Volcom Contest Series in SC this Sat 2/5... Surfrider Contest at Montara on Sunday2/6

Volcom Contest Series: in Santa Cruz at the Hook on Sat 2/5

SurfRider Foundation Contest: in HMB at Montara on Sun 2/6 ( yes  and it is SuperBowl Sunday)

Mandatory High School A-Team Practice - Tuesday 2-1-2011 at 6:40 AM!! Laura Acton will be there to take pictures for Yearbook!!

02/01/2011 6:30 am
02/01/2011 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles


Tomorrows conditions are looking very promissing for an epic Kelly session! Our first heat will go off at 6:45. Please get there on time!!

Laura Acton from the HMB High School Yearbook will be there to take pictures for the surfteam section in this years Yearbook.


Free Surf Day at Linda Mar

01/30/2011 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

We are calling a free surf day ... no official practice due to current predicted swell size & weather conditions. There will be a contingent of folks at the beach at Linda Mar (probably Boat Docks) if you care to come join us.

If you're surfer is not an "A" surfer we would ask you to stay and  supervise your surfer as we will be surfing and not running practice. Please be advised that the current swell forecast for Sunday is 8-10 ft - 3 ft ... while it will probaly be smaller than this at the South end of Linda Mar aka; Boat Docks - there is still some very strong energy in the water.

 The Coaches

Middle School Practice Jetty @ 4pm starting (re-Start of Wednesday Practices 2/9/11)

02/09/2011 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Practices will start  @4:00pm begining tommorow February the 9th., we will meet at the Jetty. If Conditions are better and off shore winds rule the day we may move...

Also - It is Importrant for the girls to be there, as we will be running elimination heats for the girls. To help determine, who will be selected to represnt the team when we go to the NSSA contest at Huntington Beach.

Seem you tommorow

-The Coaches

High School A-Team Tuesday 1/25 6:40am surf practice at Dunes or Kelly Call Marty to confirm location at 6:30AM.

01/25/2011 6:30 am
01/25/2011 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles


Please call me 773-0936 around 6:30 am to get the final call on surf practice location.


Rise Above Plastics Surf Contest #2 of Series at Montara Sunday DATE CHANGED : 2/6/11

02/06/2011 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

The second contest in the RAP Surf Contest Series is coming up soon -- NEW DATE Feb 6th at Montara 8:00AM - 4:00PM. I will be sending out an update to all the competitors this weekend but wanted to give you guys a heads up on a few things:

1. Everyone that entered Event 1 is automatically entered in Event 2. I will need everyone that is planning on competing in Event 2 to let me know which division is their primary division (see 2 below). Please Contact Dylan at sanmateo@surfrider.org - For surfers that competed in 2 divisions in the first contest I just need to know which is their primary division. Email Dylan with your name and division.

If they want to compete in an additional division they can enter that additional division for $10 on our website:

For kids that competed in a single division, I would still like a confirmation email (Please Contact Dylan at sanmateo@surfrider.org) that they are planning to come so I can make sure all the heats are full.

2. The 2-for-1 division promotion was for the first contest only. Contestants can compete in an additional division in Event 2 for $10. The signup for an additional division is at:

3. We need volunteers, particularly contest judges. For anyone that is interested, all the volunteer positions are posted at:

4. We have a new Facebook page and Twitter feed specifically for the contest:

Sunday, Feb 6th, 2011 Montara State Beach, Montara 8:00AM - 4:00PM This is the second event in our three contest "Rise Above Plastics" Surf Contest Series.

All proceeds raised from the contest will go to our Rise Above Plastics campaign.

DIVISIONS (Age as of 1/1/2011) 

  • Mens (all ages) 
  • Juniors (15 & under) 
  • Womens (all ages) 
  • Longboard (all ages) 
  • Bodyboard (all ages)


Trick tip for holding your breath longer at Mav's

To our budding Mav's stars:

Mark Visser who was recently documented surfing Jaws at night has a really simple trick for holding your breath longer on a hold-down. Basically you exhail fully before sucking in a fresh lungfull of clean air before the next set wave aims at your head.

See his video tip: http://www.korduroy.tv/2011/how-to-hold-your-breath-longer

See his Jaws night surf: http://www.korduroy.tv/2011/mark-visser-rides-jaws-at-night-world-wide-w...

Have fun and be safe out there,

Coach Mike

High School A-Team Tuesday 1/18 6:30am surf practice at Dunes - Tentative

01/18/2011 6:30 am
01/18/2011 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles


Please call me 773-0936 around 6:30 am to see if practice is on. Big High Tide and possibly large swell too! If it's not closed out, we'll go ahead with practice or at least a free surf session. With the Mav's pre-trials going on tomorrow, this practice will not be mandatory.


Mandatory Surf Team/Club meeting to go over the Roster for SUNDAY'S contest- Wednesday 1/12/2011 - Pizza!

01/12/2011 12:08 pm
01/12/2011 12:48 pm
America/Los Angeles


We will go over the roster for this SUNDAY'S contest at 12:08 in Ms. McCartney's class.

See you all there!!

The Coaches

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