HMB Surf Team Practice @ Kelly Tuesday 11.12 @ 6.30am

11/12/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be running practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30am to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing!

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

11/08/2013 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

1) Friday - Linda Mar 4 pm
2) Sunday - Kelly 9 am
3) Monday - Pleasure Point by 10-ish am

1) Friday we will meet in the main lot at Linda Mar with the aim of getting our grovel on regardless of conditions. We need practice chewing on some aqua-burgers before our comp at Pleasure Point -- in order simulate high tide conditions there. If you competed on a longboard at Kelly, then bring a longboard, otherwise a shortboard is fine. I will run stealth heats with no jerseys, which will help set the next roster. Please check in with me before entering the water to find out how this will work. And respect the old guys or we won't be invited back!

2) Sunday we'll try to score clean Kelly in the a.m. Again, I will run heats, conditions permitting.

3) Monday school's out for Veteran's Day and we will meet at Starbucks in HMB at 8:30 a.m. to carpool to Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz for those who can make it. No heats, just spread out and get acclimated to the break likely in small conditions. Just 2-weeks to go before the next comp.

See ya there,

Coaches Mike, Kerri and Chris

HMB Surf Team Practice @ Kelly Tuesday 11.5 @ 6.30am

11/05/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be running practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30am to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing!

2013-14 Mavericks Invitational Opening Ceremony


On Friday October 25th, I was privileged, along with the members of the Half Moon Bay Surf Club, to participate in the annual Mavericks Invitation Opening Ceremony paddle out. Many of the best big wave riders in the world attended the ceremony, including Eddie Aikau winner Greg Long and 2013 Mavericks Invitational Champion Peter Mel. Before the paddle-out, kids on the club had the opportunity to get photos and autographs with the competitors. After paddling out a little ways near the ominous rocks that are synonymous with the Mavericks lineup, all the athletes and guests form a circle, and everybody has the chance to give a prayer, and express their gratitude for being invited to the ceremony. This year, Body Glove took sponsorship of the event, which is the first time in a very long time that the contest and gotten a major sponsor this easily. "It's great for us as competitors, but our primary idea is to promote the sport, and see it going in the right direction." said Greg Long. "To have such a prestigious event as Mavericks and have somebody get behind them and putting it on the pedestal that it deserves, it's fantastic," second Alternate Danilo Couto added. "Its always good to have a traditional surf brand supporting an exciting contest like this. Hopefully the support stays, it's a special event that needs as much support as possible." Mavericks is without a doubt one of the most challenging places in the world to surf. As competitor Ken "Skindog" Collins puts it, "You're trying to go down a race track as fast as you can without spinning out and wipeout out, because that could mean getting taken out of the contest." The event is possible to run from now until March 31st of next year. Much similar to last year, the beach at Mavericks will be closed to spectators, open only to the competitors and photographers. The public can view the event live on TV as well as eat food and other activities at the Oceano Hotel in Princeton Harbor. This is an incredible and rare event, definitely not to be missed. 

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

11/01/2013 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

- Practice Friday will be at Kelly Ave at 4 pm, subject to change with a new swell arriving and possibly some afternoon wind. Great time to come down from that sugar high!

- Practice Sunday will be at the Jetty at 9 am, if we can find any corners. Swell will be up and the winds waaaay up to 20-34 knots.

If you haven't had a chance to review your heats from last weekend, please make sure you do so by this Sunday and we'll go over it. Santa Cruz teams have already picked their heats apart.

See ya there,

Your Coaches

Black & Orange Ball Fundraiser

11/02/2013 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Surf Team Parents:

The Black & Orange Ball Fundraiser for the HMB High School Boosters takes place Saturday, Nov-2, from 6-10 pm at Cetrella to benefit all Athletics programs. Even if you are attending for another sport, please note the Surf Team will also benefit directly from this fun event as the team's "wish list" for a new longboard and leashes will be circulated and the team's own account will be credited for the number of tickets sold.

Each team that sells the following numbers of tickets will receive the following directly into their team account:

10 tickets receives $250
20 tickets receives $500
30 tickets receives $750
40 tickets receives $1,000

So, purchase your tickets to the BLACK & ORANGE BALL through a committee member (Mara Krasts will have tickets) or you can purchase directly online at the Boosters website ( and be sure to specify which team you are supporting. If you're purchasing online, put the name of the sport in the "Address Line 2" of the form. And, do not hesitate to call Dianne Peranich at 650.722.2702 with any questions!

Let's play ball with the Boosters!

Go Cougars,

Your Coaches

HMB Surf Team and Club Practice @ Kelly Tuesday 10.29 @ 6.45am

10/29/2013 6:45 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be running practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:45am (because it is light so early now) to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing! Forecast shows it may be on the bigger size for surfable Kelly... so be prepared.

HMB High Surf Team Kelly Results:

HMB High Surf Team Kelly Results:

In chilly and contestable conditions at Kelly Ave. the HMB High Surf Squad on Sunday followed-up a great junior high event with a tight and hard-fought victory of their own over Soquel/Cypress by 66 to 58. A decaying south swell was overtaken by a new NW pulse by midday, which made conditions challenging for our resilient surfers. Fire pits stoked by Kerri and Marty kept frostbite at bay, while Mara and Barb kept our insides fueled.

In small and clean morning surf for the team heats, HMB Cougars clawed their through with surfers advancing in every heat: Men's shortboard Heat 1 saw Hunter Murison (1) and Konrad Wallace (3) advance, while in Heat 2 Thomas Lundgard (1) and Coel Miller (2) also moved on. In women's shortboard Kaira Wallace (1) and Katrina Sponsler (3) advanced, while in co-ed bodyboard Kelby Kramer (2) moved through. Men's longboard saw Konrad Wallace (1) through and in women's longboard Kaira (1) and Kalea Johnson (2) made their heat.

