Capturing the Coastside Show and Raffle

04/01/2016 5:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Capturing the Coastside Show and Raffle:

Surf Club/Team families are invited to a reception for the show at the Coastal Arts League Friday, April 1, from 5-7 pm at the Coastal Arts League at 300 Main Street, Suite 6. This will be a celebration of local photography, including some of our Maverick's luminaries and former team members. Full details are here:

Importantly, there will be a great raffle of surf schwag from our local shops to help fund our Surf program, so let's show our support. I will need a couple of groms to help with the ticket sales and raffle.


Coach Mike

3/231/16 morning free surf.

03/31/2016 6:45 am
America/Los Angeles

Marty & I will be at Kelly around 6:45am to open the gate for anyone that wants to try and get a quick session in before school.

Coach Marty & Oliver

Wednesday 3.30.16 Club Surf Practice - Dunes 4:00PM *** Tentative ***

03/30/2016 4:00 pm
03/30/2016 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

If winds cooperate tomorrow afternoon, it looks like it'll be a fun afternoon to surf.

As of right now, I'm planning on bringing the club trailer to Dunes for club practice. I'll let you know if anything changes tomorrow afternoon with a folllow up email.

Dune Beach 4PM.

Coach Marty

3/24/16 morning free surf.

03/24/2016 6:45 am
America/Los Angeles

Marty & I will be at Kelly around 6:45am to open the gate for anyone that wants to try and get a quick session in before school. Looks like th winds may not be as favorable as this morning but we'll see when we get there.

Coach Marty & Oliver

HMB High Surf Team Results from the Hook

HMB High Surf Team results from the Hook:

HMB finished the regular season with a solid performance in clean and contestable surf at the Hook on Sunday, unperturbed by the high tide lulls and swing sets that made lining up the best waves a distinct challenge. The weather was pretty balmy to start and the forecast contrary south winds fortunately never showed, though the tide drain and mist later kept team on its toes.

Team Round:

HMB (60) took down rival Santa Cruz Moutain (45), doing the heaviest damage in the first two rounds where a remarkable 5 out of 6 men's shortboarders from HMB advanced. Many of our surfers had taken part in a Life Guard training swim qualifier the day prior, in a testament to the superb fitness of our surfers. Hunter Murison (1), Nate Feix (2) and Coel Miller (3) swept the first heat and Malcolm Feix (1) and Ryan Bair (3) advanced in the second. In women's shortboard Kaira Wallace (1) advanced. Men's longboard saw Coel (2) and Hunter (3) progress, while in women's longboard Kaira (1) also moved forward.

Individual Round:

In the alternate seed into the individual round Mitchell King asserted himself by advancing from men's shortboard (1) and longboard (2) with keen wave selection and energetic carving. Our favorite twin competitors Nikki Sorfleet also moved on in women's longboard (3) and Kacie Sorfleet in women's shortboard (3). Nate, Mitchell, Coel and Malcolm ended their run in quarter finals of men's shortboard, while Hunter and Mitchell made the semi-finals of men's longboard before retiring. Nikkie bowed out in women's longboard semis and her sister Kacie in women's shortboard semis after some newly inspired surfing. Freshman Ryan Bair stuck with the plan to get on the first set waves and rode them maturely to men's shortboard semis. Hunter did his best imitation of WSL Snapper Rocks victor Matt Wilkinson with a deadly backside attack through the early rounds, but the wave-starved shortboard final was not his friend. Kaira finished the season strongly with solid tactical positioning, improved fitness and adapted her game well to the shifty conditions.

Final Results:

Kaira Wallace: (3) women's shortboard, (1) women's longboard
Hunter Murison: (5) men's shortboard

Special shout out to Team Padua for providing a very tasty hot plate lunch to both the junior and senior high teams this weekend. Gino and Wendy - we really appreciate you going the extra mile. Tom Feix thanks for running the heat results.

Next up is the SSS State Championships in Oceanside the weekend of April 16th. I want to meet or speak with each of you over the next week or two to discuss individual training plans/techniques to work on for states. There will be only Sunday practices if conditions permit.


Coach Mike

3/17/16 morning free surf.

03/17/2016 6:45 am
America/Los Angeles

Tom & I will be at Kelly around 6:45am to open the gate for anyone that wants to try and get a quick session in before school.

