Free Surf / Practice - Kelly Ave Tuesday 4.29.14

04/29/2014 6:30 am
America/Los Angeles

We will be at Kelly Tuesday 4.29.14 @ 6:30am. It could be interesting with a call for unseasonable offshores, minus Ttide, and some swell in the water it may make for some challenging conditions... If you'd like to give it a go we'll be at Kelly

Marty & Oliver

High School Surf Team results at States

High School Surf Team Results at States:

Hi Folks:

Great weekend of swell, sand and balmy SoCal weather greeted the high school squad this weekend at Oceanside. Saturday HMB faced some stiff team competition in men's shortboard and longboard, narrowly missing out of advancing of their first round. But our women's longboard team (Kaira, Mia and Kyla) and bodyboard team (Kelby, Grayson) made it all the way to the semis before bowing out. Well surfed against the best in the state.

Overall, we ranked an impressive 3rd in Women's longboard, 3rd in Coed bodyboard, 5th in Women's shortboard, and 9th in both men's shortboard and longboard. Full results can be found on:

After storming Testles and San-O on our lay day Sunday, a number of the HMB squad got right back to work in the individual section on Monday. Both Luke and Hunter made it out of their opening men's shortboard round, placing second, with Hunter advancing all the way to the semis with some savvy slashing and hits, where he placed fourth. Kaira managed to cross step her way through to 5th in women's longboard semis and kept the marathon going to the finals in women's shortboard, where she placed 6th.

Thanks for all the help from Kerri, Marty and Rocky, and parents for a fun weekend. Next time we'll catch that wetsuit snatcher of San-O and hopefully avoid any more shootings in the O-side harbor!

Coach Mike

Photos from the High School Schoolasitc Surf Series in Oceanside

States Team Heat Draws/Brackets Posted for HMB High

04/05/2014 6:00 am
America/Los Angeles

States Team Heat Draws/Brackets Posted for HMB High:

Saturday: (1st round heats)

- Men's Shortboard vs Torrey Pines 7:00 a.m. (North)
- Women's Shortboard vs La Costa Canyon 8:30 a.m. (North)
- Men's Longboard vs Torrey Pines 8:45 a.m. (South)
- Bodyboard vs San Dieguito 10:00 a.m. (South)
- Women's Longboard vs Santa Monica 11:45 a.m. (North)

(Double-check these times with the link above and print out for your reference)

Please post up at least an hour before your heats, be suited and warmed up, ready to go. Check in with me first thing. I will be re-submitting the roster to the Contest Director at 6:30 a.m. and anyone late for that first heat could find an alternate in their spot. Make sure you also have your own equipment ready for each event (no trailer).

***I will be heading down early Thursday night to Ventura, then stopping at Body Glove Headquarters in Redondo Beach for a "team tour" Friday about lunchtime Any HMB surfers are welcome to join. Text me Friday to confirm time.***

Coach Mike

Surf Team Taking Part in Casino Night Fundraiser

04/11/2014 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Taking Part in Booster's Casino Night:

Ya'll Come on down...

Date: April 11 Time: 6-10 p.m.
Location: The Long Branch Saloon in Half Moon Bay
Entertainment: Music by The California Cowboys
Cost: $40 Includes: BBQ Dinner, a drink ticket and several gambling chips to get you started.

See details and for tickets: (Please indicate your purchase is for the surf team)

Dear Surf Team Parents,

This year with surfing now being a sanctioned sport at the high school, we have the opportunity to participate in the Boosters Casino Night, with which many of you are no doubt already familiar. The key to this event is that we sell a required number of tickets, offer a robust raffle prize and raise $750 in sponsorship money. All the money our team raises goes directly into the Surf Team Boosters Account. Moreover, by participating we will also be included in the splitting of the revenue from the event night itself! This event will help us supplement the already solid fund-raising effort by the Club Luau and defray costs for our growing sport on the coast.

Here is what is still needed:

We need to sell 7 more tickets ($40 per person - teachers and coaches are $20)
We need $250 more in sponsorship funding. A sponsorship is $250 minimum and can be donated by private individuals, families or businesses.
One more team volunteer needed for the evening (email Mara)

If you can help in any way please contact Mara Krasts at marakrasts026(at) or 650-704-7322.

Many thanks!

