Nov 2010 CSSL HS Photos...


images courtesy and thanks to Scott Eggers... for some of his other work take a look at his Flickr account. One Image courtesy Santa Cruz Waves (TL)



Practice at Linda Mar 8am

12/05/2010 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Practice will be at Linda Mar this weekend see you in the morning ...

We will start practice at 8am...

The Coaches

Attention High School Team Riders! CSSL Tee Shirt Sizes needed ASAP!

11/28/2010 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

The CSSL is having our High School Team Rider Tee-Shirts printed later this week. Please email me with your requested size. I need sizes for all our team riders and coaches!


Opening Ceremonnies - The Jay at Maverick's - Big Wave Invitational

11/28/2010 3:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

No Practice - enjoy the day with your family or go have a frees surf with your friends...

11/28/2010 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

No Practice - enjoy the day with your family or go have a frees surf with your friends...

The Coaches


High School Surf Practice cancelled for Tuesday 23rd.

Due to predicted poor conditions and short school week, surf practice is cancelled for tomorrow.

We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!!

The coaches

If you want to get/give a HMB Surf Club Hoody for Christmas...

If you want to order a hoody for relatives and friends for Christmas RSVP ASAP to


  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Color (brown and black is sherpa and maroon in thumb-hole-girlie.)

ORDER by FRIDAY NOV 21, 2010 to guarantee your order. We will order some extra for those last minute shoppers...

High School "A's and Bodyboard" Practice at Kelly Tuesday 6:30 a.m.

High school surf team practice will be held at Kelly Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. From Coach Marty: "I would like to run practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30 Sharp. Dave the Bodyboard coach will be there tomorrow morning, so it would nice if both Stevens can make it! Also Joao and Jeff are both planning on surfing with the kids too!"

See ya there,
The Coaches

High School Team Meeting at Kelly Sunday 6:30 a.m.

High school surfers will meet at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday for a pre-competition meeting with the coaches. If you are in a first-round team heat (such as boys shortboard) and wish to grab a couple waves before your heat, please suit up and do so before 6:30 a.m.

Congratulations to all participants in the Junior High event for performing extremely well at Dunes Beach in very challenging conditions Saturday. Special kudos to all our finalists, who put in a very strong effort and represented HMB with pride.

The Coaches

no-Practice we ecourage you to join the SurfRider-> Surf Contest: Rise Above Plastics Series Event 1

11/21/2010 7:00 am
America/Los Angeles


Surfing in the SurfRider Contest Series:

(1) For HMBSC and CSSL surfers that only want to compete in 1 division only:

  • First contest $60
  • Free entry into the next 2 contests
  • Per contest cost = $20

(2) For HMBSC and CSSL surfers that want to surf in 2 different divisions:

  • First contest $60
  • Free entry into their choice of the next 2 contests
  • Per contest cost = $30

Online registration (go here to register Surf Contest: Rise Above Plastics Series Event 1)  for the 11/21 contest will close around 10 PM on Saturday evening. Signup at the event may be limited since we have to put together the heat schedule the night before so it is advised that contestants sign up in advance online. The online signup form allows selection of a primary division and an additional (optional) division. The additional division is allocated with priority based on signup date/time.


If yo want your surfer to be able to compete in the series please sign them up today!



HMBSC Coaches


There will be no practice this Sunday, as the Surf Club encourages Club & Team surfers to participate in the SurfRider Contest at Linda Mar. If you don't wish to surf in the contest you may wish to go for a free surf - maybe Linda Mar? More details for HMB Surf Club -pricing for kids entering the Contest will be sent out in a follow on email ...



Surf Contest: Rise Above Plastics Series Event 1

Sunday, Nov 21, 2010

Linda Mar, Pacifica 7:00AM - 5:00PM

All MS & HS surfers are encouraged to compete and support the local SurfRider Chapter.

This event will also have a BodyBoard division... So if you are with the club you should come out and compete with your fellow SM County SurfRider BodyBoarders.

High School "A-team" Practice at Dunes Tuesday 6:30 a.m.

The HMB High School "A-team" Practice will be held at Dunes Tuesday 6:30 a.m. We will meet at the south end of the parking lot at Dunes to take advantage of a sandbar or two in the area, which could offer a potential venue for the competition this weekend. Please give Marty a call if you have any question about the conditions and location.

See you there,
The Coaches

Mandatory Parent Meeting for the HMB SUrf Club

11/10/2010 7:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside - at Cunha Intermediate School
7:00PM - 8:00PM

The Half Moon Bay Surf Club is holding a Mandatory meeting for all Middle School & High School parents of active Club or Team members. The meeting will be for parents only! At the meeting we will be talking about & distributing the HMB Surf Club's new liabilty waiver. 

Please plan on attending and we'll see you there.

The Coaches

ps - No drinks or food will be provided...

Practice at Montara for A's and Linda Mar for B's & C's 8am

11/07/2010 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Practice will be at Montara for A's and at Linda Mar for B's & C's at 8 am tomorrow morning ...

Since we will be falling back one hour for Daylight Saving tonight, Sunday practice will start at 8am so we can all get more use out of the daylight on these shorter days...

The Coaches

Marty, Mike, Kerry, Rocky, Dave, Steve & Oliver

HMB Surf Team Meetings Weds- 7pm

In lieu of practices being cancelled this week the surf team will be holding two meetings:

1) Junior High surfers will meet at Coach Rocky's offices in Princeton at 169 Stanford Avenue at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday to go over the selection for participants in the first contest, heat strategy and safety issues.

2) High School surfers will be meet at lunch in Shawna McCartney's room on Thursday, also to go over the roster for the first contest and heat strategy as outlined by the CORE surf pros this week in Santa Cruz.

See you there,
The Coaches

Surf Team Practices Cancelled This Week Due To XXL Swell

All high school and junior high surf team practices have been cancelled this week for both Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon due to an XXL swell set to arrive and hold for both of those days.

Please exercise all due caution even at relatively protected spots like the Jetty if you decide to enter the ocean on your own recognizance. This swell is forecast to be triple-overhead at exposed spots, or potentially holding up to 50-foot faces and extremely dangerous, expert-only conditions.

The weather is forecast to be sunny, offshore and clear, however, which would make viewing of Maverick's in all her glory ideal for any who may wish to spectate at a safe distance.

Please be careful this week,
The Coaches

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