Coach Tom & Oliver

SCSSL Weekend Comp Schedule Released

SCSSL Weekend Comp Schedule Released:

From Susan Coffey:

The conditions look good for the coming weekend! The team vs team schedule is below. Please note the 7:30 start time to the day. It’s still a bit dark at 7:00 since the time change so we’re pushing it back 30 minutes.

We will run the middle schools on Saturday at the Hook and the high schools on Sunday at Pleasure Point (with the Hook as a back up location). We will make the final decision on the location for the high school contest when we arrive Sunday morning so make sure your team knows to look for us. We won’t be hard to spot!


Middle School: Saturday, March 19 at the Hook

7:30 Aptos v SC Mountain
9:00 New Brighton v Mission Hill
10:30 Shoreline v Half Moon Bay

High School: Sunday, March 20 at Pleasure Point (with the Hook as a back up)

7:30 Aptos v Harbor / Carmel
8:45 Soquel v Santa Cruz
10:00 Half Moon Bay v SC Mountain

Let me know if you have any questions.
See you this weekend,
Susan and Ward

****HMB High Squad: please be at the venue by 9 am for a team meeting.****

Wednesday 3.16.16 Club Surf Practice - Dunes 4:00PM *** Tentative ***

03/15/2016 4:00 pm
03/15/2016 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Club Surfers,

Conditions are finally cleaning up and calming down. Let's give it a shot for tomorrow afternoon!

I'll send out a update tomorrow if things change.

Marty and Rocky

2016 Autism Surf Camp to be held with Indo-JAX at Dunes Beach...June 30th

06/30/2016 9:30 am
America/Los Angeles

The Surf Club will be helping out with the Autism Surf Camp on June 30th 2016. This is a great event and usually the HMB Jr Guards stop in and give a hand.

Please come help out if you are available.

A video from the folks at Indo Jax from the first Autism Surf Camp in HMB

INDOJAX HMB from Indo Jax Surf Charities on Vimeo.


2016 Autism Surf Camp to be held with Indo-JAX at Dunes Beach...June 30th

06/30/2016 9:30 am
America/Los Angeles

High School Surf Team State Championships Forms

High School Surf Team State Championships Forms:

Coaches will be submitting the team roster and fee for states this week, which will be covered by the Surf Club, but surfers will have to fill out two forms to take part: an "Individual Competition Entry Form" (for those who wish to take part in this additional event Monday, April 18) and "Student Membership" waiver (required for both team and individual events).

1) "Individual Competition Entry Form"

- Specify which individual events you wish to take part in - $50/event
- You must get a coach's signature on the form
- Surfers will send in their own individual entries, membership waiver and checks

2) "Student Membership" waiver

- Everyone must fill out the form online and submit directly
- Then print out form and include with your individual entry form with a check
- If not participating in individuals, print a copy send to the SSS

Let's try to get this all done by this weekend's practice for coach signatures. The drop-dead due date is April 4th, but by then many of the slots may be filled. Surfers are responsible for their own individual entries, payment and getting a coach's signature.


Coach Mike

Bust a move with Redwood Roots

02/26/2016 7:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

From Wendy Padua:

All Surf Club families are invited to come to the HMB Brewery Friday night, 2/26, from 7:00 - 10:00 for the great reggae/rock sounds of Redwood Roots, Gino Padua's groovin new band. What a fun way to kick off the Jetty Classic contest on Saturday (unless you have an early heat)!

Your Coaches

HMB High Surf Team Results at the Lane

HMB High Surf Team Results at the Lane:

The sleeping giant Cougar Surf Team final awoke on Saturday, breaking a 3-contest losing streak with renewed energy and panache in challenging conditions at the marquee Steamer Lane. High tide in the morning, sunny skies and offshores greeted the squad, with solid overhead short-period swell ensuring plenty of large waves. Heats mostly ran at the Slot before at high tide before shifting over toward Middle Peak and Indicators as the tide plunged to negative in the afternoon, making for some tricky positioning decisions in the heats. Surfers were forced to enter the contest zone off the point and exit all the way at the statue or Cowells in the early rounds, followed by a biathlon-like run-around for their next wave or heat. To put it in perspective, locals were surfing their Maverick's guns out the back by the afternoon. HMB surfers were hooted into waves by the likes of former WSL Rookie of the Year Nat Young, who was rumored prowling the line-up.