High School "Cheat Sheet" for States

SSS High School State Championships

Mike Wallace 650-704-2077
Kerri Kemp 650-255-7576
Marty Phelps 650-773-0936


-No trailer, long- and body-boards must be checked out in advance
-6:30 a.m. start Saturday for team comp south end of Harbor Jetties - Oceanside
-Check in with coach before and after heats
-Have backup equipment (wax, leash, fins, fin key, boards)
Food, water, power bars should be part of your comp backpack
-Water temps 62-64 degrees = new 3/2 or old 4/3, booties optional
-Surfline description:
-Surfline Cam:

Heat Strategy:

-“Be in the moment” – just 2-3 solid waves per 15-min heat (speed, power, flow, big moves in critical section)
-Paddle out with intent, pick good waves, ride ‘em well, don’t fall and… finish, finish, finish
-If you have 2 solid waves, then go for broke with new moves or wait out back for set. If not, then move inside for back-up wave
-Set a goal for the comp – make one round, quarters, semis, finals, whatever you wish and come up with a personal strategy to reach that goal. One heat at a time, ignore the contest atmosphere, same as always
-You’ve already had a great season, this is icing on top, enjoy it, make your own opportunities
Worst case scenario: you get to free surf Trestles or San-O on Sunday


-So… you’ve already met some of the toughest competitors in the state in Santa Cruz, SoCal no different, just more at that level
-Rail-to-rail preferred over Huntington hop, sharp top-turns score points
-Sell your moves to the judges, give ‘em something to score
Brogie Panessi was finishing off 1-foot waves in the sand last week at Linda Mar – he’s #62 in “Hot 100” in the state and rips in triple overhead OB too. This why we practice on small days too
-Kalea Johnson made States finals in longboard last year (5th) – You can too!


-We will have a team dinner, BBQ Saturday night Apr-5 likely at San Mateo campground or Pedro’s in San Clemente (TBA)
-Coach will check in with Body Glove in Redondo on way down for team schwag (details pending)
-Body Glove wetsuit or Bluebuds X wireless earphone for top 2 HMB finishers (GPA tie splitter)

Coach Mike

SCSSL Awards Results

SCSSL Awards Results:

Great job to HMB Middle School and High School surf teams! An epic season of top turns, cross-stepping and 360s was marked at Mission Hill School in Santa Cruz last night. Congratulations to both teams and all the surfers who put on a strong show all year. And here are the results...

HMB Middle School - 5th overall


Burkley Eggers - 4th boys shortboard
Emma Stone - 4th girls shortboard
Clay Johnson - 2nd boys longboard
Emma Stone - 6th girls longboard


HMB High School - 2nd overall


Thomas Lundgard - 5th mens shortboard
Kaira Wallace - 4th womens shortboard
Konrad Wallace - 3rd mens longboard
Kaira Wallace - 5th womens longboard
Kelby Kramer - 4th co-ed bodyboard


Many thanks to the parents, coaches, HMB Surf Club board, Boys & Girls Club and all our sponsors for helping make this program possible. Great end of the season and send-off to States starting next weekend.

Your Coaches

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

03/30/2014 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

1) Friday - No Practice
2) Sunday - 9 a.m. Jetty

The stormy pattern is back in motion again with hard south winds and negative tide in the afternoon on Friday (maybe sneak in a free surf at Montara). Sunday the rain and winds may stop, but 10-14 foot of swell is on tap and we'll have to seek the shelter of the Jetty for a free surf or heats for a last tune up for States the following weekend.


Mike, Kerri, Chris

SCSSL Awards Party 6:30 p.m. tonight!

03/27/2014 6:30 pm
America/Los Angeles

SCSSL Awards Party 6:30 p.m. tonight!

Thursday - March 27
6:30 -8:00 p.m.
Mission Hill Middle School
Santa Cruz

This will be for both High School and Middle School competitors. Come celebrate your great season and our HMB shredders if you can make down. There will be Pizza My Heart for dinner, team and individual awards, along with a group league photo. Sneak in a surf or do your homework on the way down!

See ya there,
Your Coaches

Practice - Kelly Ave Tuesday 3.25.14

03/25/2014 6:45 am
America/Los Angeles

We will be at Kelly Tuesday 325.14 @ 6:45am. We will send a text to the group if there is to be any change.

Marty & Oliver

HMB High Surf Team - States "Membership" AND "Waiver" Forms Past Due

To the HMB High Surf Team - States "Membership" AND "Waiver" Forms Past Due:

I have received notice from Director Sue Lister that she is missing both the Scholastic Surf Series Student "Membership" and "Waiver" forms for a number of our surfers that are required to compete in Oceanside. As previously specified, these were both due by the March-17 deadline and are mandatory whether competing for the team or individual events. Your surfer will not be able to compete unless these forms are returned directly to the SSS ASAP.



