Coach's board takes flight!

On Sunday late afternoon (12/20) coach Mike set his beloved Randy Cone 6-1 on his roof at the north end of Montara and it likely blew off on the highway near there (Doh!!!). When he came looking for it 10 minutes later somebody had obviously picked it up, so presumably it's not too smashed. It’s a quad with futures fins and swirly red resin tint on the back third of the deck, with a DaKine traction pad missing the center oval. It was custom made epoxy and he'd really like to get it back. Cash reward for the first grom or mom to spot it in the line-up or in the used board racks locally. Many thanks!

Video from the Dec 6th Contest... a reminder of how bad the conditions were!


-we'd like to thank Michelle for taking the time to video the Contest.

Kelly Ave. Contest Results in HMB Review

For any Club and Team members who may have missed the results of the competition last weekend at Kelly Ave, the HMB Review posted the following write-up of our strong showing in difficult conditions. Congratulations to all participants in the successful contest:


Practice -Dunes Beach at 8 a.m

12/20/2009 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Folks we'll meet at Dunes Beach at 8am

-see you in th morning!

Practice - Linda Mar 8am

12/13/2009 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

- Folks du e to the weather localy everything seems not to be cooperating so it looks like we'll be practicing at Linda Mar - We'll be in the Parking lot south of TacoBell...

See you in the morning!

High Surf Advisory

To all Team and Club Members:

Please use extra caution this week starting on Tuesday when considering entering the water. Most of you are already well aware of a huge swell with a very wide fetch across the Pacific coming our way that is expected to be 4-5 times overhead in Hawaii and 3-4+ times overhead here. Even the Jetty may have heavy water with long period sets with an unusually high number of waves per set. Also the air and water temps are cold and dropping with this front. All in all a very hostile environment for surfing. Swells of this size and scope were last witnessed in 1990 and 1969, according Sean Collins, chief forecaster of Surfline, 19- and 40-years ago. It's safe to say that most of you between ages 11-13 haven't seen the likes of it in you or your parent's lifetimes, so please use extra caution this week and check with coaches if you have any questions about whether to surf or not. Check out Mav's this week; it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, which would a good time for field trip. Here's a link that asks: "How Big is Big?"

Be safe,

Your coaches


Surfpulse Article on Renourishing Surfer's Beach

Hey all Surf Club-Team members,

Congratulations and well done on rising to the occasion for the really challenging contest at Kelly Ave today! You guys are truly an extraordinary bunch, facing up to the raw, cold and difficult conditions with such courage and poise. All your hard work and pride is a shining tribute to the support of your families and community.

Also I am attaching a link below to a story on Surfpulse about pumping sand from the harbor over to Surfer's Beach to stop the erosion and revive your home break. A lot of people are working really hard behind the scenes to improve your beach, check it out:

We'll have a write-up on the contest results soon. Again, well done.

Assistent Coach Mike


Contest at Kelly St in Half Moon Bay Dec 6th

12/06/2009 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

The jr. high contest is in Half Moon Bay on Sunday, Dec 6 it will be at Kelly St (updated from The Core as of Friday night).

Please double check the website on Saturday night no later than 8pm for the confirmed location... in case it moves due to conditions.


We need all competeing surfers at the beach as Our teams first heat is at 7:00 AM.

You must be at Kelly Ave. by 6:30AM on Sunday. ( Yes! Sasha 6:30AM)

Pre-Contest Meeting for Team Members

12/02/2009 12:45 pm
America/Los Angeles

There will be a surfclub meeting 12:45 (lunch time) at the Boys and Girls club to discuss:

  • This weekend's competition in HMB on Sunday the 6th for the Middle School (HS is on Sat the 5th)
  • Pizza will be brought in
  • Other issues to be discussed with the team (Rocky/Rusty).




Sat Nov 28th Surf Practice... did SC show?


Well, we were hoping for more of a showing from SC at the practice session in HMB. Still, fun was had none the less. Even though the Jetty delivered less than perfect waves. Jochen showed up and took some pictures of everyone so we're putting in a plug for him as he did a nice job!

Free surf on... Thanksgiving

11/26/2009 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

To All:


There will be a Free Surf at Roosevelt Beach on Thanksgiving morning, with last years High School Surf Team. They have all come home from Collage and want spend some time in the water with you all. The gates will be open at 6:30AM. I hope you all can make it.




Practice Nov. 28th 9am @ the Jetty

 To All,


 Practice will be moved to Saturday the 28th. We will meet at the Jetty (Surfers Beach) - [if it is real small at the Jetty we will move to Kelly Ave - but I blieve the forecast for the surf says this won't happen].  The reason for changing is that 3 Santa Cruz Schools are coming up to surf our local beach.  We are going to try and have some freindly heats between schools.  Everyone should arive around 9:00AM.



HMB Surf Team Rises to Occasion at First Contest in Capitola:

Our surf team really stepped it up last weekend in pristine conditions for their first competition in Santa Cruz. Many of competitors, who had begun to surf only as recently as 6-months ago, excelled in the sunny, clean, shoulder-high conditions.
HMB won their dual meet against Shoreline by just 2 points with a team score of 61 points that put them in third place overall out of 6 teams. Several kids made it all the way through the qualifying rounds into the finals in a marathon effort their first time out.
The top finisher for HMB girls was Kyla Kemp, who took 3rd in women's longboard, while for the boys Jason Cagle placed 4th in men's longboard. Others who placed were Zander Dragony who finished 6th in men's shortboard, while in women's shortboard Sasha Takata, Helen Fisher and Juliet Shelton respectively placed 4th, 5th and 6th.
Well done to the team, which showed hidden reserves of talent and great depth, especially in the women's division. The next contest is on Sunday, December 6, likely to be held at Francis State Beach, conditions permitting.

Coaches Rocky Raynor, Oliver Keeton, Mike Wallace and Dave Westendorf

Capitola Nov 21, '09 Surf Meet slideshow...


We'd like to give a big shout out to Coach Dave for taking the pictures and congratulations to all the surfers who showed up to compete and for everyone making it a fun day for all of us!


For all the pics, go to the flickr site (using the "follow us on Flickr" link  bottom right corner of the home page)

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