10.17.15 Club Practice moved to Saturday - Tentative

10/17/2015 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Looks like we may get a narrow window to pull off a club surf tomorrow. The biggest challenge tomorrow morning is the traffic associated with the Pumpkin Festival.

For any of you that want to get a surf in early, I'll be checking surf in the southern beaches (Pomponio and Pescadero) before 7am. I'll send a follow up email on what beach we will be surfing.


10.8.15 Late Start morning free surf.

10/08/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles


I know it may be a push... but I'll be at Pomponio around 6:30am to open the gate for anyone that wants to try and get a quick session in before school. Feel free to text or call me for a report.

Coach Marty

Sunday 10.4.15 Club Practice Cancelled

10/04/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

I know I'm sounding like a broken record... but hang in there! We will get surfable conditions again... an hopefully soon.

According to surfline the forecast is for 9-10 feet 3ft overhead to double overhead. Definitely not conducive to running a safe club practice.

I checked every beach from Pomponio up to Dunes this morning and I didn't see any place that would be safe to run club for tomorrow. Best bet if you are really hoping to get in the water is the Jetty or Linda Mar. Both places however are excluded from our practice venues so you'll be on your own. Other option is to make a run down to Santa Cruz. Otherwise... take advantage of the crummy conditions and get ahead on your homework and clean your room.

Pray for clean manageable surf!!

Coach Marty

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

Surf comes back up this weekend along with the wind, but Coach Mike will be out of town unfortunately and there will be no formal practice on Friday or Sunday. Please buddy-up and continue to work on your "S-turns" in order to create speed for a powerful bottom-to-top turn combo. If you have that mastered, continue to work on using your hands and arms to set up your turns.

Check out style master Sean Mattison's video below for some excellent tips:


Also check out Julian Wilson's "15 Exceptional Ways to Improve You Surfing":


There will be a test when I come back. ;)

Happy Carving,

Coach Mike

Sunday 9.27.15 Club Surf Practice Location TBD

09/27/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Looks like we are plagued again with disorganized wind swell and on-shore wind for tomorrow.

Like last weekend, the best sand bars seem to be south of Half Moon Bay. I'll be out early scouting for the best location to run Club. Check your emails prior to leaving your house for the latest update.

Conditions will be too challenging for beginners as the wave size is forecast to be 4-6 feet. I will not be bringing the trailer tomorrow. If you need a soft top or boogie board be sure to stop by Rocky's house on your way to get what ever you need. Please call or text me if you need directions.

I can be reached at 650-773-0936

Coach Marty

HMB HIGH SURF TEAM Practice Schedule

09/25/2015 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB HIGH SURF TEAM Practice Schedule:

1) Friday 4 pm Montara
2) Sunday 9 am Montara

Low tide and onshores may well make for marginal conditions on Friday and it will likely be small on Sunday morning, so be prepared to change venues...

ONLY FOR HIGH SCHOOL TEAM SURFERS: Please note that by now you should have signed up for text/email alerts via the www.hmbhsathetics.com website, which we will use to communicate practice details/changes and other short updates going forward.


Coach Mike

Come meet Bethany Hamilton!

America/Los Angeles

Bethany has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of determination, faith and hope. During a surf session on Halloween morning 2003, Bethany was attacked and lost her left arm to a 14-foot tiger shark. Bethany returned to the water a month later and won her first National title less than a year later. Now as a professional surfer, wife, new Mom, motivational speaker, and healthy lifestyle advocate, Bethany continues to touch and inspire lives globally. Come hear her story…

Here are the details:
• Date: Thursday, October 15th, 2015
• Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm in a private home in Atherton, CA
VIP Reception: Registration 5:30pm to 6pm. Reception from 6pm to 7pm
Dinner and discussion 7:00pm to 8:30pm
• Location: Private home in Atherton, CA
• Tickets: $249 for TWO people – Includes picture with Bethany
$475 for FOUR people – Includes 2 pictures with Bethany
• Tables of 10 - $1,250 - Includes picture with Bethany for everyone in your party (Great for clients with kids who are avid Bethany fans. They will never forget the moment you helped create for them and their child).

We only have 200 tickets available and more than 140 are already committed. This is going to be an amazing event.

To purchase tickets for the private reception in Atherton: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meet-bethany-hamilton-vip-private-reception...
To purchase tickets for the Santa Cruz event: http://changebound.org/events/

Sunday 9.20.15 Club Surf Practice Location TBD

09/20/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Practice is on for tomorrow morning at 9am. Location is still up in the air depending on where we can find the best waves. Most likely it will be at Pomponio or San Gregorio. We'll be out scouting early and will send out an email once the location has been determined. Be sure to check your email prior to leaving your house.

Conditions may actually be a bit larger than last weekend. We're expecting surf in the waist to head high range with some plus sets. If you or your child is a beginner surfer please use caution. You may want to sit this one out. Unfortunately we don't have any beginner places to surf this fall due to the lack of sandbars at Dunes, Rosevelt and Venice. Regardless it will be a beautiful day at the beach!

The coaches,
Marty, Rocky, Andrew and Emily



At our SCSSL league meeting last night in Santa Cruz some very important improvements were made to the competition schedule and structure.

