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HMB High School Surf Team Practice Friday at 4 pm @ Jetty

09/20/2013 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High School Surf Team Practice Friday at 4 pm @ Jetty

Groundswell is supposed come up on Friday, perhaps even in time for high school team practice. Some NW wind may be on it, however, thus the Jetty may be our best option. If the wind lays back down, we may consider other spots, so keep your eyes peeled for an email update tomorrow.

See ya there if you don't have a waterpolo game,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team and Club Practice @ Kelly Tuesday 9.18 @ 6.30am

09/18/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Marty will be running practice at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30 to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing!

Hurley Pro Live - how to surf small, gutless waves well

HMB Surf Team Homework -

For those team riders who want to improve their technique and results in small, gutless waves, you may want to check out heats-on-demand at the Hurley Pro at Trestles this week:

In our practice heats we have been emphasizing bringing YOUR energy to weak surf. Staying low, wide stance, compressing and extending, and leveraging your arms will make a huge difference. Watch how the Pros do it and listen closely to the commentary and analysis.

Staying tight to the steep breaking section, with a sharp and solid bottom turn will set up a more vertical attack on the lip. Reducing transition bumps and wiggles and keeping the board on-rail and high-lining will make a difference. Then look for that end-section for a solid finish. Remember, you are being judged on "speed, power, flow" and critical maneuvers, which go hand-in-hand. Rinse, repeat.

Good practice at Montara on Sunday. Let's keep it up!

Coach Mike

Mandatory - Surf Team/Club Meeting Prior to Practice Sun 9/15 @ 9am

We will meet at the in El Granada across the street from Cafe Classique (turn east at the stoplight by the Harbor in Princeton) in the Flavor parking Lot i

At the meeting we will:

  • Collect Surf Club dues/fees ($130 per Surfer) for the coming 2013-14 Season
  • Collect All">forms: SCSSL Liability Waiver Form, Student Membership and Emergency Information , ALSO all HS Athletes need to fill out and complete a Doctors Physical to particpate in School Athletics with the High School - if you have done this for another fall sport you are covered - if NOT get a Sports Physical.
  • We will remind folks why we need to have them join the Boys & Girls Club of the Coastside and if you haven't done so already how to complete this. 
  • We will talk about some of the benefits of being a Club Member... wetsuit deals...
  • We will also be talking about the upcoming 6th Annual Luau & Surf Swap on the 21st of Sept 

After the meeting we will go for a surf ... conditions permitting! 

See you then the Coaches

High school squad Friday practice moved to Jetty @ 4 pm

Hi Folks -

Friday practice for the High School Squad has been moved to the Jetty at 4 p.m. due to strong onshores and swell. Since this will be the only spot around today, I will likely not hold any heats, but will be available for individual instruction and advice on technique. Please be respectful of others trying to grab a few waves.

See ya there,
Coach Mike


HMB High Surf Team Sunday Practice Footage & Practice Friday at 4 pm

HMB High Surf Team Sunday Practice Footage:


The link below has raw practice footage from Sunday put together by Coach Chris and also filmed by Kelby. Once you are past the first 10 seconds it starts.

Chris observed: "What I really liked were the long waves guys like Hunter, Thomas, Coel and Malcolm were getting. From a judging standpoint, the longer you're up on waves the easier it is to give you a score. I liked Tommy's linking turns all the way to beach. Hunter did a good job of throwing out variety on the little inside section."

"The waves were poor quality last weekend. But most contests aren't very good conditions anyway - so good training. You all did a good job of making them look fun. Every practice I hope to film and post something for you to evaluate. Who knows maybe we'll get some good waves to film one day?" ;)

Next time around, Chris plans to bring a GoPro and get into the water for some close-ups of your finishing moves. So if you like reviewing footage of your surfing, please don't head to the beach before your heat is done.

See ya Friday,
Coach Mike

HMB Surf Team Practice @ Kelly Sunday 9.10.13 @ 6.30am

09/10/2013 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

Oliver and Keri will be at Kelly Street tomorrow morning at 6:30 to unlock the gate and check the surf. If it's decent, we'll be surfing! I hear the Middle School doesn't have late start!

HMB High Surf Team-Club Docs and Fees

HMB High Surf Team-Club Docs and Fees:

Any high school club or team surfers will need to fill out the following forms and return copies ASAP to Coach Mike to participate this season. They will be the basis for the high school roster as well.

1) Please make out a check for $130/surfer to "HMB Surf Club"

2) Go on to the club website and the 6th item down on the upper left of "Club Info" is "Surf Club Docs":

Once you are on the HMBsurfclub Docs page, click on the "Boys and Girls Membership Application" form (Fill this part out electronically). At the very bottom of the form check the 2013-2014 membership box and the surf club box. (This is important for Caitlen at the Boys & Girls Club).

3) You will also need to fill out the contestant & liability forms for the SC SSL, which are also linked on our Docs page. Please return these two forms with checks to Coach Mike at the next practice.

We will have information for you about upcoming wetsuit deals soon.

Go HMB! Thanks,

Coach Mike

No High School Team Practices This Week

No High School Surf Team Practices This School Week

Fun start to the season last Sunday at Montara for the high school squad. The hint of fall in the air over Labor Day was most welcome.

But there will be no formal practice for the high school team today (Weds) due to the coaches' meeting Santa Cruz, nor on Friday since both the men and women's water polo teams have a tournament then. Good luck HMB!

Next practice for the high school will be on Sunday at 9 a.m. We will make a call closer to that time on the location.

Coach Mike

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