Team Round:

HMB (61) handily prevailed over a depleted Harbor/Carmel (31), with the men's shortboard team in particular really stepping it up, with Hunter Murison (1) and Coel Miller (2) advancing in heat one, while Nate Feix (1) and Malcolm Feix (2) advancing in heat two. In women's shortboard Kaira Wallace placed (1) and Mia O'Brien (2). Men's longboard saw Coel (2) and Hunter (3) also advance, while in women's longboard Nikki Sorfleet (2) and Kaira (3) made it through to individuals.

Individual Round:

In the alternate round Malcolm Feix (1) took the back door in longboard and rode that opportunity all the way to the finals. While Dominic Padua failed to advance on shortboard alternate, in a major coup he challenged the Lane on his own self-shaped board and fins, while Nate (6) was halted at quarters. Nikki (6) bowed out in women's longboard semis, but only after a very courageous effort in huge, hollow surf at low tide. It was the Coel, Malcolm and Hunter show after that, with the first two lighting up the Lane with their power surfing into BOTH short- and longboard finals. Coel stole the show with aggressive turns, grab-rail cut-backs and strong finishing, while Malcolm heroically overcame a cold to double-final (same as last year at Kelly). Hunter was unfortunate to bow out in mens' shortboard semis, but advanced to men's finals in longboard. All three caught some epic Middle-peak bombs in longboard semis (HMB swept) and finals, fighting off the local gun-slingers. Kaira scratched into finals in both divisions as well.

Titans of the Lane:

Final Results:

Kaira Wallace: (5) women's shortboard, (1) women's longboard
Coel Miller: (4) men's shortboard, (3) men's longboard
Malcolm Feix: (3) men's shortboard, (4) men's longboard
Hunter Murison: (2) men's longboard

That's three double finalists folks and a 1st and 2nd place in women's and men's longboard at a world class break where home court advantage is huge. Tremendous job HMB! Very proud of the rebound in this team and the character and energy they reclaimed. Next comp is March 19-20, mostly likely at Pleasure Point.


Coach Mike

Surf Contest Nutrition

Surf Contest Nutrition:

Those planning on surfing more than one heat on contest day should be prepared to bring healthy snacks in their contest packs. Noshing in small portions between heats and staying hydrated is key to success -- keeping your energy levels elevated over the course of a potentially long day, even if you'd rather free surf, is crucial.

"Healthy snacks" include the likes of power bars (Kashi- or granola-type), trail mix, grapes, bananas, cuties (tangerines), veggie sticks, multi-grain chips or crackers, Gatorade, or juice mixed with water in your water bottles, etc. Or pick your favorite, so long as you can peck away at your snacks over the course of the contest, metabolize them easily and stay fueled. Donuts (sorry Marty), hamburgers, burritos or other big entre's can wait until after the comp and will not leave you light on your feet or belly. Coaching studies have found that on contest day healthy carbs and glucose will give you the greatest shot in the arm. And you want to be able to sustain that over the day.

Formula 1 drivers wouldn't put sugar cubes in their tanks (maybe their competitors'); so as athletes, put the "high octane" fuel in yours. Don't stand there shivering wondering when the folks are going to leave their front-row parking space to go get you a big meal. Be prepared in advance and take responsibility for your own success. A couple power bars, fruit, Gatorade at a minimum will do. This is especially true at the Lane, which has minimal concessions nearby.

Let's finish the season strong in our last two regular season comps, with some energy and passion for your sport and teams! Tide will be high for team heats in the morning, so don't be caught napping in your heat and let's make the next rounds. May both teams have a fantastic contest at the Lane this weekend. Good luck!


Coach Mike

SCSSL Comp Schedule Set for this weekend

SCSSL Comp Schedule Set for this weekend:

From Susan and Ward:

The schedule for this weekend’s contests at the Lane is below. The forecast shows bigger surf on Saturday, decreasing through the weekend. We will run the high schools on Saturday and the middle schools on Sunday.


High School: Saturday, Feb 20 at the Lane

7:00 Santa Cruz v SSC Mountain
8:15 Harbor / Carmel v Half Moon Bay
9:30 Soquel v Aptos

Middle School: Sunday, Feb 21 at the Lane
7:00 Mission Hill v Shoreline
8:30 SC Mountain v Half Moon Bay
10:00 New Brighton v Aptos

Let me know if you have any questions.
See you this weekend,
Susan and Ward

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