See below from Susan and Ward Coffey:

It was great to see everyone at the meeting - and we missed those of you who couldn’t make it. As discussed, we will be keeping the contest dates flexible this year, like a contest window. The middle and high school teams will both compete on the same weekend, but we will wait until we know the conditions to determine who surfs on what day. We hope to make the call by Wednesday before the contest and are making the change so we can put surfers in the best and safest conditions for their age and ability.

The contest weekends are:

Oct 24 - 25 Half Moon Bay
Nov 21 - 22 Pleasure Point / The Hook
Jan 30 - 31 Pleasure Point / The Hook
Feb 20 - 21 the Lane
Mar 19 - 20 Manresa

The other changes we discussed affects the HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION ONLY:

1) We are going to drop the body board division from the "team round." but will be accepting alternates to surf in a body board semi and final in the "individual round."

2) With that extra time, we will be adding 6 additional shortboard men's alternate spots. Each team is guaranteed 2 spots. Any slot left vacant will be filled by lottery.

3) Finals will now be 20 minutes long vs 15 minutes for heats.

Let me know if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to another great year!

Susan and Ward

Middle School and High School "Club" surf practice: Sunday 9.13.15 Dunes Beach 9am

09/13/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Sunday morning at 9:00am will be our first club practice. Conditions should be good for club with surf in the 2-3 foot range and a incoming tide. The only variable missing in the equation is a decent sandbar.

We'll just have to wait and see what develops.

We'll see you all on Sunday.

Coach Marty

High School Surf Team Practice Schedule

09/11/2015 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

High School Surf Team Practice Schedule and Athletics Alerts:

1) Tentative Practice Schedule:

Friday (Sep-11) - 4 pm Kelly
Sunday (Sep-13) - 9 am Kelly

2) Athletic Website:

All High School Team members and parents should sign up for Surf Team Alerts on the new school athletic website: www.hmbhsathletics.com (click on the alerts bar part way down on left to receive alerts via text or email, or both). You have to select "Coed Surf Club" for some reason. This is how I will update practice venues/changes starting next week.

3) Clearances:

Each surfer must have fully completed all forms and clearances to participate in practices.

4) House of Air:

I am waiting to hear back from www.houseofair.com for the timing and details of a special aerial training session for the high school squad. We will hold it on an upcoming Sunday morning in lieu of practice. I will keep you posted.

5) Luau Tickets:

Make sure you have received tickets for the Luau and are selling them to friends and family for our upcoming annual event.


Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team & Club 2015-16 Season Sign-up Sunday 8/30/2015

08/30/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Team/Club 2015-16 Season Sign-up Forms and Inaugural Meeting

Holy cutback surfing fans! Good news, it’s time launch another season. Bad news, this is the constellation of forms you will need to have filled out by the time we first meet on Sunday, August 30th, at the Monster Chef parking lot at 9 a.m. followed by a meeting with coaches and a free surf (no charge).

Fees will be $130/surfer this year made out to the “Boys & Girls Club,” “HMB Surf Club in the memo line.”

Please use this as a checklist for your respective participation level: C = Club, JH = Junior High Team, HS = High School Team.

1) Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside Membership (C, JH, HS) – This online sign-up is mandatory for all levels from club to team membership. (Do not pay $30 B&G annual fee online, this is part of your dues above)

2) HMB Surf Club Membership Guidelines (C, JH, HS) – Read and sign Club guidelines. Required for all levels.

3) HMB High School Athletic Clearance (HS) – Mandatory for high school team. You must be cleared by a medical doctor, complete clearance and return forms to Athletic Director Justin Ferdinand before participating.

4) SCSSL Membership and Liability Waiver forms (JH, HS) – These 2 forms are required by our Santa Cruz Scholastic Surf League for both teams to practice and compete this season. Please complete fully with T-shirt sizes. http://www.hmbsurfclub.com/sites/default/files/studentLiabilityWaiver201...

5) HMB Surf Club Luau (C, JH, HS) – Our annual fundraiser is coming up fast on September 18th. Please volunteer to help, promote on social media and sell tickets – great venue at Oceano indoor-outdoor facility. This supports our surfers! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153189059387956&set=a.77672267...

Mahalo, See you on August 30 with all your forms complete!!

Your Coaches

Saturday 4th of July Parade!

07/04/2015 10:00 am
America/Los Angeles


True to tradition, we (HMB Surf Club/Team) will be in the Forth of July Parade. We would like as many of you as possible to show up for the event. You can walk along, skateboard or ride in Matt's Bronco. Be sure to wear your surf club or CssL tee-shirts. We'll send out an update later this week with specifics of time and place to meet and decorate.

Marty and Rocky

Club Practice Monday June 8th will be at Venice Beach 3:45pm. BBQ afterwards!

06/08/2015 3:45 pm
America/Los Angeles


The sandbar at Venice was a lot of fun today and the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow!! With that being said, Marty and Rocky will bring the BBQ and Todd Finato has offered to pick up Burgers and Hot Dogs. Team Surfers and everyone is invited to come surf, and hang out and BBQ.

Drinks, side dishes, desert items are all potluck and optional!

Marty and Rocky

Club Practice Sunday June 7th will be at Venice Beach 9am

06/07/2015 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Club Surf Practice for Sunday 6.7.15 will be at Venice Beach. We'll send out an update tomorrow night if anything changes.

Marty and Rocky

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