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Mark Healy goes crazy on a Mavericks left. Photo: Ryan Craig. Transworld Surf

Story by August Howell, Half Moon Bay Surf Club team

 The 2012/2013 Mavericks Invitational was a contest to remember. It was definitely not the biggest surf ever, but with Peter Mel winning it after many years riding Mavericks, it will be one for the ages.

 After three years of political turmoil and few takers for sponsorship of the event, GoPro stepped up and did an amazing job. The 11 time world champion Kelly Slater was unable to compete in the event, because of a conflict with the Association of Surfing Professionals. The Mavericks Invitational is not an ASP sponsored event, and Kelly would have been fined possibly thousands of dollars for competing. Go figure. Big wave legend Shane Dorian was also out of the contest because of a shoulder injury sustained while surfing in Nazare, Portugal, the site of the biggest wave ever surfed. Carlos Burle was also out due to injury. Taking their places were the top three alternates Josh Loya, Tyler Fox, and Colin Dwyer.
 The weather was ideal for the contest, hardly a cloud in the sky and extremely warm. New for this year, the beach area and the cliffs looking out to Mavericks were closed to the public due to safety concerns about the eroding cliffs and rouge waves coming up to the beach. Instead, there was a massive festival outside the Oceano Hotel, where everybody could walk around and enjoy all the food, games and entertainment that Half Moon Bay could offer, including a large screen with a live feed of the contest. It was very removed from the original Mavericks spectator site, and as Mr. Harden (Sacred Heart Prep religious studies teacher), who was at the festival, put it, "It feels like I could be anywhere, not even at the site of the competition...I feel like that I definitely prefer being able to watch the event in person without the crutch of a television. But it's really fun to see the spirit of the event."
However, closed beaches were not a problem for me. I simply showed my press pass to the police who had closed off the entrance to the beach. I walked along the deserted beach and lonely cliffs. The only other people there were press photographers. I saw a large pile of dirt crumble away from the cliff. Definitely not safe.
 As Mavericks waves go, the surf was pretty small, the biggest reaching about twenty-five feet on the faces. According to Darryl "Flea" Virostko, one of the original pioneers at Mavericks, and winner of the first three Mavericks contests "The conditions were slow, but there were still some big waves, just long waits. There were really good rides today, but we know what Mavericks can do, so its hard to see it like this for a contest, but we're happy with what happened. Mel won and that's sick."
Sacred Heart Prep students Nick Oliver '16 and Nick Becker '16 were able to get onto a boat and watch part of the contest from the sideline. "We left the house at 6am and got there around 7." said Becker. "We got to see the first two heats. It was probably like 20-30ft. The weather was really nice. We were expecting it to be really cold but it was really sunny." Nick Oliver said, "We stayed out there for about two and a half hours...We were there at high tide, so it wasn't the biggest time of the day. It's was big, but for Mavericks it wasn't super big, but it was still pretty big."
Skingdog - Long
Ken "Skindog" Collins (left) and Rusty Long (right); classic Mavericks take off. Photo: Ryan Craig. Transworld Surf
Derek Dunfee, a big wave rider, photographer, surf journalist, and an alternate for the contest said "The conditions were perfect. It was about as clean and beautiful and sunny and nice as Mavericks can get. The waves weren't huge but there were enough really good waves to keep the contest fun and exciting." GoPro did an amazing job of sponsoring the event, and got some fantastic shots of Mark Healy, Ben Wilkinson and Peter Mel. "Its cool how they linked up with the big wave surfers and used all the different angels." said Dunfee. Indeed, Anthony Tashnick put his GoPro facing backwards on his helmet to how people what a Mavericks peak will do to you if you get hit.
Peter Mel
Peter Mel (red) on a signature steep drop. Photo: Frank Quirarte. Surfing Magazine
At last, the event came down to the final heat, which provided some of the best and biggest waves of the event. The final 6 surfers were all superstars, some of them as well known as celebrities, while others were lesser known underground chargers:
Peter Mel, a long time stand out at Mavericks; Zach Wormhoudlt, a very active big wave surfer from Santa Cruz; Greg Long, a big wave superstar from San Clemente; Alex Martins, a Brazilian who lives at Ocean Beach and respected local at Mavericks; Mark Healy, overall madman/waterman who surfs the formidable Mavericks left with a unique skill; Shawn Dollar, who has paddled into one of the biggest waves ever ridden at Mavericks.
It wasn't announced until the award ceremony, that Peter Mel was the winner of the 2012/13 Mavericks Invitational. Mel told the cheering crowd that all the finalists would split the prize purse of $50,000 dollars between them, showing true camaraderie and brotherhood. To watch more of this memorable event, go to or
Mavs Podium
The finalists celebrate Peter Mel announcing the prize money will be split. Photo: Jenna Merrilees

