Annual Surf Club Luau

09/20/2014 6:00 pm
09/20/2014 11:45 pm
America/Los Angeles

The 7th Annual Half Moon Bay Surf Club Luau will be held at the at the Ted Adcock Center, 535 Kelly Ave. Festivities start at 6pm.

Food by: Cooking for Friends and other generous donors.

Live Music, Hula Dancers, DJ

Tickets: $50 Adults, $25 kids (2-12)

Tickets can be purchased online at
or call Jodi at 339-3631

This is our main fundraiser for the HMB Middle and High School Surf Teams.

Save the date and look for more details to follow.

The Coaches

Dream Machines Tee-Shirt Sales - This Sunday 4-28-13

04/28/2013 8:00 am
04/28/2013 3:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Surfers and Parents,

We're nearing the end of our season with Middle-School State Championships coming up! With the end to an awesome season, we are also seeing a bottom to our annual budget. This is the time to really start ramping up on our fund-raising!
We will have the surf team trailer set up at Dream Machines on Sunday. We desperately need volunteer surfers to sell apparel and parents to supervise. Please let us know if you can help.
I'll be setting up the trailer early in its usual location near the south walk-in entrance, and will be at Ketch Joanne's for breakfast with some friends around 8:00am. Please call me to get your passes.

I will not be at the booth all day and cannot supervise. We definitely will need a parent or two to help supervise the kids.


HMB High School State Championships Results

HMB High School State Championships Results:

It was a long weekend for the surf team from way up north, which traveled the furthest to get to Oceanside for the State Championships. For the first time in a couple of years surf team participation was sanctioned by the HMB High School administration. The event was attended by Athletic Director Justin Ferdinand, who was a very welcome addition.

HMB did not advance in their team heats on Saturday despite strong performances by Hunter Murison, Luke Eveslage and Griffin Tietz in shortboard. Konrad Wallace won his heat in longboard and Kaira Wallace finished 3rd and 2nd in her shortboard and longboard heats respectively. HMB finished equal-9th in all divisions, but took a 5th in co-ed bodyboard, thanks to Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix.

Full results can be found on:

We fared better on Monday during the individual round, with some outstanding efforts:

- Freshman Hunter Murison was the standout performer for HMB in men's shortboard, slicing and dicing his way to the quarter finals with stylish, smart and aggressive tactical heat surfing on the lefts at the south jetty, just missing the semis by a place. He placed 2nd in his first heat and won his second.

- Luke Eveslage also advanced a round with the tide dropping, making for tough wave selection. He made up for this with strong finishing maneuvers that sent him through.

- In women's shortboard Hannah Tonnessen advanced to the second round by staying busy and capitalizing on her opportunities.

- Konrad Wallace won his opening heat in men's longboard with long nose-rides and strong finishing moves, but ran out of luck in the quarters and did not advance further.

- Kyla Kemp and Kaira Wallace advanced in women's longboard before getting knocked out in the quarters.

- Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix competed with flare in their bodyboard heats, but did not advance.

In between the team and individual events the team scored some exceptional south swell conditions at Oceanside, Trestles and San Onofre beaches. It was as great weekend for surfing, fun and memories. A full box of wax was scored from Sex Wax and Pedro's Tacos in San Clemente was assaulted with extreme prejudice by hungry surfers. Special thanks to Cindy and Marty Phelps for being great camp hosts.

Looking forward to next year,
Coach Mike

HMB High heat times for individuals at States

04/22/2013 7:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Here are the heat times for individuals on Monday for States. Please have your surfers at the event an hour before their first heat. Please double-check online at the Scholastic Surf Series website and again with the beach Marshall.

