HMB High Surf Team Results from Waddell

HMB High Surf Team Results from Waddell:

Despite a frosty start to the second contest of the season at Waddell, HMB heated up the brisk offshore waste-to-head high peelers with some switched-on contest surfing in the early rounds into high tide. The Cougar shredders sent a number of team round competitors and alternates through, taking 5 medals in the finals once the tide completely drained out and revealed the menacing reef rocks underneath.

Team Round:

HMB (59) took down Santa Cruz Mountain (45) despite a depleted women's squad, since we are still missing one competitor (please let us know if you hear of any young ladies who would like to join the surf team). That aside, Emma Stone advanced from women's shortboard (1) and both Emma (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (2) went through in longboard. HMB swept men's shortboard in the first heat with Ryan Bair (1), Clay Johnson (2) and Mitchell King (3), and Nate Feix (1) and Luca Padua (3) advanced from the second heat. Clay (1) and Dayton Lindsey (2) also cross-stepped out of men's longboard into the individual rounds.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Nick Wiley (3) charged out of the alternate round before being halted in the quarters in men's shortboard along with Mitchell, Ryan and Clay. Though Nate (3) qualified for semis, he had to catch a flight to Spain for the holidays otherwise he could have been a contender in the finals as well. Bon voyage! We also welcomed Ren Terwey to his first surf contest in longboard, congratulations! Ella reached women's longboard semis before bowing out.

HMB had a great showing in the finals with Clay and Dayton taking their buddy act all the way through from the team, semi and final rounds with some intelligent wave splitting, nose riding and x-stepping. Stoked to have Dayton make his first finals as a freshman. Emma doubled up again in both short- and long-board finals, while Luca paired high speed runs on fast left peelers with drop-wallet gouges to finish his waves consistently and powerfully.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (1) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (3) women's longboard
Clay Johnson (2) men's longboard
Dayton Lindsey (6) men's longboard
Luca Padua (4) men's longboard.

Well done all and great effort for our second comp. Next up is January 20-21 at the Hook/Pleasure Point, but you never know just what nature has in store for us. Thanks again to Amber for organizing sustenance and the parents for providing. Gas fire pits from Matt King and Coach Kerri Kemp helped keep the frostbite at bay.


Coach Mike

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