Battening hatches on high school team surf practice

12/12/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Battening hatches on high school team surf practice this week:

While there may be a window in between squalls for practice on Friday and Sunday, after discussing the risks we have decided to cancel practice this week for the high school squad. Victory at Sea conditions, severe south winds and inches of rain with render even the relatively safe harbor of the jetty likely unsafe. After a storm of this size, the water quality could be harmful as well for at least 72-hours, not to mention driving conditions to and from any practice. If you decide to venture out on your own, please exercise the utmost of caution over the next several days. Even Santa Cruz will be big and raw and the cycle starts all over again on Sunday, though less severe.

Staying high and dry,

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

12/05/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

1) Friday - Montara 4 pm
2) Sunday - Montara 9 am

Hope everyone had a surfy Thanksgiving. The forecast looks pretty much the same the next couple of days: south-southeast winds, intermittent rain, medium swell and plunging afternoon tides. We may have a quick window for a practice on Friday for those who can make it, while the rising tide Sunday morning looks a little more favorable, though potentially strong winds are the wildcard.

Let's try to get back on track and don't forget the RipCurl sample sale on Saturday in the City at Adam's.


Coach Mike

High School Surf Team Results from a Wet Saturday at the Point

High School Surf Team Results from a Wet Saturday at the Point:

HMB 48 vs Santa Cruz 78

Well, we got that one out out of the way for the season. HMB went down to their perennial nemesis Santa Cruz High in stormy and wet mixed up conditions at Pleasure Point in their second contest of the season. Hunter Murison in shortboard (3) and Kelby Kramer (3) in body board were the only male team members to advance from the morning team round. Kaira Wallace was the only female member to advance in shortboard (1) and longboard (1).

As for the individual results, the good news was that the tide dropped, the sun broke out and all three advanced through a marathon of quarters, semis and into the finals with the following impressive finish:

Co-ed Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer 4th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace 1st
Women's Shortboard: Kaira Wallace 4th
Men's Shortboard: Hunter Murison 5th

Well done all,

Coaches Mike and Kerri

P.S. As a reminder, no practices over the Thanksgiving break - just stuff in a few barrels to work off the Turkey!

Free Surf/Practice - 6:30 am - ... Kelly Ave Thursday 11/25/14

11/25/2014 6:15 am
America/Los Angeles

We are thinking there is a chance for surf in the am... so if you are interested we will have the gate unlocked for a free surf before school.

Marty & Oliver

High School Practice Schedule

11/21/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

High School Practice Schedule:

1) Friday - "free surf"
2) Sunday - "free surf"

No formal practices over Thanksgiving, have a great break.

Coach Mike

SCSSL Contest Update

11/22/2014 7:00 am
America/Los Angeles

SCSSL Contest Update:

The forecasts are once again not cooperating with our plans for the Half Moon Bay contests. We are moving the contests to Santa Cruz this weekend.

The high school teams will be at Pleasure Point on Saturday
The middle school teams will be at the Hook on Sunday

Start time is 7:00 am

The team round schedule has not changed:

High School

Saturday, Nov 22nd Pleasure Point
7:00 Half Moon Bay v Santa Cruz
8:30 SC Mountain v Aptos
10:00 Live Oak / Carmel v Soquel / Cypress

Middle School

Sunday, Nov 23rd The Hook
7:00 Half Moon Bay v Mission Hill
8:30 Shoreline v Aptos
10:00 New Brighton v SC Mountain/Carmel

The tide is high in the morning and will make entry and exit challenging. Please make sure that your surfers are comfortable with the conditions and understand how to safely get in and out. We'll have a lifeguard on duty but coaches (and parents) should also be prepared to help as needed.

There's a good chance of rain on Saturday so come prepared. If you bring an EZ up tent, it cannot be staked down (it's against the rules of our permit). Bring anchors of some sort instead.

See you this weekend,


Contest Schedule Update from SCSSL Director Susan Coffey

Contest Schedule Update from SCSSL Director Susan Coffey:

Whenever the forecast for an upcoming contest is less than favorable, we start getting calls or emails. I wanted to pass on some info on our process so you are informed.

1) We always monitor the conditions coming into a contest weekend. We start watching a week or so ahead, and have the support of both StormSurf and Surfline for forecasts.

2) We have back up locations for most of our sites so unless the weather or waves are so unruly that it's uncontestable, we'll run the contest as scheduled. The location may change however!

3) We'll make a final decision on the venue when it gets close to the weekend and the forecast is more certain. Usually we'll know by Thursday before a contest but it has been known to change the day before (and even the morning of, once!).

As for HMB this weekend:

We're monitoring the conditions for this weekend's contests in HMB. It's looking a lot like our last attempt in October so be prepared for another possible change of venue to Santa Cruz. We'll keep you posted as we get closer to the weekend.


Your Coaches

Slideshow from Pleasure Point HS Contest

Created with flickr slideshow.


11/14/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HIGH SCHOOL SURF TEAM Practice Schedule:

1) Friday 4 pm - Dunes
2) Sunday 9 am - Kelly

Let's take a chance that the high tide tomorrow afternoon will compensate for the NW winds at Dunes and take advantage of the clean conditions and smaller swell on Sunday at Kelly. Then it's just a week to go before the comp in HMB, fingers crossed.


Coach Mike


11/07/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles


1) Friday - Free Surf
2) Sunday - 9 a.m. Kelly

Stiff Northwest winds, short-period swell and a deep negative tide Friday afternoon have wrecked any hopes of a finding shelter for a practice. Free surf if you can find it. Let's drop back and punt to Sunday morning at Kelly, where offshores, rising tide and moderate swell should give us a better shot.


Coach Mike

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