South Area:
Thomas 7:15 MSB
Peter 7:30 MSB
Malcolm 8:30 MSB
Griffin 8:45 MSB
Peter 9:00 MLB
Malcolm 9:15 MLB
Konrad 9:45 MLB
Luke 10:15 MLB

North Area:
Omid 7:15 MSB
Hunter 8:00 MSB
Konrad 8:15 MSB
Luke 8:30 MSB
Kaira 9:15 WSB
Hannah 10:00 WSB
Kyla 11:30 WLB
Kaira 12:00 WLB
Malcolm 1:45 BB
Hunter 2:00 BB

Go HMB!!

Coach Mike

HMB High School State Championships Update

HMB High School State Championships Update:

- There will be no high school surf team practice Weds (Apr-17)

- We will hold a team meeting Friday night at Carlsbad State Campground between 8-9 p.m. to go over details of Saturday's team event in Oceanside.

- Heats and schedules are now online. Contest will be held at BOTH the North and South Jetties (Exit from I-5 in Oceanside is "Harbor Jetties"):



Forecast is for small, clean conditions:

Some families will be going down Thursday afternoon and others Friday morning. Try to get in a practice surf Friday afternoon between the Oceanside Jetties before meeting up in Carlsbad.

See Ya Friday, should be a great trip!!!

Coach Mike


HMB High Surf Team-Alumni Challenge 9 a.m. Jetty Sunday - Junior and Club Practice

04/14/2013 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team-Alumni Challenge 9 a.m. Jetty Sunday (April 14)

As a reminder, we will attempt to launch the first annual HMB High Surf Team-Alumni Challenge in what will be small, cold, low-tide and wind-blown conditions at the Jetty. No one said it'd be easy, but, hey, that's HMB in the springtime!

Junior High and Club practices will also be held at the Jetty to the south of the contest zone. If you don't have a jersey, please don't encroach on the contest area until we're done. Thanks!

See Ya Sunday,

Your Coaches

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule for States

04/10/2013 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule for States:

For the high school squad only we will hold three practices with heats to tune up for state championships, conditions/locations to be confirmed just prior to practice.

1) Wednesday April 10th 4 p.m. Jetty
2) Sunday April 14 9 a.m. Jetty
3) Wednesday April 17 4 p.m. Jetty

As a reminder, there is a high school only team meeting on Wednesday April 10th to go over the expectations for the team trip. Meet at lunchtime in Mr. Lawrence's room, pizza will be served. Please bring in your driver's reg and permission forms if you haven't already turned them in (see previous note). If you attend another school, please bring permission forms to practice.

See ya there,
Coach Mike

HMB High School school driver registration and permission forms

HMB High School school driver registration and permission forms:

For the High School Surf Team ONLY, please print and fill out the following forms, which are due by the next team meeting.

  1.  Each parent/driver will have to complete a school driver registration form (including copies of auto insurance and drivers licenses).
  2.  Trip Permission Slips must be filled out for each surfer from HMB High and from any other schools as well.

We will collect the forms and go over the details of the trip to Oceanside on Wednesday, April 10th.

Many thanks,

Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team - SCSSL Awards Ceremony Results

HMB Surf Team - SCSSL Awards Ceremony Results

Mission Hill School in Santa Cruz hosted our end of season awards ceremony, which was a fun Thursday night of pizza and camaraderie in Santa Cruz after a quick surf on the way down.

HMB surfers completed their season in style with several strong finishes and really solid team results. Congratulations to all participants for a really fun season.

HMB Middle School Results:

Team #3 overall
Bodyboard #2 Kelby Kramer
Girls Longboard #1 Kalea Johnson
Girls Shortboard #4 Kalea Johnson

HMB High School Results:

Team #2 overall
Bodyboard #2 Hunter Murison
Bodyboard #5 Malcolm Feix
Women's Longboard #2 Kaira Wallace
Men's Longboard #2 Konrad Wallace
Women's Shortboard #4 Kaira Wallace

Onward and upward to State Championships!

