HMB Surf Team - SCSSL Awards Ceremony Results

HMB Surf Team - SCSSL Awards Ceremony Results

Mission Hill School in Santa Cruz hosted our end of season awards ceremony, which was a fun Thursday night of pizza and camaraderie in Santa Cruz after a quick surf on the way down.

HMB surfers completed their season in style with several strong finishes and really solid team results. Congratulations to all participants for a really fun season.

HMB Middle School Results:

Team #3 overall
Bodyboard #2 Kelby Kramer
Girls Longboard #1 Kalea Johnson
Girls Shortboard #4 Kalea Johnson

HMB High School Results:

Team #2 overall
Bodyboard #2 Hunter Murison
Bodyboard #5 Malcolm Feix
Women's Longboard #2 Kaira Wallace
Men's Longboard #2 Konrad Wallace
Women's Shortboard #4 Kaira Wallace

Onward and upward to State Championships!

Your Coaches

HMB High School State Championships Preparation

04/10/2013 12:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High School State Championships Preparation:

We will have a high school only team meeting at HMB High on Wednesday, April 10th, to go over the details of the State Championships in Mr. Lawrence's room at lunchtime (pizza provided). I'm very pleased to announce that our Athletic Director Justin Ferdinand will be attending the States with us. We will need to have each parent/driver fill out a school driver registration (license and insurance copies) and trip permission slip by then, as well as go over ground rules for the trip. These will be sent to you by separate email.

For those of you staying by the coast for the Easter break, surfing small, reforming Jetty-style waves over the next week or two will be good preparation for small surf at Oceanside Harbor. You need to supply the energy in your surfing when its lacking in the waves. Of course we could get lucky and score waves like this: Surf Coach USA's Sean Mattison in Oceanside.

We will run some heats the week after Easter for a tune-up and if you are in a longboard event, please spend some time x-stepping on land and put some time on a log. There is also a women's longboard event called "Women on Waves Longboard Surf Festival" in Capitola on April 13th, which would be perfect for our women longboarders: (online registration available)

For any who have not made reservations at the campground or hotels, Santa Cruz mom Claudine has some time shares available for $250 a night that can sleep 6-8: 831-419-8017.

See you soon, have a great break,

Coach Mike

SC SSL Awards Party - Thursday March 28

03/28/2013 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

SC SSL Awards Party - Thursday March 28

Come join the end of season party, which will be held at Mission Hill Middle School from 6-8 p.m. Pizza My Heart will supply dinner as the team and individual awards are announced.,+Santa+Cruz,+CA...

The school is just east of Highway 1 and the nearest surf break is The Lane for any who plan to hurry down for a quick dip.

See ya there,

Your Coaches

Middle School Surf Team Meeting at Lunch on 3/20/13

03/20/2013 12:44 pm
America/Los Angeles

We will be having Team Meeting at lunch time in the Boys and Girls Club at Cunha on 3/20/13. We will be serving Pizza for Lunch.

See you on Thursday.
The Coaches

HMB Surf Club Practice @ Jetty Sunday (Mar17th) 9:00 am

03/17/2013 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Club Practice @ Jetty Sunday March 17th 9:00 am

Strong NW winds and low tide will leave the Jetty as the only option tomorrow morning and it should be fun for the Club.

See you in the morning.

The Coaches

HMB Middle School Surf Team results from the Hook March 9th

HMB defeats Aptos 72 to 55

Kalea Johnson takes 6th in Girls Shortboard & 5th in Girls Longboard
Kelby Kramer takes 1st in BodyBoard!


HMB High Goes Big for final SCSSL comp @ Lane

HMB High Goes Big for final SCSSL comp @ Lane:

Congratulations to all competitors for a great final match-up for the regular season at "all time" conditions at the Lane. HMB surfers showed tremendous maturity and poise in well overhead and super-clean waves, with some really smart contest surfing. Several surfers posted their best heats/waves of the season with really great energy and renewed confidence to bring it home for the year. Outstanding job, super proud of all of you!!!