They can also be downloaded from the SSS forms page:

If you have any questions, you can also contact the SSS directly at:

P.O. Box 996, Cardiff, CA 92007

Many thanks,
Coach Mike

HMB High Surf Practice-Meeting Schedule

03/21/2014 4:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Practice-Meeting Schedule:


1) Friday - Jetty 4 pm
2) Sunday - Kelly 9 am

Spring has sprung and Friday's practice will be tentative due to steep angled NW swell and winds. If we get some waves we'll run a quick practice. Sunday morning winds are lighter and tide low, so we'll give Kelly a shot. (Please bring any new high school field trip waivers or you can hand in directly to Justin Ferdinand at school).

Lunch Meeting:

We will have a lunch meeting on Wednesday March 26 to go over information for States (Justin's room G-3).

SCSSL Awards Dinner:

Our surf league will be holding their awards dinner on Thursday March 27 most likely at the Mission Hill School auditorium in Santa Cruz. There will be pizza and give-aways if you can make it down. Details TBA.

Many thanks,

Your Coaches
Mike, Kerri and Chris

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule

03/16/2014 9:00 am
America/Los Angeles

HMB High Surf Team Practice Schedule:

1) Friday - no practice
2) Sunday - 9 a.m. Jetty (heats optional)

Thurs-Friday we'll be getting stiff onshore N-NW winds, which will limit our options, so no practice on Friday. Saturday looks like a nice beachbreak day. But we will get a pulse of very large 10-foot, 20-second swell and light winds on Sunday morning, set to peak in the afternoon with 20-30 foot surf. So, for those of you not into challenging offshore cloudbreak reefs, we will seek the protection of the Jetty Sunday morning. Heats will be optional depending upon conditions and crowds.

***Anybody who still needs my signature for the individual forms for States, please get it by this weekend. Applications must be postmarked by Monday March-17.***


Coaches Mike, Kerri, Chris

HMB High Final Comp at Lane a Scorcher

HMB High Final Comp at Lane a Scorcher:

King Neptune really smiled benevolently upon our surfers for the final regular season competition at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz on Sunday. As the day warmed up the swell filled in, the tide dropped and it turned into a classic "froth fest" at the Lane with a light offshore breeze and large glassy surf on tap building into the finals. Positioning for the best waves was extremely tricky as the tide drop and swell rise saw surfers switch between hugging the cliff at the Slot in the morning to swinging wide and even motoring over to Middle Peak by the afternoon. Some even made that move mid-heat to their advantage. The Cougars rose to meet the sublime conditions and finish out with a big win over SC Mountain by a margin of 80 to 56. What an epic season for HMB, who won 4 out of 5 of their contests this year, growing as surfers and competitors while displaying great sportsmanship.

Team Results:

Led by a hungry men's shortboard squad HMB sent 2 out of 3 surfers in each of its heats to the next round, as did the men's and women's longboard team to secure the big win. In men's shortboard Hunter Murison (1) and Luke Eveslage (3) advanced, as did Thomas Lundgard (1) and Malcolm Feix (2). As for women's shortboard, Kaira Wallace (2) advanced and in Co-ed bodyboard Kelby Kramer (1) made it through. The longboard team really stepped it up too, as Hunter (1) and Malcolm (2) dominated their team heat, while Kalea Johnson (1) and Kaira Wallace (2) did the same in women's longboard.

Individual Results:

In men's shortboard quarter finals the field was whittled down as Griffin Tietz, Luke Eveslage and Malcolm Feix were unlucky to exit there, while in women's shortboard Kyla Kemp and Kalea Johnson made it as far as the quarters. Senior Kyla got a couple Middle Peak bombs to punctuate her successful high school career. Cole Miller found some hollow runners in men's longboard semi, but ended his run there along with Malcolm Feix who got caught out of sync between the two peaks in the rising swell. Mia O'Brien and Kalea Johnson courageously navigated the heavy waters to reach as far as the semis in women's longboard.

Final Results:

A couple highlights leading into the finals bear consideration, as Kelby Kramer was rewarded after pulling into some massive close-outs on bodyboard in the semis and finals that nearly "destroyed" him. Hunter Murison threw down some risky double-grab rotators (aerials) and straight airs, but still advanced in second in his semis along with Thomas Lundgard, who was sharp on his backside attack all day long. Kaira Wallace peaked a hair early in the semis in women's short- and longboard, winning both with aggressive top turns and clinical cross-stepping before running out of gas in the finals. That gave us another pair of double-finalists with Hunter and Kaira displaying impressive stamina, focus and poise all day.

Bodyboard: Kelby Kramer - 5th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace - 4th
Men's Longboard: Hunter Murison - 3rd
Women's Shortboard: Kaira Wallace - 3rd
Men's Shortboard: Thomas Lundgard 5th, Hunter Murison 6th


How much fun was that? Next we head off to Oceanside in San Deigo for State Championships from April 5-7.

Your Coaches,
Mike, Kerri and Chris

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