Your Coaches

HMB High School State Championships Preparation

04/10/2013 12:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High School State Championships Preparation:

We will have a high school only team meeting at HMB High on Wednesday, April 10th, to go over the details of the State Championships in Mr. Lawrence's room at lunchtime (pizza provided). I'm very pleased to announce that our Athletic Director Justin Ferdinand will be attending the States with us. We will need to have each parent/driver fill out a school driver registration (license and insurance copies) and trip permission slip by then, as well as go over ground rules for the trip. These will be sent to you by separate email.

For those of you staying by the coast for the Easter break, surfing small, reforming Jetty-style waves over the next week or two will be good preparation for small surf at Oceanside Harbor. You need to supply the energy in your surfing when its lacking in the waves. Of course we could get lucky and score waves like this: Surf Coach USA's Sean Mattison in Oceanside.

We will run some heats the week after Easter for a tune-up and if you are in a longboard event, please spend some time x-stepping on land and put some time on a log. There is also a women's longboard event called "Women on Waves Longboard Surf Festival" in Capitola on April 13th, which would be perfect for our women longboarders: (online registration available)

For any who have not made reservations at the campground or hotels, Santa Cruz mom Claudine has some time shares available for $250 a night that can sleep 6-8: 831-419-8017.

See you soon, have a great break,

Coach Mike

SC SSL Awards Party - Thursday March 28

03/28/2013 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

SC SSL Awards Party - Thursday March 28

Come join the end of season party, which will be held at Mission Hill Middle School from 6-8 p.m. Pizza My Heart will supply dinner as the team and individual awards are announced.,+Santa+Cruz,+CA...

The school is just east of Highway 1 and the nearest surf break is The Lane for any who plan to hurry down for a quick dip.

See ya there,

Your Coaches

Middle School Surf Team Meeting at Lunch on 3/20/13

03/20/2013 12:44 pm
America/Los Angeles

We will be having Team Meeting at lunch time in the Boys and Girls Club at Cunha on 3/20/13. We will be serving Pizza for Lunch.

See you on Thursday.
The Coaches

HMB Surf Club Practice @ Jetty Sunday (Mar17th) 9:00 am

03/17/2013 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Club Practice @ Jetty Sunday March 17th 9:00 am

Strong NW winds and low tide will leave the Jetty as the only option tomorrow morning and it should be fun for the Club.

See you in the morning.

The Coaches

HMB Middle School Surf Team results from the Hook March 9th

HMB defeats Aptos 72 to 55

Kalea Johnson takes 6th in Girls Shortboard & 5th in Girls Longboard
Kelby Kramer takes 1st in BodyBoard!


HMB High Goes Big for final SCSSL comp @ Lane

HMB High Goes Big for final SCSSL comp @ Lane:

Congratulations to all competitors for a great final match-up for the regular season at "all time" conditions at the Lane. HMB surfers showed tremendous maturity and poise in well overhead and super-clean waves, with some really smart contest surfing. Several surfers posted their best heats/waves of the season with really great energy and renewed confidence to bring it home for the year. Outstanding job, super proud of all of you!!!



-Men's shortboarders swept both team heats in first round, advancing ALL HMB surfers.
-Hunter Murison, Peter Lundgard advanced to the semis in men's shortboard.
-Griffin Tietz charged into some huge middle peak bombs to make his first longboard final.
-August Howell gets the warrior award for taking two massive multiple wave sets on the head in his longboard semis and coming back for more.
-Women's team and body board teams remained super consistent, advancing several rounds.
-Hannah Tonnessen also gets warrior queen award for some brave drops and really consistent surfing.
-Hunter Murison lost his body board in a cave and had to body-surf in.

Final Team results:

HMB 73 vs Santa Cruz Mountain 51

Individual Finals:

Body Board: Malcolm Feix 3rd, Hunter Murison 6th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace 4th
Men's Longboard: Griffin Tietz 4th, Konrad Wallace 6th
Women's Shortboard: Hannah Tonnessen 4th

Great finish to the season, looking forward to States.

Coach Mike

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