HMB High Surf Team Results from the Hook

HMB High Surf Team Results from the Hook:

It was a chilly and clean start for early-round team heats on Saturday in contestable offshore conditions at the Hook. Unfortunately a groggy HMB fell to an in-form Soquel High, which dominated the men's heats. We ably returned the favor in the women's rounds, in part as we outnumbered Soquel, which was only able to field one female surfer.

Team Round:

HMB (43) narrowly succumbed to Soquel (50) after all the dust settled on the team score sheets. Ryan Bair (3) was the sole advancer in men's shortboard, along with Dayton Lindsey in (3) men's longboard. In women's shortboard Emma Stone (1) and Ella Catalano-Dockens (3) moved on, swapping roles with Ella (1) and Emma (2) in women's longboard. Emma went back to her crispy bottom-top turn combos, blasting away at the lip, while Ella was on fire in her longboard heat.

Alternate/Individual Round:

Max Ladabaum made the most of the alternate round in men's shortboard to advance to the quarter finals before bowing out. Ren Terwey also surfed a very tactical men's longboard heat to make strong showing in alternates before exiting stage left. Ryan got caught out by a lully heat in men's shortboard quarters, while Dayton made it as far as semi-finals in longboard.

Both Emma and Ella took their fine spirited teamwork all the way to women's shortboard finals, where they put in a solid performance, while Emma doubled-up with a strong finish in women's longboard finals as well. Not even a colony of sea birds rousting in the trees over our canopy and equipment could discourage our women's finalists, despite repeated guano carpet bombing of their boards all day.

Final Results:

Emma Stone (2) women's shortboard
Ella Catalano-Dockens (3) women's shortboard
Emma Stone (4) women's longboard

Aloha 'til the next comp on February 24/25 at the Lane,

Coach Mike

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