-Men's shortboarders swept both team heats in first round, advancing ALL HMB surfers.
-Hunter Murison, Peter Lundgard advanced to the semis in men's shortboard.
-Griffin Tietz charged into some huge middle peak bombs to make his first longboard final.
-August Howell gets the warrior award for taking two massive multiple wave sets on the head in his longboard semis and coming back for more.
-Women's team and body board teams remained super consistent, advancing several rounds.
-Hannah Tonnessen also gets warrior queen award for some brave drops and really consistent surfing.
-Hunter Murison lost his body board in a cave and had to body-surf in.

Final Team results:

HMB 73 vs Santa Cruz Mountain 51

Individual Finals:

Body Board: Malcolm Feix 3rd, Hunter Murison 6th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace 4th
Men's Longboard: Griffin Tietz 4th, Konrad Wallace 6th
Women's Shortboard: Hannah Tonnessen 4th

Great finish to the season, looking forward to States.

Coach Mike

Attention! HMB High Surf Team Comp Update - Sunday Changes

Attention! HMB High Surf Team Comp Update - Sunday Changes

The High School competition has been been pushed back by one hour due to Daylight Savings Time. This means we will compete against Santa Cruz Mountain at 11 a.m. (new time), not 10 a.m. Please set your clocks ahead 1 hour tonight and arrive at the Lane in time for a mandatory 10 a.m. team meeting.

Conditions should be good Sunday, but high tide in the morning will make inside positioning key.

We are currently in second place behind Santa Cruz after last week's loss. But this is the last chance to boost your individual standings, which are now available on:

Anyone still needing my signature for State Championship individual entries, please bring your forms.

Good luck to the middle school at the Hook today and see you manana,

Coach Mike

Final regular Season 2012/13 MS Contest at the Hook

03/09/2013 10:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Middle School Surf Team Competition Roster for the Hook (end of 41st Ave in Capitola\Santa Cruz) March 9th @ 10 a.m. Next Saturday The Comp will be against Aptos and the team needs to be on location by 9 a.m. for a 10 a.m. team-on-team start.


Young Men - Shortboard

  • First Heat: Tanner Islander,  Grayson Capers, Kelby Kramer
  • Second Heat: Dante DalPorto, Coel Miller , Nate Feix
  • Alternates: Dominc Pauda, Marius Kulda, Cole Keeton

 Young Men - Longboard

  • First Heat: Tanner Islander, Dante Dal Porto, Coel Miller
  • Alternates  Kelby Kramer,  Cole Keeton 

Young Women - Shortboard

  • First Heat: Kalea Johnson, Hanna Pintarelli, Mia Obrien
  • Alternates  McKenzie Mell, Kaci Sorfleet, Nicole Sorfleet

Young Women - Longboard

  • First Heat: Kalea Johnson, Hanna Pintarelli, Mia Obrian
  • Alternates   McKenzie Mell, Kaci Sorfleet, Nicole Sorfleet

Co-ed Bodyboard

  • First Heat: Kelby Kramer, Carlos Vasquez, Grayson Capers
  • Alternates: Cole Keeton,  Javid Nouripour , Max Newton

See ya there,

The Coaches


ps - if for any reason your surfer can't make the contest please let us know ASAP

pps- We will be leaving for SC from Starbucks in HMB at 8:00am

HMB High Surf Team Roster for "The Lane" Sunday - Mar 10 - 9 a.m.

03/10/2013 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Roster for "The Lane" - Sunday, Mar-10

The roster will be the same as the last one at Pleasure Point. Please let your coach know if you can't make it:

Men's Shortboard: (Heat 1) Hunter, Peter, Luke (Heat 2) Konrad, Thomas, Malcolm (Alt) Griffin, Miles

Men's Longboard: Konrad, Peter, Luke (Alt) August, Griffin, Miles

Women's Shortboard: Kaira, Hannah, Katrina (Alt) Kyla, Helen

Women's Longboard: Kaira, Hannah, Kyla (Alt) Helen

Bodyboard: Hunter, Malcolm, Griffin (Alt) Carson, Miles, August

**Check in with your coach for a brief team meeting at 9 a.m. for 10 a.m. start vs SC Mountain. Please check in before your heats as well.**

Conditions are forecast to settle down into the smaller range, which will require aggressive positioning and astute wave selection to advance.