Moving into the individual rounds, Coel Miller and Adam Bloomer advanced to the quarters in men's shortboard, along with Omid Nouripour. Kyla Kemp, Katrina Sponsler and Mia O'Brien made quarters in women's shortboard. Grayson Capers and Coel Miller advanced to bodyboard semis. Kyla Kemp, Kaira Wallace and Katrina Sponsler made it to women's longboard semis. Konrad Wallace and Thomas Lundgard ran out of luck in men's shortboard semis, as did a battling Hunter Murison.

HMB had surfers in every finals but men's shortboard:


Co-ed Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer (3)
Women's longboard: Kalea Johnson (6)
Men's longboard: Konrad Wallace (2), Thomas Lundgard (4)
Women's shortboard: Kaira Wallace (5)

For the first time in ever, the competition was webcast live and can be reviewed on-demand at:

Big thanks for the production go to Blake, Greg and Martha and to our commentators Rusty, Mark and Chris!!

Great start to the season and congratulations to all our competitors on a fine event. Next stop will be Nov-24 at Pleasure Point.

Coach Mike

Warm-up Video for Weekend Comps:

Warm-up Video for Weekend Comps:

Hey groms:

Ahead of the competition at Kelly Avenue this weekend it's time to put on your game faces, your war zink and get amped for some aquatic antics. Along those lines, Coach Chris thought you might draw some inspiration from this Redbull ASP comp dramatization:

You'll want to get your small wave equipment tuned up and be ready to pounce on any bumps in your heats before the next guy or gal and repeat the process throughout your heats. Also smile for the camera, as high school broadcasters will tentatively be filming heats for a live or on-demand webcast from Sunday afternoon. We may sneak a GoPro into the line-up as well -- so you could well be in our own surf comp video:

Here's the official forecast from our resident forecast guru at Stormsurf for both days, with our team rounds starting at 7 a.m. sharp:

Saturday - Swell 2.3 ft @ 10 secs (2.0-2.5 ft faces) early and fading, down to 2 ft faces later. Wind calm early turning northwest 7 kts late. Tide 4.0 ft at 7 am falling to 3 ft at noon then back to 4.3 ft at 4 pm.

Sunday - Swell 1.6 ft @ 11 secs (maybe 2 ft faces) early with new northwest swell building to 2.6 ft @ 14 secs (3.5 ft) by 1 pm with luck. Wind calm early turning northwest 8 kts later. Tide 4.3 ft at 7 am falling to 2.7 ft at 12:30 back up to 3.9 ft at 4 pm.

Also, note that there will be no practice for the high school squad on Friday given the Maverick's opening ceremonies from 2:30 pm.

Good luck!! See ya this weekend...

Your Coaches

HMB Surf Team and Club Practice Cancelled

10/22/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Long period swell too big for the beaches. Closed out! No practice tomorrow.

Nick of Time Heart Screening Event

10/21/2013 7:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Team Families:

There is a great event coming to Half Moon is a Youth Heart Screening Event. We will be testing your children between the ages of 14-24 years. The Nick of Time Foundation is a group from Seattle Washington and was founded in memory of Nick Varrenti, a multi-sport athlete who suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and died at age 16. The Nick of Time Foundation programs work to help protect our young people and communities by providing early detection, early access to defibrillation, CPR/AED education and awareness as we train the next generation of "first responders".

The program consists of a Heart Health Survey investigating signs, symptoms and family history of a cardiac condition, blood pressure and physical exam, and ECG. An on-site echo-cardiogram is conducted in cases with a positive finding on history, physical exam, or ECG. Each screen takes approximately 40 mins including CPR-AED training. For more information about this great event please come to a meeting Monday, October 21st, 7-9pm at:

Future Offices
175 Harvard Ave
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Please spread the word about the meeting as we hope to get a good representation from the community to help get things organized. Lots of volunteers (both medical and non-medical) with varied skill levels are needed! All medical personnel are welcome and encouraged to attend; Physicians, Specialists, Sonographers, Medical Techs, RN's, ARNP, PA, AT etc.

Thank you for your time,
Pauline Burke
(650) 703-8629 cell
(650) 728-5790 home

HMB High Surf Team Volunteers Needed for Nov-1 Football Game

11/01/2013 7:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Volunteers Needed for Nov-1 Football Game:

Parents are needed to represent the surf team (along with water polo and Swim teams)at the Nov-1 HMB High football game to work the BBQ, snack bar and Churro stand. Shifts are from 4:30-7:00 and 7:00-9:30 pm. There are 3 slots left for the first shift (JV game).

Here's a link to the sign-up sheet:

All proceeds from from snack bar sales go to support the Boosters general fund, which will be supporting the Surf Team and other team sports.

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

10/18/2013 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

1) Friday 4 p.m. @ Kelly
2) Sunday 7:30 a.m. @ Kelly

We will try to hold a practice Friday afternoon for the high school team, conditions permitting. Waves are forecast to be very small and wind onshore -- this means we may be forced to relocate or cancel, so keep an eye on this channel.

Sunday morning conditions should be contestable and clean, but we'll need to get rolling from 7:30-9:30 a.m. before the Pumpkin Fest and get in a dry run for the Kelly comp next week. Be prepared to run some heats and we will be going over the roster Sunday morning as well.

See ya there,

Mike, Kerri and Chris

HMB Surf Team and Club Practice @ Kelly Tuesday 10.15 @ 6.30am

10/15/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be running practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30 to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing!

BigChillOut 2013 Free Surf

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