HMB Surf Club Practice @ Dunes Sunday (Dec 9th) 9:00 am

12/09/2012 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Club will meet @ Dunes. High School surfers will have a free surf or a sleep in after the Contest at the Hook on Saturday.

We're hoping that the easterly offshores will hold for us just one more day.

The coaches

HMB High Surf Team Contest @ the Hook Saturday (Dec-8) 9 a.m.

12/08/2012 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Contest @ the Hook Saturday (Dec-8)- be there by 9 a.m.

Team competition vs Aptos will start at 10 a.m. (alternates should be here by 10). Please head down and get suited up early. We will have a photographer coming down to take team shots for the yearbook. Do not take off until we've had a chance to get a team photo.

The Stormsurf forecast is for very small inconsistent surf in the knee to waist high range due to the steep angle of the north swell. If you have a wider-fishy shortboard, now might be the time to break it out and get your grovel on. This will be a wave-catching contest, so remember hunt down waves from the opening buzzer and use our "triangle" formation to control the line-up.

For any who haven't been to the Hook, you take Hwy 1 south from HMB through Santa Cruz, then exit on 41st Avenue in Capitola and head for the beach. Park in the lot or streets at 41st and East Cliff Drive.

Here's a link:,+Capitola...

See you there,

Coach Mike

HMB Team/Comp Practice Free Surf Weds - High School Contest @ Hook Sat

12/05/2012 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB Team/Comp Practice "Free Surf" Weds (Dec-5)- High School Contest is Back on @ The Hook in Santa Cruz SATURDAY (Dec 8).

Due to poor conditions locally with South winds forecast and a modest bump up in the swell, we will NOT be holding a formal Team/ competitive practice for Weds. Instead, there will be an unsupervised "free surf" for those who wish to seek some shelter at more protected beaches for a tune-up ahead of this weekend's high school contest.

The high school roster will be the same one submitted last week. If you are unable to make it Saturday, please make sure you contact me directly ASAP, so I can move up alternates into any open slots. The Team competition starts at 10 a.m. (HMB vs Aptos) - be there at least an hour in advance. Alternates will need to check in shortly thereafter.

See you there,
Coach Mike

HMB High School Free Surf Kelly Street Tuesday 12-4 at 6:30am.

12/04/2012 6:30 am
12/04/2012 8:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be at Kelly Street tomorrow morning to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing! It might be the only chance for surf for the next few days.


The Mavericks Invitational window opens


The Opening Ceremony of the Mavericks Invitational 2012-2013 

       On Friday, November 11, I was privileged to participate in the annual paddle-out for the opening ceremony for the Mavericks Invitational Contest, in Half Moon Bay, California. A contest where only the worlds best big wave surfers are allowed to participate. I left as soon as the bell rang at the end of school,  and was allowed to miss one cross country practice for this unique opportunity. As a part of the HMB surf team, I was invited to join the big wave riding community to paddle out near the Mavericks break, just outside of the Princeton Harbor. 

         Once I got there, I sprinted the quarter-mile to the beach with my board and my wetsuit. When I got to the beach, I saw everybody starting to paddle out; racing into the water and grabbing the large tea leaf that was part of the ceremony, I paddled out into the circle of legendary big wave surfers. The founder and pioneer of Mavericks, Jeff Clark, said a few words about the spirit of the contest, which will be held in honor of Jay Moriarty. All of the surfers said a few words about the contest and how grateful they were, to be able to participate. Then we all recognized Moriarty with a cheer and threw our leaves into the circle. I was only a few spaces away from the legendary Nathan Fletcher, who won the Ride of the Year, Biggest Tube Ride of the year, and Best Overall performance in the Billabong XXL awards this year. Only one space away from me was Danilo Couto, a famous Brazilian big wave rider. There was Greg Long, another big wave superstar and winner of the prestigious Eddie Aikau 2010 contest. The window for the contest opened on November 9th 2012, and closes on March 31, 2013. This is sure to be an amazing contest, and you can watch it live on or

WEEKEND SURF ADVISORY - All surf team contests scheduled for Hook cancelled


Please be advised: all SCSSL surf contests scheduled for Hook in Santa Cruz this weekend (Dec 1-2) for both junior high and high school squads have been cancelled due to storm surf conditions.

Here's what 38th St looks like if you're curious:

The contest director informs us that they will tentatively attempt to reschedule these events the following weekend of Dec 8-9, and will keep us in the loop next week as the situation is clarified.


Thanks for your patience, stay dry, and perhaps go see "Chasing Mavericks" or go bowling instead...

Your Coaches

Middle School Surf Team Meeting at Lunch on 11/29/2012

11/29/2012 12:44 pm
America/Los Angeles

We will be having a meeting at lunch time in the Boys and Girls Club at Cunha - to discuss the roster for the upcoming contest on 12/1 at the Hook, in Santa Cruz. We will be serving Pizza for Lunch.