Let's bring some energy and finish the season strong!

See ya there,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Club and Team/Comp Practice @ Jetty Sunday (Mar-3) 9:00 am

03/03/2013 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Club and Team/Comp Practice @ Jetty Sunday (Mar-3) 9:00 am

Come on down and join in with your teammates for the last practice of the regular season. Tide will be low in the morning, but hopefully we'll still get some peaks from the south swell. May run heats, crowds and conditions permitting.

See ya there,
Your Coaches

HMB High Surf Team Practices Halted on Wednesdays

HMB High Surf Team Practices Halted on Wednesdays:

Spring has sprung and it has become increasingly difficult to pigeon hole practices on blustery Wednesday afternoons for competition surfers. The high school has just one more regular season comp on March 10 at the Lane and we will attempt to have Sunday morning practices until then, conditions permitting, after which Sunday practices will be halted as well.

We will run a couple tune-up practices ahead of State Championships on April 20-22. But in the meantime, please give your teammates a call or text to find windows to get in the water. I highly recommend that high schoolers make at least one attempt to surf the Lane before the next comp and junior high surfers do the same at the Hook. Solid familiarity with those breaks will have the greatest potential impact on your results.

I will also make time for any high school surfers seeking personal coaching or video analysis to brush up on technique and heat strategy ahead of States. Just let me know.

See ya in the water,

Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Team Results from "The Point"

HMB High Surf Team Results from "The Point"

The high school surf team put on a valiant effort at the Point today in Santa Cruz, but were outclassed by rival Santa Cruz High at their home break. HMB came up short for the first time this season 51 to 75.

Shifty high tide conditions in the morning and intermittent lulls and sets made gauging the line-up very challenging, though conditions overall were spectacular for most of the day.

Several surfers advanced from the team heats (Hunter, Thomas, Konrad, Hannah, Kaira and Griffin) and others took full advantage of alternate draws to make the finals. Special mention goes to the "Deja Vu Murison Final" in bodyboard, in which Hunter and Carson met for the first time.



Bodyboard: 2nd) Hunter Murison 6th) Carson Murison

Women's Shortboard: 5th) Kyla Kemp 6th) Hannah Tonnessen

Women's Longboard: 3rd) Kaira Wallace

Congratulations to HMB and all team members on a fine day of surfing!

Coach Mike

HMB Middle School Results for the Hook on Feb 23 2013

We had some very contestable waves with 2-3' waves, sunny and light offshore conditions.

In the Team on Team event ... we were defeated by Mission Hills 77 - 49. Though we had a good day and every one got in the water. We had three alternates seeded into the event and saw Marius Kulda with his first short board debut and Kacie Sorfleet stepping into take a spot in the young womens short board event.

In the Individuals we saw two of our surfers making it thru to the Finals:


Kalea Johnson took 2nd - Womens Long Board


Kelby Kramer took 3rd - Co-ed Body Board

Congratulations and to everyone for coming down and enjoying a beautiful day at the Hook!

The Coaches!

HMB High Surf Team Comp Update

HMB High School Surf Team:

1) As a reminder, Sunday's SCSSL Comp will be at Pleasure Point (Feb-24)- be there at 7:30 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. start against Santa Cruz High. Conditions look good for a mixed 5-6' swell and hard North (offshore) winds. Tide will peak in the morning and drop throughout the day. The roster was posted earlier in the week.

2) Please remember to bring your SSS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP forms for individuals (there are 3 - see previous email) for a coach signature. NOTE, we've had an update from the SSS League that "A teams" (HMB) will compete on Saturday April 20; "B teams" Sunday April 21 (day off for HMB) and "Individuals" on Monday April 22. It is entirely up to you what you choose to compete in on Monday. It is not a requirement, nor is it dependent on your team results from Saturday. You will have to send in a $40 check/per desired division (short-, long-, body-board) and the (signed) forms directly to secure your slots for the Individual comp.

Good luck to the middle school today at the Hook!

See ya Sunday,

Coach Mike

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