Mavericks Invitational will happen this Sunday 1/20/13 - volunteers needed... Read on->

01/20/2013 8:00 am
America/Los Angeles

Contest organizers have decided to run the Mavericks Invitational contest this coming Sunday 1/20/13. The Festival will open at 8am on Sunday...

Contest organizers are asking Surf Club Parents who wish to Volunteer an hour or so of their time, in exchange for entrance to the Festival to report to the Volunteers tent on the festival grounds (the Back Lot of the Oceano Hotel & Spa) or you can send an email to the volunteers coordinator at (Michele D).

Volunteers are needed to help with:

  • parking
  • drink service at the festival
  • perimeter monitors to keep crowds off the bluffs and help monitor festival grounds.

Please come out and support this festival some of the proceeds from the festival will go back into supporting the Boys and Girls Club of the Coastside.

Cheers and see you on Sunday

The Coaches

ps- As a side note we will not be holding practice this coming Sunday

Congratulations HMB Middle School Surf Team on a fun & beautiful (if somewaht cold) day at Manresa!


Kalea Johnson took 1st in Girls Longboard
Nicky Sorfleet took 6th in Girls Longboard (First time in the finals!)

Kalea Johnson took 4st in Girls Shortboard

HMB fell to New Brighton 71 to 55

Conditions were sublimely groomed in the morning, with light offshores and waist to shoulder high peeling mostly left-breaking waves at high tide and rights as the tide drained towards low. Towards the end of the day onshore winds picked up.

***Most of the Midde School Surfers received their SC SSL T-Shirts. Rocky will have them available for the rest of the team at the next couple of practices.

Fantastic job HMB!
The Coaches

...and just for good measure some video shot by the guys at on this beautiful day!

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Harbor!

Congratulations HMB High Surf Team on Dual meet win over Harbor!

HMB prevailed by 83 to 26 over Harbor High

HMB's deeper bench of surfers really stepped it up at Manresa, despite missing a couple veteran team members against Harbor's leaner, rebuilding program. Once again we had at least 1 individual finalist in every category and 2 finalists in 3 events. HMB is now 3 for 3 wins so far this season with 2 events left to go at Pleasure Point and The Lane.

Conditions were sublimely groomed in the morning, with light offshores and shoulder-to-head-high peeling mostly left-breaking waves at high tide, favoring our heavily goofy-foot biased team. Tide plunged over the course of day and the left turned into a mosh-pit of sectioning close-outs, forcing many of our finalists to switch to their backhand on the right-breaking sandbar. HMB made the adjustment with style to spare.



Special mention goes out for several "firsts" and highlights. Freshman Thomas Lundgard made his first final in shortboard with some very consistent and smart rail-to-rail heat surfing. Junior Konrad Wallace notched his first victory in longboard finals with combination of stylish cross-stepping, fades and cutbacks. Sophomore Luke Eveslage made a strong statement with his first longboard final. Freshman Kaira Wallace was the only double-finalist in women's shortboard and longboard in a test of will and stamina. Freshmen Hunter Murison and Malcolm Feix both made body board finals, keeping our streak alive.

