Advancing from men's shortboard were Ryan Bair (2), Nate Feix (2) and Team Captain Nic Bouchard (3), while women's shortboard saw Emma Stone (1) move on. In men's longboard Clay Johnson (1) advanced and in women's longboard Emma Stone (2) and Ella Catalano-Dockens ganged up to make it through.

Alternate/Individual Round:

With the team stacked with talent this year we were fortunate to have an extra alternate heat for men's shortboard, which showcased Nohea Sharp, Sigurd Johnson and Max Ladabaum, while Andy Vana and Nico Simrock made a run in men's longboard as well. We welcomed to the team Dayton Lindsey and Ricky Johnson, and also welcomed back Luca Padua and Mitchell King.

Ryan and Nic bowed out in the men's shortboard quarter-finals after a some smart heat surfing and tack-sharp turns, with wave their selection coming up just short. Nate managed to squeak through to the men's shortboard semi-finals with some great finishing moves before being caught out of sync with just one wave. Emma surfed like a semi-pro all day and lit up an electrifying left backside with a three-turn top-to-bottom combo for the first perfect "10" of the season in the women's shortboard final; she also cherry picked some great set waves for 5th in longboard. Clay dug into his deep back of tricks with tail first 360 takeoffs, cross-stepping and critical nose-rides to take down men's longboard.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (1) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (5) women's longboard
Clay Johnson (1) men's longboard

Special shout out to Oliver Keeton for shooting the event all day (photos soon on team Flicker account), Team Amber/Wendy for organizing an amazing lunch, families for their contributions and Coach Kerri for riding herd on our wahines. All in all a fantastic start to the season, with a number of lessons learned and soon to be applied in the next contest, which is scheduled for November 18/19 at Pleasure Point/The Hook. Can't Wait!


Coach Mike

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