See you on Thursday.
The Coaches

HMB High School Surf Team/Comp Practice @ Montara Tues (Nov-27) 3:30 pm

11/27/2012 3:30 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High School Surf Team/Comp Practice @ Montara Tues (Nov-27) 3:30-5:00 p.m.

**Due to the IMPENDING STORM and big West swell we have moved the high school practice to Tuesday from Wednesday and have cancelled the junior high practice this week. The swell should still be small tomorrow and hopefully we'll get lucky and it won't be destroyed by strong south winds yet. If blown out, we will send a follow-up email ASAP. The coast may not be surfable for the rest of the week, so join in if you can make it. There is also a chance the Hook contest could be moved or postponed, especially for the junior high on Saturday.

***HIGH SCHOOL TEAM MEETING will be at lunch on Weds (Nov-28) in Mr. Lawrence's room to go over the roster and heat strategy for the Hook (yes, there will be pizza).

****VIDEO FOOTAGE of Sunday's practice at Kelly has been posted by Chris Loeswick. Please check it out and compare notes with the feedback you're getting on technique at the beach, which should help you step up your game. Big thanks again to Chris!

Here's the link:

See you tomorrow,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team/Competition Practice @ Kelly Sunday (Nov-25) 9:00 am; Club Meets @ Dunes

11/25/2012 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Team/Competition Practice @ Kelly Sunday (Nov-25) 9:00 am; Club will meet @ Dunes.

We're hoping that the easterly offshores will hold for us just one more day. If you're in town, come on down and grab some waves before the weather changes mid-week.

Note we have just one more week to go before our competition next weekend at the Hook in Santa Cruz (junior high Saturday, high school Sunday). Comp surfers will need to work on going right (especially goofy-footers), popping up quick and getting your hits in fast and sharp in short peeling waves. We will try to run heats if conditions are favorable. If you plan to compete on body board, please bring them tomorrow.

See you there,

Your coaches

HMB Surf Club Free Surf @ Jetty Weds (Nov-21) 3:30 pm till Dark...

11/21/2012 3:30 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Club @ the Jetty Weds (Nov-14) 3:30 pm - till dark. Rocky will be there with the trailer if you are looking to use a board.

Please check with Rocky as the conditions at the Exposed Beaches are forecast to be Big... we'll see how that plays out at the Jetty.

See you Weds,
Your coaches

NO Practice this Sunday 11/18/12 -enjoy a free surf or Enter Uncle Dicks Contest at Rockaway...

11/18/2012 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

No Practice due to poor conditions... so go for a free surf if you are so inclined


Uncle Dicks Surf Fest returns this year. Sunday November 18th at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica. $60 a division, $70 Beach Entry. Entry Forms available at the Shop!!! 7:00 AM Start


The Coaches

HMB Surf Team/Competition Practice @ Kelly Weds (Nov-14) 3:30 pm

11/14/2012 3:30 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB Surf Team/Competition Practice @ Kelly Weds (Nov-14) 3:30 pm - or as soon as you can get there...

Due to the time change we will start practice earlier and wrap up by quickly sundown, which is now about 5 p.m. The surf is forecast to drop, with easterly (offshore)winds prevailing.

See you Weds,
Your coaches

Sunday Practice Captured on video by Chris Loeswick

Sunday's practice was captured on video by Chris Loeswick:

Anyone who made Sunday's practice should check out Chris's video. Nice straight air by Mr. Hunter Murison.

Conditions we're kinda wonky and back-washy, so all you guys did really well to get some contestable waves and turns.

Remember, for comp surfers we need to continue to work on "speed, power and flow" as well as opening up the front shoulder to set up turns with the hands. Variety is also very important. If you did a roundhouse, follow-up with an off-the-lip and floater (or air!).

Chris promises to get even more kids next time around.

Thanks Chris!

Coach Mike

Free Surf will be at Kelly tomorrow 11/13/12 at 6:30AM

11/13/2012 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

We are going to try running a free surf at Kelly tomorrow at 6:30AM ... Marty will have the gate open If you care to join in!

See you in the morning!

The Coaches

Practice Sunday will meet at Kelly Ave in HMB at 9am

11/11/2012 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Practice we'll meet at Kelly Ave at 9am

We'll make a determination based on conditions as to whether we will have the surf club stay (depending on size)

The Surf team will run heats at Kelly - be suited up and ready to go.


***** the Surf Team Benefit Concert for Contest to raise funds to go to STATES in Southern California in the Spring is today 11/11/12 - starting at 4pm till 9pm: The Old Princeton Landing featuring: the P-Town All Stars & NESTA. ****

The Coaches

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