Body Board: Malcolm Feix 3rd, Hunter Murison 4th
Women's Longboard: Kaira Wallace 2nd
Men's Longboard: Konrad Wallace 1st, Luke Eveslage 5th
Women's Shortboard: Kaira Wallace 2nd, Hannah Tonnessen 6th
Men's Shortboard: Thomas Lundgard 6th

***Finalists have all received their SC SSL T-Shirts. I will have them available for the rest of the team at the next couple practices or you can contact me directly.

Fantastic job HMB!
Coach Mike

Mavericks invitational 2011/2012 Surf Competition - Volunteer search...

How would you like to take part in one of the most exciting events in the world?!  Maverick’s Invitational Surf Competition, in Half Moon Bay (Princeton Harbor), is looking for 200 volunteers to staff this year’s Maverick’s Festival and 2012 Surf Contest.  

As you may know, the date of the Festival and Surf Competition is a moving target which will take place on one day, between now and March 31st, when the conditions are ideal – we’re talking 50’ waves people.  Volunteers will be notified 48 hours prior to the event (which could fall on any day of the week) so having the flexibility to take a day off from your normal routine is key.  There will be two shifts with the first shift from 6:00AM to 12 Noon, and second shift from 11:30AM to 6:00PM.  

We’re looking for people to fill various duties within the Festival, and in the surrounding areas. Land Safety Monitors will be posted at key areas to support local authorities in maintaining a fun and safe event (i.e. Road closures, beach and bluff closures). 

For your troubles you receive the official Maverick’s Invitational 2011/2012 ‘CREW’ T-shirt, a goodie bag and FREE entry into the festival, during the time you are not on shift.  

If you would like to volunteer please email to be put on the volunteer list.  Assignments will be made once we get your email.  Join the fun.  Be a part of the action, without a two-wave hold down!


Michelle Dragony
Coastside Volunteer Liason for Mavericks Invitational

CSSL Contest results for HMB HS & MS. Dec 3rd & 4th at Pleasure Point/the Hook

High School results from Dec 3rd at Pleasure Point

Body Board Stephen Islander - 1st place
Men’s Longboard Luke Eveslage - 6th

Middle School results from Dec 4th at the Hook

Woman’s Longboard Kaira Wallace - 1st place
Woman’s Longboard Helen Fisher - 3rd

Woman’s shortboard Helen Fisher - 5th

Men’s Longboard Zander Dragony - 5th

Men’s shortboard Malcolm Feix - 3rd
Men’s shortboard Hunter Murison - 4th

Congratulations to all of you.

The Coaches.

Congratulations to all of you.

The Coaches.

Due to projected rain, the End of Season party has been moved to Round Table Pizza.

06/01/2011 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Surfers and Parents,

Mark you calander! We will have our end of season party at 6:00PM at Sweetwoods Group Site (Directions: Highway 1 at Ruisseau Francais, north of Half Moon Bay.) on Wednesday evening June 1st at 6:00 PM. BBQ dinner will be served at 6:30 and awards will be handed out by campfire afterward. Come early and surf before dinner!!

See you then!

The Coaches

End of Season BBQ and Awards Night - June 1st at Sweetwoods! 6:00PM

06/01/2011 6:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

Surfers and Parents,

Mark you calander! We will have our end of season party at 6:00PM at Sweetwoods Group Site (Directions: Highway 1 at Ruisseau Francais, north of Half Moon Bay.) on Wednesday evening June 1st at 6:00 PM. BBQ dinner will be served at 6:30 and awards will be handed out by campfire afterward. Come early and surf before dinner!!

See you then!

The Coaches


03/11/2011 7:00 pm
03/13/2011 7:00 pm
America/Los Angeles

2011 NSSA College, High School and Middle School State Championships Huntington Beach Pier

March 11-13 College Championships, High School and Middle School Championships

Some of the coaches will be staying at the following hotel which is nearby (if you are looking for a place to stay)

Hilton Waterfront Beach Hotel
21100 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 845-8000

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